Things that ruins the experience

Before I go through what I think are less pleasant thing about Borderlands 3, things that are can easily become annoying enough for me to close the game sometimes, I like to mention a few things.

This is my experience (accent on ”my”) and my thinking and it has no mean meaning. I know that the game can do much, much better and I would love seeing this.

I play only on PS4 so this is my only experience with the game.

I love looter-shooter games since I can remember, and I remember many things as I’m well over 40.

I love gaming and I like, whenever real life is kind with me, to escape to the virtual one. And so far I cannot complain of life’s kindness. My weekends are min 80% gaming while during the week I have an average of 4h per day. Sometimes are days or even weeks in which I travel or need to do some chores and I can almost hear my PS4 Pro crying in panic. The life is hard and full of bitterness… sometimes!

I did not played the previous Borderlands but I tried catching up with the story and the universe through any media I find. But I do play every day since was lunched and I’m in TVHM with all 4 classes.

An important note is that for some point 2KG are already on it, meaning that some of the things that ruins my experience are already in their agenda to be fixed. I still need to mention it though. I have a feeling that for some thing I might be hated for. Well, do it if makes you feel good. However, I just try to be honest and play the game as is meant to be played and having the experience that was designed to get.

But enough of background. Let’s do it. I’m writing this while traveling so there is no particular order in the list below and sorry if I get some names wrong. Trying to remember details during a 12h flight is harder than it looks.

Carryover bugs

As I said, I checked may articles and videos about previous Borderlands games. It’s such a petty that so many bugs/exploits clearly identified there are so much the same in B3. These mainly comes from save files and how offline-online play is designed. I’m not going to name it but I would be surprised if 2KG don’t already know about it. However, Golden Key is not such a great achievement. To be honest, Golden Chest drop should be drastically increase before they fix the exploit. Otherwise Golden key is pointless.

Unfinished product at launch

Unfortunately this is the industry issue. Day 1 patch and Day 30 patch it starts to look more and more as a launch requirement than an issue. The fact that now we can do that and patch games fast is great. But the fact that the companies launch games before are actually ready, is bad. If we are lucky, a game is in a state that should have been at launch in about 3 months. If we are not, well a year normally will do, if any players left to play the game.

Another is the online patches. While these are fast, are not updating the game itself. So, any offline players out there are still having a useless Zane.

Offline Version is broke

As stated above… A friend had to play almost 2 week offline as there was an issue with his ISP and the 4G is a bit too expensive. He gave up after less than a week. All mechanics are changed, builds totally broken while other totally OP. Should I say that his main was Zane? So… yeh…

Having the Online and the server patches deployed timely, it’s great. Not having regular launcher update to maintain the offline package in line, it’s not good at all. The weekly events, the hunt event, etc. is fine to be online only, but that should have been the only thing different vs offline. All core game updates should be reflected in offline version too.

Slaughter Shaft it’s a bad joke offline with so many anointed enemies. Just saying. Plus the mayhem modifiers… you know.

Anointed Enemies

These are kind of cool and always you need to change the strategy and the pace. Most requires a huge and precise damage to deal with them before… before it takes longer that farming Troy and Tyreen… twice… with the loading screen.

Amara I find it the least to worry as she can interrupt their action so easily with pahsegrasp. Moze in general can deal with them before things goes south although not always. Fl4k it’s OK in general if deals enough damage and there is no reflect to kill himself and Zane… don’t make me start.

The worst of them all anointed out there are the Militants. This because it has basically 90% of the time an immunity phase unless huge and precise damage is delivered in a very, very short time. I had times with 2 or 3 militants at once. Amara did not care but with the rest I simply exit and think again if I play that map / activity. At least one was having the floor molten and each time I start damaging any of them one teleport and protect it with the shield. So… sorry, but stupid. All anointed enemies need to have their teleporting skills tone down by a lot and the militants shields active reduce by half and time until it can be used again doubled. Molten time reduced to 5s or so. Now, if you stay close enough it stays for 30s or so. As you well know even 10s is too much. Troi have less than that! And in offline is even worst as having multiple anointed at once on the some maps is pretty standard. At least online normally is once of each, sometimes two militants and very rare 3 militants. Especially in Anvil. By the way, Anvil is sometimes harder than Slaughter shaft with the anointed! Weird, right?

