Things that need to be fixed asap on gameplay

So those things affect heavily the gameplay and need to be fixed:

Repair system - latching doesn’t work correctly, simple like that, it takes too long to the support ship do the maneuver and stick into another ship, making almost impossible to repair your ships, by the time you issue the order and the order is accomplished the ship is dead, i have seen a support frigate turning around over an assault frigate trying to stick on it, like a dog chasing the tail, dumb like that, the assult frigate got destroyed of course.

Corvette maneuvers – HW1 ship designs requires the corvette to be facing the target all the time.

Capital ship pathing - they keep getting stucked and doing long unecessary turns, same applys to recource collectors



The main fix that needs to happen first before any balancing is this:

Fix formations. If Kushan and Taiidan can hold together in formations, they can stand up against Hiigaran and Vagyr strikecraft. And because strike craft are the basis of all fleets, that will change the outcome of battles tremendously.

Once we see how that pans out after it’s fixed, then we can actually do the other stuff and know what should be changed.

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