Things that could help battleborn

First I would like to say this is not a battleborn hate post, just simply to give ideas

1. New maps and modes

Currently there are 8 story maps which can get more missions added but in MY OPINION this would not really cause a large effect. I am more concerned about pvp maps and modes. Currently there are 3 modes each having two maps which equals 6 pvp maps, with only a choice of two maps within a mode which for some people it would get repetitive and they might get bored. Modes take a lot of time to make and so do maps but there are only two maps per gamemode which can give the issue of repetition.

2. Stop going crazy with nerfs.

Some characters can be considered op and need to be nerfed. But with some of the updates characters like ambra and galilea they went from op to bad due to excessive nerfs. The reason why this could help keep a higher player base is because players might have to switch how they play with them and it makes players not like that character, the number of characters that used to be used a lot has gone down and you begin to see less character diversity. Also very heavy nerfs to specific characters can cause the perspective of playing against some other characters can make them seem op. Maybe some buffs for the over nerfed characters.

3. Advertising

This can be done by paying you tubers and twitch streamers to showcase battle born so more people are brought to attention about this game, there are other methods of advertising but this one normally is very effective since certain people can rack up a large amount of viewers which can bring it to their attention and see if they want to buy it.

4. The micro transactions.

The amount of money per what you get should be around this
$1.99 - 420
$4.99 - 1260
$9.99 - 2100
$19.99 - 4200
$49.99 - 9300
I my self wouldn’t really care about this but a majority of people might. So for a 1 skin it’s $2 instead of 1 taunt which is better than what they have currently. Do keep in mind this money helps keep maps and characters free. And skins and taunts aren’t necessary to be good at battleborn.

5. Punishment

This is most arguably the biggest one. When people disconnect they aren’t punished there are many ways people have suggested so check other forum posts to see what others have suggested. I think that if a players disconnects one time in 24hrs they get no punishment. If they disconnect for a second time in 24hrs they get punishment . One punishment that could work would be that the rewards for the next 3 games you play would decrease by 10% and if you disconnect a third time or more, within 24hrs the punishment would be a 1hr ban from playing online. Punishments for disconnecting and being afk can make people complain about it but tbe more important part is that it can help keep full teams and make matches/matchmaking better by having even teams and quicker match making

6. PVP vs Story Mode

As of now from what I know of there are no perks to pvp, story mode is a better choice for everything except kill other players. In story mode you get more loot packs, gear, and is very good for lore challenges. PVP does poorly
in this aspect. In short PVP needs to have something special that you earn for playing otherwise there is no true reason to go PVP instead of story mode.

7. Lore Challenges

These are ways to get players to have a drive for that special taunt or skin they want, but lore challenges take a lot of time to successfully complete, which would be normal if these did not take around 3hrs to complete. These types of lore challenges that generally super grindy in my opinion are these:

  • Play 5 matches with ______

  • Killing a specific Battle born _____ times

  • Hit (number of enemies) with (move) (number) times

There are also character specific grindy ones that take a lot of time or are really specific
Phoebe : Deal 2,000 damage in a single use of blade rush
Caldarius : Kill 150 enemies with energy blade while on a team with rath
Toby : Get 10 double-kills with core discharge
El Dragon : Land the killing blow on ISIC in "The Algorithim"
Orendi : Use nullify to knock an enemy back in your shadowfire pillar, 20 times
Alani : Affect 5 players with a single Riptide, 50 times.
Benedict : Play 5 matches on a team with at least three other peace keepers
Thorn : Win “The Archive” on Advanced difficulty without losing any lifes
Bouldur : Play a match on a team composed of all eldrid teammates

8. Australian Servers

Fit 'em

Did I miss anything? What do you think? Please put it in the comments below. Once again this is not a battleborn hate post and it’s my opinion.