Far too many times I stop playing or doing quests because of the militant anointed. Besides, why should they have two mods of immunity? (One is the shield which is half immune, but rarely you can get behind them as solo player and if there are more than one… And when you do, they switch to a molten immunity…You’ve got my drift!) Anyway… Only thinking piss me off. I like a challenge while I have the means to deal with the challenge.

200 legendary, 4 classes, 50 slots storage

I know you know, but… you know. From the beginning… I’m curious of the math used? Should I mention deferent element for some weapons? Anointment per class?

Guys, just for the science, check Noah 2 storage and carry capacity. Even a 25% of that and we will be 300% better :slight_smile:

Builds core game without builds management

This really puzzles me. You put so much effort in creating all these trees, synergies and behavior and you never though of adding “save build” or something? Look at Diablo 3 that saves equipment together with the build.

And, if you will add this feature, please DO NOT make us go to Sanctuary to change to another. That would be again… not good. Why respec cost gold, it’s another topic. You can take that if you really like this approach but let me change it on the field. Hey, put even 5 eridium if changed on the field if you like. Just let us do it! You know, load build and done. On character screen build to have tabs with builds and load button it would be great. When I farm I like to change the build based on what time of mobs, boss or modifiers w/o going to sanctuary.

Every day my game crashes

It’s a nice surprise if I have a day without the PS4 blue screen. I gather that every 3h or so is crashing. For me at least. I submitted report every single time.

Surround Audio (technical) – one of the worst

For me is one of the worst in the last 3-4 years. There are older games on PS3 with 100% better surround. The sound spatiality of Zero Dawn or God of War are so far ahead from Borderlands 3 that that Borderlands 3 looks like a dot.

Again, is not about soundtrack or audio choice. That is great. It’s about how surrounding works or better said, how bad is implemented. This is why Borderlands 3 is the only game set to mono for me. This is the only way I can hear the dialogs correctly and do something else in between. Oh! Or stereo, although even that is broke! It’s so bad that 45 degree movement renders the dialog to 0 sound. HiFi setup is worse than Headphone one. Quality wise.

This is the only game with this issue. I checked with a friends set-up which is a bit different (via HDMI not optic) and same thing. I have optic connection to HiFi station and studio speakers… so… 3D positioning is abysmal. Sorry!

Luck – same mistake all over again

In every game that have luck as a mean to increase drop rate had issues. Diablo had it and remove it, Anthem had it and remove it. Much, much better. No means to render your build weaker in hope you get the item you need by boosting your luck. Luck items are not a good idea since Diablo 2…

Instead, these needs to be inherit bonus by the difficulty played. As such, it becomes also an incentive to play higher difficulty. Well… see Diablo.

Personally I would remove it from the game and replace it with … I donno… magazine size? Anyway… Instead I will add 10% increase with each mayhem level. Surely needs to be removed from guardian rank too and please do, especially if you add the feature to inactivate the guardian rank and to reset guardian rank. NB: If you (please do) add Guardian Rank reset, add an option to spend more than one point at once. We are talking over 400 points and in time 1000 points. One by one is a killer! See Diablo 3. You must implement some limits for some perks or per point increase will be so small that will not worth it. However, as there is no limit in getting guardian ranks, rethink what can be increase unlimited and what cannot. Just reducing all to a 0.01 per point will render guardian point useless as no one will spend their time to spend it anymore…

Anointed gear

Anointed gear are great and some anointed bonuses changes for the better the builds while other makes you wonder what you ‘ve done to deserve the worse anointment. I did adapt my builds and style of playing with focus around some anointed gear I have. However, some anointments are pointless, useless or unfair.

