Things that make you a superfan (or at least a bit devoted)

I’ve seen a healthy amount of criticism of Borderlands 3 - from story to glitches - and there’s nowt wrong with that.

But I confess I am, overall… just a little delighted by it. Caved and got it on Epic, and I am so happy that I did.

So, in a bid for positivity, three things about Borderlands 3 that are better than an orgasm:

– Brilliant voice acting. Zane, Jakobs, Vaughn, Zane… I also really like Loreli - along with Hammerlock, it’s great to hear decent British accents (sorry Aurelia, but you don’t quite nail it as an upper class English gentlewoman). Oh and Zane!

– Even though I understand the criticism that playable characters are at times too passive through the story, I really appreciate their extra dialogue and its use to build character. That was a great addition in TPS too. And there’s some fabulous bandit dialogue, albeit no Hamlet soliloquies. Throwaway lines are one of my favourite features in the Gbx games I love.

– I actually use rocket launchers in this game. Ok, there’s a lot of small changes like this I could put here (and quite a few that annoy me too) but launchers feel more balanced and I don’t just rely on them for ffyl; plus there’s much more ammo - so the class of guns I neglected in 2 are giving me joy.

As I say, I understand people posting their frustrations with the game, but I’d love to hear other people’s pleasures too. (Or this thread will get buried along with my plea for better gun price displays which is THE MOST IMPORTANT FLAW GOING). Happy shooting friends.

Oh and a fourth thing… Moxxi is really hot in 3. Like, she takes my mind off Zane sometimes. :grin:


I love the map challenges. They can add spot loot choices or big xp/guardian boosts and get you more invested in lore.

Also I love stealing cars. I will get all the parts.

They are my pokemon now.

Also the skill trees and fast travel options are among the best in the series.

… and “refill all ammo”.

There’s a looooot of things I love.


I noticed :joy:


The product that i bought on day of release was fantastic, i loved nearly everything about it. Good variety of loot. The map is easily one of my favorite things, being able to look at 3d models of the areas makes my inner nerd feel good. And they gave us vehicle customization, which we didn’t know we wanted, but turns out me did

And to your spoilered section, i agree 100% she’s :yum:


I’m not a superfan and while I do not like the main story and the majority of the characters, I can enjoy other aspects of the game. I like my Beastmaster, the awesome guns, music, sound effects and some of the side quests. I find it relaxing to do proving grounds/slaughter (when it is not bugged) and gambling, testing out weapons gives me pleasure. There are a lot of elements that makes this game fun to play, both solo and in a group.


For me, the game play, gun play, sound effects, new mechanics (sliding/mantling), being able to change colors for the outfits, the trinkets, your own room which you can somewhat decorate… I love all of these things. I most certainly have some problems with this game. But those things i mentioned overrule them for now. They really did some great things which help make me forget about the things i deem unworthy or unfitting to borderlands


Good points. The skill trees are great. And being able to fast travel to a friends vehicle after they get out is fantastic.


I hate farming but borderlands 3 farming is addicting, seeing that orange beam after every kill is awesome.


Borderlands 3 looks insanely great. Cudos to all the artists working on the game- from levels,fx,audio, guns designers to the very last turd texture artist. These guys killed it.


Torgue sticky rounds (to quote @Arsonist “it’s such an anime way to kill things”), Dahl alternate firing modes, Tediore reloads (homing MIRV, OMG I loves them), the new map, on the fly augment switch ups, brand loyalty emails, map challenges. Moze was the character that interested me the least, and I started with her almost just to get her out of the way, and now I lust after her the same way I lust for Amara. (Seriously, I’d watch a porn with Amara, Zane, and Moze getting freaky while FL4K tortured bandits in the background.) Those are the things that give me joygasms when I load into the game.


Jakobs somehow became twice as awesome, and it just further cements them as one of my favorite manufacturers. Dahl got spiffier too, I really appreciate the ability to change firing mode, more often than not it makes their sniper rifles some of the best in the game for me.
And I better not ramble about Vladof, underbarreld attachments is severely lacking in gaming, but they do nail it pretty well, BL style.

FL4K and Moze are easily some of my favorite vault hunters in the series. Even with the possible lack of DLC characters, it is very nice to finally find something I really like out of the box so to speak (which didn’t happen in 2 and I ended up waiting for Gaige).

And yes, when I am not staring at the guns from the manufacturers I like the most, it’s definitely that :stuck_out_tongue:


When I got my first Hellwalker. I have never grinned as much!:grin:


Holy crap I just got a Hellshock and it has a line from Dante as its flavour text?!!? This game :joy:


I’ll add my :+1: to: Jakobs, Dahl, Vladof, vehicle parts, the big map, skill trees, some interesting new NPCs, and the awesome level of detail in literally everything.

I’m still taking it all in; doubtless there are other things that will become more obvious down the road.


One of my favorite things about all the BL games has always been the dialogue and stuff enemies say in combat. It’s the thing that gives the series its identity, at least to me. Frequently when I hear a new one I have to pause the game while I laugh. Some of my favorites from 3: (Mild spoilers, I guess):

Joke’s on you…I’m in massive debt.

I planted a kazoo, and it grew into a vuvuzela.

My ass…it’s full of stars!

And my favorite line of the game (so far):

And now, I’m wound…and all outta bagels!

The plot-scripting may not be good but the humor has always been a real strength of this franchise.


Speaking of dialog, Moze’s attitude towards her enemies just keep amusing me. It’s nice to see a character without qualms to swearing without it getting overbearing.


I always view Aurelia as a Southern Belle Debutante vibe. Less English and more…Southerner who wants to Sound English. Lol.

Omg. I love so much. I’ll get back to you



And the rest of the game, obv. I’m particularly enjoying enemies dying words. They’re hysterical.



pissing and apparently the censor misses the ■■■■ word if you add ting


“Luckily, I …eurghhh”/dies
“You will remember my name, which is…eurghh”/dies