  1. They’ve already confirmed this is in the works hopefully not to much longer

  2. Agreed somewhat some nerfs are necessary Gal is still a very viable option, I’ve had trouble with people who know how to use her and ambra isn’t bad your score with her will be low but you can actually make people move the way you want with well placed sunspots , she still needs a buff though

  3. I think this would be on 2k and they are awful at this sort of thing so unfortunately its mostly up to us here

  4. Agreed…i have nothing more to say you said it very well lol

5.I’m not sure about this one it might work on consoles but PC player base might be to low

  1. Again nothing more to add you said it all

  2. Their working on these I’m not sure what their going to do n honestly I’m not even sure how I want them to go about fixing them

Very nice post you made some good points

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Also PC has a low base but consoles aren’t dying as much

with the lore challenges the only thing that bothers me it the kill character x 25 times. cuz its depends on luck if someone on the other team pick character x. i really dont see anything wrong with the other lore challanges. if they were too easy then ppl can master all th characters in no time the ppl will start complaining about things to do in the game. im CR 100 the only reason im still playing is so i can master all the characters that i like to use.

the characters i named down for the lore challenges are in my opinion the worst lore challenges, and yes make i to easy then things will be mastered ridiculous fast and easy but some of the take to much time and are very luck dependent.

Also for the lore challenges I agree with most of the ones you mentioned but imo el dragon, orendi, and phoebe are fine, even thorn is debatable.

For el dragon just solo that mission its a challenge but can be done

Orendi this works on all enemies so its doable if you get the timing down

Phoebe is hard but this one is the only one that makes you think before you try it so I like it

I know those were just your opinion and I’m not saying your wrong just throwing my opinion in

5 is a big one for me. I end up playing with a lot of PUGS and see a lot of dropouts and surrendering.

7 Alani’s riptide challenge is going to take me a really long time!

I was also wondering if there’s a way for GBX to offer more missions to choose from in public story mode before the story begins. I have quit a few missions before starting because all of the options available, I had already gotten gold in. I felt bad leaving the group, but I’m not going to spend 45 minutes on a story mission that I’ve already completed.

Btw, nice post.

It even works on enemies that don’t actually get knocked back

Ambra and Galilea are not bad by any means. Statements like this call the rest of the feedback from the OP into question.

Punishment doesn’t work. What might work better is to make staying worthwhile.

Lore challenges need to be addressed and I wish it would happen quicker, but I have a hard time believing that’s keeping people from playing. Same for maps. There are insanely popular games that have one map that the vast majority of games are played on (League).

Microtransactions…very simple. If you don’t like stuff, don’t get it.

In short, all of these things might be nice, but the only thing that is going to actually get new people playing in some kind of trial mode where people can play it before buying.

Very true

Alanis riptide I believe works on teammates to if your healing them with it in not sure though

Yeah, you can’t punish people for quitting or surrendering unranked matches. Give people more of a bonus for completing matches

Well, you CAN, but it isn’t necessarily effective.


It does, but you have to hit 5 at one time…I’ve played over 40 matches with her and several story missions; I’ve only riptided 5 people 7 times.

8. Australian servers

Fix 'em.

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Good post!

  1. Like someone pointed out, they’re working on them, and they will be free. :slight_smile:

  2. Balance is really more of a numbers game than people seem to realize. Our feedback gives them targets to look at, but it’s the data that tells them the direction to nerf. I’ve made this argument elsewhere, but while there are things that they can do to make the nerfs feel less egregious, based on all the issues they’re trying to tackle, they are actually doing a pretty good job balancing. I love Alani, and playing her now feels just as good as before, I just can’t get away with some of the really wacky stuff I used to be able to.

  3. Streamers/Youtubers are definitely one way to approach it. Paid placements are…risky. This is more for your information than theirs, but as someone who works with this sort of stuff, you don’t want to get into the business of paying folks to say nice things about you.

  4. Nothing to say here.

  5. I think PVP should be more rewarding (loot / credits), and I think those rewards should be withheld from people who quit/afk/spam surrenders through some kind of karma system. You see these implemented in other games, and I think they work well.

  6. I like the idea of Prestige Levels you can earn past CR100. Maybe they can be tied into additional PVP rewards? I think you’re totally right with this.

  7. Lore Challenges are being worked on.

  8. Yup.

Can’t argue with 2, 5 and 7.

Oo I’ve never played with her so I didn’t know how hard it was…by time I had enough credits to get her I was tired of seeing her lol

Lol, the grind is real with her. Was really enjoying playing with her, but got a little burnt out. Her other lore challenge is to kill Ambra “X” amount of times. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but no one ever plays as her anymore…haha

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