I believe that anointment that considered what tree you use are bad approach and unfair for all classes as not all have alternatives as much. “If you trigger bottomless mag your critical damage is increase by 25% and action skill recharge rate decreased for a short time”. We will never see something like this as, you know… Still, weird, right? But a bit later about the Moze’s issue.

I think I would do it per class and more generic. Is not only that you can have a better management of these anointment rolls, but more even bonus to all classes. Why 300% damage if Phaseslam and after exiting Iron Bear I got… wait, what?

Anyway, personally I will redesign all anointment perks. Old ones? No problem, will randomly get one of the new ones. This is a deep thing that needs to go on to offline version too.

When we will have class mods and artefacts anointed? And how comes anointed, without even a damage boost? Lower base damage per bullet vs not anointed version? Shouldn’t be these the top of the top? A Dictator with bonus accuracy and handling anointment and lower damage that his brother not anointed (same mod, same burn) is just waste of anointment. But a 250% damage after Phasecast is destroying regardless. So… yeh!

Gear Score

I could not find anything that explains it. However, it needs full revision as in many instances does not states the reality. I have weapons with 456 score much better in any way than one with 500+ (same type and even manufacturer). I have blue better even than legendary counterpart.

I could not figure out what makes the score sometimes not to reflect the gear power. For a while I though is the clip output. The damage shows per shot not per clip. You can have weapons with lower bullet damage but twice mag size vs a similar weapon with a 20% more damage per bullet and same fire rate but a reduced mag size.

I have epic 500+ much better than 600+ of counter-version gun of the same manufacturer. Epic Atlas auto rifle with over 2k per bullet, 33 mag size, with laser accuracy and tracking… And yes, is using one bullet per shot! Even the legendary Atlas one (forgot the name) with the kind of handicapped king’s call effect without the bullet return effect, with higher score, will not be even come to the epic one as efficiency…

Or grenades that laugh out loud in the face of most legendary ones, except for the 3 or 4 legendary, the popular types, you know.

Alien tech: Epic combos vs exotic or eridium prefix

Alien tech for me is the greatest idea of the game and most underused. The alien tech should be the one we chase, the one that help us get crazy combination that leads us to crazy builds and play styles.

Why in Necrodefeyo (is the spelling right?) we don’t have a quest that allows us the access to an eridium device which allows us to add alien tech to any non-legendary item? Orange color maybe? To add 30% change to return the bullet on critical hit to my epic masher Jakobs pistol.

You can add a multitude of bonuses that can be added per item type process. An artefact that will reroll the bonuses and it will add mag size increase for a few seconds on crit or action skill cool down, etc.

This will cost eridium. With the machine we can also get the Eridium gear anointed or add either Eridium anointment. “On Action Skill end will use one amo per shot and have a 25% chance to return one bullet on crit for a short time.” So, a weapon that uses more than one bullet per shot, will be great with such eridium anointment. “100% splash damage increase”… I mean… I can go over and over. All these will have the Eridium prefix.

  • “Eridium Tamed Dueling Masher” – Pistol, Jakobs, Mag size 10, use 2 bullets, 193x9 , 9.32b/s, reload 1.22s, bullets ricochet to nearest enemy, eridium bonus on crit. 25% on crit to have two bullets ricochet to nearest enemy and to load one bullet from your reserves. Eridium anointed: 10% to fully reload on 6 consecutive crit w/o reloading). Eridium text: I can always do better! In theory at least.

  • Eridium Wizard’s Bolas Trapper – Shotgun, Maliwan, Mag size 12, use 2 bullets, shots to bolas linked with chain that will wrap around the target doing DoT and explodes after 3s, 1230x2, 6.3b/s, reload 2.32s (animation similar with crossbow, BTW, I would love to see bows and crossbows in Borderlands 3). Eridium bonus: Random element for first shot. Consecutive shots on the same target adapts to match the best element. Eridium anointed: each DoT have 50% to add micro explosions of random elements. Eridium text: Let me show you my burning issue.

