Things that don't get used much

There are a variety of things that just don’t get used much in BL3. Here are two off the top of my head, what else? Kinda odd, since they certainly could be reused.

  • Car trunk “chests”. All I’ve ever found is one openable car trunk, at the beginning of the game. Never again. BL2 had them scattered around here and there.
  • VR mode. GB went to a reasonable amount of effort to create the VR mode you are in during the Head case quest. And only used it once. Kinda funny.

Anything else you see once or twice that could be more regular?

More story missions like “The Heist”,… that was pretty darn cool.

More Traunts. There are obviously more and we didn’t get enough,… we want more.

More Tiny Tina.

More Mr. Torgue, but with interaction.

More and bigger/fun low grav maps, with low grav Takedown and low grav slaughter.


Beat me to both. they have the while airborne anoint, give us a reason to care about it.


There are 2 more car trunk chests (which I can remember now) beside the one on the beggining of the game. One is in The Droughts, on the way where you have to hijack a car for Ellie, you just need to jump up on the cliffs. The other one is just under the stair which leads into the building where you have to put in the light bulb and start the movie in the “Buff Film Buff” side mission.


It’s literally just a filter

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I can’t wait for BL3 VR and then be in the VR in BL3 so therefore you are in VR in BL3 within a VR experience. Inception,…


There is a 2nd one in the droughts, building roofs left of the map transition to devils razor.

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Random encounters. Unless it’s the a-holes driving around in vehicles.

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Echo themes? I can barely see the Echo in the game… I don’t really know what the skins look like unless I’m at the Quick Change station. Maybe you can see someone else’s in co op? (I’m not sure this fits your category here).

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More B Team!

Reasonable amount would be Claptastic Voyage, which had well known locations with a twist or two.

Can’t blame Raven for liking a filter - I like water filters.

How bout eridium? Unless weapons trinkets do something hidden–e.g., Vladof trinket buffs a Vlad weapon–I don’t have much use for costumes and room decorations. Earl must have alienated his merch suppliers because I’ve yet to get anything very cool out of his machine.


You can! (See other people’s echo units)

More Dr. Zed!

I know the reason for the lack of Zed aside from the vending machine lines is because the voice actor was having some health issues and thus couldn’t make much of a contribution, but Randy said somewhere he’s recovered and hopefully Zed can make a return in the flesh in the future (and I hope too!)

Yup, that and slam artifacts. If there’s one thing that’s used too much in the game, it’s slam-enhancing artifacts dropping everywhere. Maybe it’s just me, but I almost never slam outside of Skywell. I can just quickly kill off an enemy using a gun rather than stop firing, look for a nearby crate or rock to jump up on, reacquire my target, and then jump down near them and deal damage that won’t actually kill them. But yeah slamming in Skywell is fun. :slight_smile:


Didn’t say I particularly liked it, just that it was underused.
And yes, it’s just a filter, but GB spent money and dev time creating a filter mechanism and at least one custom filter, and it’s odd that they only chose to use the capability one time (plus FFYL, of course). Just seems like a thing they could use in numerous environments or activities.

And while it’s not really underutilized, I do want them to actually start up the roller coaster in the Droughts and let us ride it, shooting things.

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I use this (and slams) all the time, though this may still fit the parent category, as it doesn’t sound like a common sentiment. I love both of these mechanics, and “accuracy and handling while airborne” turns every weapon into a Nimble Jack, and extra crit damage while airborne is also one I enjoy during mid-range sniping.

Seriously though, I slam all the time. The ‘while sliding’ anointment is one I use infrequently because I’m not really firing a weapon while sliding (evasive maneuvers, detonating a Red Card shield, or spraying corrosive shards mostly).

" while sliding "

I still haven’t gotten the hang of it.

One small change that would help me use it more;
When the slide is over and I pop back up onto my feet, I would like to still be sprinting.
Popping up in a walk throws me off. If I was running full speed as soon as I got back up I’d probably use it more.
And yes, this is even with my Elite’s left back paddle being sprint, it still takes a moment and is a mental shift to run again.
Trivial, but I think I’d use it more.

i said this once but people started trolling with the “it’s free” bull…

but like you said… you don’t see it, ever…

it works while jumping… but yeah… pretty useless (like 60% of the anointments)

just got an infinity with a reload anointment…

using slam to open trap doors, so far I only know of one and that was part of a side mission.

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