I can go on like this for days :slight_smile:

I think this will not only gives us a cool way to spend the eridium, but also allows us to see unique combos that lead to new builds. However, this brings you another issue. And is not the combo management for the eridium gear. This will automatically require a review of the Legendary pool and perks to keep it viable. I mean… if I take my 2k damage atlas, I add chance to reflect on crit and fire burn, is going to laugh at any sniper! :slight_smile:

Truth be told, and excluding the nostalgic legendary, there still over 100 if we exclude variant and element, which are actually around 10 popular enough to be present pretty much to each class and build. With eridium device you may even add reroll. Take the legendary, pay 15-20 eridium and reroll that Cutsman with better reload or magazine or even as unique obtainable Ice burn. Or even, why not, dual burn per shot which can be different or the same amplifying it making it twice as strong. You’ve got my drift! Or to get an Eridium anointment on a legendary as soon as is not already anointed.

Moze – the poorer of them all

Moze it’s a fun class. A class that needs to manage pretty much w/o the useless Iron Bear. The load is too long and exits is a nuisance (on PS4 at least). The only time to be used is when the anointment you have is that good. Ergo, is the only class that have an action skill not used as an action but as a mean to trigger something.

In addition to this, is boring. Thanks God playing with her is not. She’s a blast. The Action Skill, not so much. Amara has three viable possibilities, Zane combos between the three while Fl4k little by little all three are viable builds. Moze is stuck with the useless Iron Bear. And is not only the life. Is the damage too. I saw even in your last video the damage displayed by the Iron Bear. Is not even half or Fl4k or Amara or even Zane with the skill active. For crying out loud, is less than Moze is doing now w/o the bear. I hope those numbers are not how IB will be because it will be a fail. Moze is a demolition woman. Think of Iron Man “I like the weapons that needs to be fire once” and instead of that you get the effect of a popcorn… well… popping. This is IB now for Moze. Why shall I use it to decrease my DPS?

Besides going in and out of the Iron Bear must be done far faster and more seamlessly. I think Moze needs a variation. Why not being in a tank or something, why not deploying turrets like thinks do? I think turrets with bottomless mag works best and she can have two at the time if deployed in time.

Anyway, my math is pretty simple. Mayhem 3, neutral modifiers. Amara can take care of three anointed militants at once. If they are grouped are dead with brainstormer. Otherwise with 300% damage weapon with phaseslam they are done before they know what hit them. Fl4k fade could be lucky to deal with then 1 by 1 with fade. Even with gamma and rakk have a huge change. Not if they are grouped though. Zane – he’s another story. Even with the cryo affecting anointed, he will never deal with all three easy. Moze can deal with them, with grenades and splash damage in particular. But no help from IB. You see may point?

Pets, Iron Bear, Clone

I know increasing their health was a quick and dirty kind of fix. You know it needs much more attention and love than this. The pet besides being able to outstand more than one badass blast, it should heal when players heals, it should get heal when do damage (both, pet and player). Personally I would give to the pet the shield bonuses as well.

When exiting gamma burst, the pet should be full life. Is meant to place the burst in the middle of the battle but, without a doubts, when the action skill ended, the pet is dead before you know where is at. During gamma burst the pet should be invulnerable instead to loose health, unless you make it strong enough to be able to kill with one bite a baby rach, fine. Otherwise…

Clone needs to have an eye check before each deployment to the battlefield and priority to be the foe that damage the master. I would add a perk in the tree for 1 skill point that when life reaches 5% for the player, automatically switch places, destroy the close and heal 10% life and shield. A 60s cooldown, or 120s if 90% life and shield. The sentinel should have the damage scaled as well with the difficulty played.

Iron Bear – needs full revision in regards of damage and life. As soon as you are out is dead. Why spending point for autobear? Besides, Moze needs more options for action skills than the bear… seriously.

As an idea, I think the pet and the clone should have their attack 80% of the base damage of the master’s equipped weapon, including the burn element if any. Both shall have 3-5% life steal per their hit and 1-2% from any master’s hit. As the IB, must be able to outstand a badass blast at least 4 times before going down scaled with the difficulty level played. Now I think is dead before even the shot hit the IB. Heart attack maybe? Anyway… And I would add the Moze’s shield properties and capacity to IB.


I know that a full revamp of these modes will come with the DLC. However, I just hope it will make more sense these time.

For me reflect, even as 5% is a “we have no other idea” kind of modifier. Therefore is a no, no, no. This is the same with the health, shield and armor increase to become a bullets sponge and nothing more. In general, a challenge that simply requires more time for nothing in exchange, is avoided by players. If Mayhem 4 will be not only brainlessly difficult but also the unique legendary pools of 20 items makes only one actually worth the effort, not sure how many adventurers will genuinely enjoy the farm. The line between challenging and stupid it’s extremely thin. I just hope a balance and fun challenge.

How about that when use ghost grenade the foes freeze in panic for 2s? Just kidding. But it would be a nice prank for fool’s day :slight_smile:

I hope you implement a failsafe in modifiers roll. Something to prevent to negate a bonus or to further amplify another.

Grouping weapons type was and is bad idea on many levels. However if in M3 (or even 4) we have two modifier one for -% shotgun ONLY and another -% Atlas weapons, it will not be that bad. Even +% manufacturers would be nice.

You can even add Map (or planet) global bonus each week: Atlas damage increase by 5% for each atlas weapon equipped. Or incendiary bonus increased by 5% for each incendiary weapon equipped and 1% more for each matching manufacturer. With a element match modifier it will be tricky anyway.

The modifiers should provide an alternative without cancel it out. And I like to see far more. Game play should be a challenge without crossing into WTF (World’s Tedious Fact??). We simply reroll. But this means a break in the rhythm, purpose and fun.

You can add in TVHM weakly challenges as M4 variation in which are always more challenging than “normal” M4. And you select an activity that when successfully completed in this mode guarantee additional loot or something. It can be a proving ground type, or slaughter or even something new.

How about 50% chance on action skill end (sorry Moze, you need to use Iron Bear only for this) the artefact or the class mod mods effects are increased by 25% (.e.g. 31% cooldown becomes 39% if my math is correct. Or 40% mag size increase becomes 50%.). How about adding not only weapon buff/de-buff but also manufacturer. Like we currently have in some challenges.

Just go outside of the “difficulty” box and be creative. Even if some modifiers fail, make sure you can inactivate it if needed or something. I don’t the community minds to test it out and see that you listen and adjust. Many foes now do not flinch even if you shoot a volley of rockets in their face while I barely see from where their blast even after fix and when I shoot my flinch is off the roof. Unflinching and aggressive should be a modifier.

All weapons fires random element (regardless of their base element. If any then that will trigger the respective burn bonus stated on the weapon). At 20% life there are 10% change the foe to explode for 300% weapon damage. Foes shield recharge rate and health regeneration increased (so, focus fire is the key but still not a bullets sponge). Matching element, meaning that matching the element (e.g. arc for shield) have 25% bonus damage otherwise 30% less damage. All weapons fire rates decreased by 20% and reload increased by 15%. All fire rate increased by 20% and reload decreased by 30%. 10% chance to be pulled to the enemy you are shooting (careful with bosses that can pull you out of the map though. Requires a failsafe here). On the move: standing still for 3s depletes the shield / life with a speed of 3% of max shield/life per second (first shield then life). This cannot kill you but let you with 1HP. Each kills extends by 3s the trigger time. 30% increase recharge rate and life recovery while moving. (Limited to combat areas as spawning points are safe zones)

The addition of specific loot pool for different mayhem modes it’s more that welcome.

Normal vs. TVHM

First, it’s so tedious to run through the story again… and no cutscene skip option, and annoying twins and Ava brat… In addition there is so unimaginative implemented!! Seriously!

Borderlands 3 is a vast universe and TVHM should bring this universe to another level. How? Soooooooooooo simple! (although programing it might require some effort, clearly).

  • Side quests from Normal will now upgrade their rewards to one level. White to green, green to epic, epic to legendary, legendary to anointed legendary.

  • New side quests unique to TVHM with unique rewards, and new insight of the story and NPCs roles.

  • Additional steps in the main story too, if that is possible.

  • Clearly TVHM should come with additional loot pool.


There are many things that could have been done to give you the feeling that you play the story with a good twist and rewarding.

Loot Quality on higher difficulty

I spoke a bit above about the loot score. Now about the quality of this loot.

Personally I’m tired of Mayhem 3 TVHM with all those white and greens drop, some with the anointment that I’m chasing for weeks. Even blues are annoying. And please tell me, how comes in Mayhem 3 I still have level 49 drops? I finally got a dictator radiation for by gamma burst and it was level 49. I was so upset that I close the PS4. (Stupid, I know. My lost items was full and the dictator did not made the cut there… A 49 level one is better than none. Oh well…)

For me, the higher the difficulty is, the more rewarding should be. And this is not only the drop rate (although it seems that there is no run for me without getting at least once the same items that no one ever uses or will use it unless drastically changed for the better… RNGisus don’t answers to my prayers). It’s about the quality of the items. This is why, Mayhem, especially 3+ white and green have no place while blue to have lower chance than epic. And definitely no level 49 drop! No drop below player’s round-up level until max level then max level only.

I think my Moze have now a Tediore build and I have only epic as there are not too many legendary Tediore that will be as good or effective. Perfect for normal mobbing and little boss like Tron or Hunt.

Loot Tink

Can you please “stole” Diablo 3 concept and add a chance for the loot tinks to open a portal to the loot cave or something? Add a specific drop of that loot boss, something really, really worthy, something desirable by any class and any build. Because is good and not because it’s so hard to get it. Surely, only in Mayhem 4 this. Later you can even make events to hunt these tinks. They will not drop any legendary but will have increase chance to open the portal upon death.

Little things to spice it up a bit! You know.

Online Events

Any of you remembers the “Diablo walks on earth once again” (or something) message from Diablo 2? Everyone was trying to find where he is and kill him.

How about a chance that when on Promethea to get the message “Maliwan Commander Taunt will be deployed to take over the Skywell”, or is attacking the Atlas HQ or something on the planet. So, you have to get there, deal with the modifiers regardless what they are, and have the fight. Or on Eyden 6 to say that “COV Commander will claim the Jakob’s Cellar”. You know… goes without saying that these spawns have a unique loot pool associated with them.

You can even do events like massive invasions that are randomly triggered. On Athena for example, you are just about to cross the bridge on your way to the Captain when waves of Maliwan forces are deployed with their elites fighters. For sure, all these also means increase drop changes. You know… dying a few times to see it worth it. You can even put some Elite forces that are not affected by any mayhem modifiers but are totally immune to any unmatched damage type while normal bullets damage is reduced by half. Anyway… Just saying.

Online drop rate

Unless farm a single boss over and over again, playing the game is totally unrewarding. Or my RNG is always against me. I have over 150 runs to Hunt. All 4 classes. All Quests done so loot ghosts over 200 I think and I only got around 15 event specific drops. You said that Hunt drop rate was increased? When? Where? My last 8 consecutive runs I had either no drop or some of the same useless world drops and not even one event specific, including from around 10 or maybe 12 loot ghosts.

I normally do two full runs per week day. I don’t like repetitive farm although I will do it when I desperately need something that is in that foe’s loot pool. I start with Guts of Carnivora. Go out, check for rakman as I’m still chasing the pistol. Farm the eridium. Back to guts, collect the 25 on my way to kill agonizer. Kill Hunt. Kill Troy. Kill Tyreen. Kill Gigaming. Kill Rampager. Collect my 25 on Athena and kill the captain. Kill Hunt. Go to Anvil collect the 25 on my way to kill Warden. Run to Warden if bad modifiers and too many militants if playing with Zane or Fl4k. Go to Ambermire and kill unstoppable as I need other shield variants. Collect any ecto remaining if needed. Kill Graveward. Necrodefeyo run and kill the targets for the pestilence and shield as I’m looking for anointed version. Kill the target for the blue shotgun on my way to kill the general. Kill Hunt. Close game session, reload and repeat. Sometimes Necro it has it own run and Hunt kill. The thing is that I try doing each run in about 45 min to have the chest active on Hunt. Because the ectoplasm is now increase, sometimes I just kill Hunt as many times I can in the shortest time hoping for event loot. I find it not as rewarding though. And it bores me to death.

Can you believe that in these runs I could get max 3 drops and those only from some badass or anointed kills and 0 from any of those bosses? Including Hunt with the increase drop rate of… nothing? My last run on Hunt I did got a whopping 3 legendary. All world drops: ASMO, Woodblocker and Bouncing pair. So sick of these, honestly. And these ware the only legendary drop on my whole run, with the exception of another ASMO from a badass on Anvil.

I always have either 12.67 luck artefact or the one with decrease life which increase by “a lot” whatever that means in Borderlands 3 universe. Plus 13%+ from Guardian. So… Again… damn luck. Please remove it and have the mayhem inherit this.


I’m looking forward to it. I just hope that will bring something new worth chasing. I like chasing better loot, but there is a line I cannot cross. If I have to brainlessly kill a boss 1000 times to have a chance to get the one thing I want anointed. No way. But this is me. I know some like this, even find it thrilling. I also might do it for a just few times every now and then when I know I don’t have much time to play. Especially if I can load on the fly a boss kill builds.

Each mayhem mode, in addition of luck, should also increase the chance to get anointed gear. Even if I get more not-anointed, what’s the point of farming twice as long for what I can get on lower mayhem? As for the unique to the respective mayhem, while anointed chance is the same, it should have a priority on drop vs. any other legendary that can drop in any other mayhem mode. And, if drops are specific for each mayhem level, on M4 the drop is increase for mayhem loot which includes the previous three. So, you see, if in M1 you have high chances to get the M1 drop, on M4 you have lower changes for M4 loot, even with increase luck, as the mayhem specific loot pool is higher. But it might be a bit “easier” to get the once from the other mayhem while playing in M4.

Personally I would add suffixes that would roll in mayhem mode only. Let’s say King’s Call may drop with addition 3 bullets on mag size and 20% increase crit damage, but these mods can be rolled in M3+ only drop. I think this would give you much more flexibility from loot pool management without actually increasing the loot pool.

I hope the DLC also brings online and offline version to the same level. Only the online events should make them different. Don’t you agree?

**And if you reach the end of this post, thank you for reading and happy hunting.


+1 on effort and detailed writeup.

Also, would like to second your mention of sound issues: it is a very weird experience for me too, using “Hi Fi” setting and sound is mediocre. Music soundtrack is almost unnoticeable - I’ve read that it’s actually good, but it seems to be mixed in such a way that makes it impossible to hear during gameplay. Major downgrade from BL1/2.

May be I should try “Mono” or “Headphone” - I want my music back!


I agree with a lot, but at same time on your “fix” for Fl4ks pet, it seems like you don’t level down master tree much. 2 points in who rescued who is enough to sustain your pets health. Combine with Burst Aid and all my BFFs pet literally can not die. If you have trouble keeping your pet up, switch to friend-bot com and res him on kill. Only thing that really needs to happen so far on M3 is the damage boost to scale. We will see how it is with M4 as well, which should get lots of testing with pets and drones and IB before release.


I tried. Still new with gamma or rakk. As fade did not care too much if alive. Many runs even w/o for fun and test purpose.

Those skills do help, it’s true, but not enough. Pet should be low maintenance . Maybe I’m doing something wrong because most of the time the Pet dies from the wind blowing right after gamma ends. With those points in. Still working on mastering. However once the pet needs more focus than on the fight ahead it bothers me.

Thanks for your reply!

A quick thing about the pet. Sometimes when I revive it is bugged and don’t do anything. Even when I activate the gamma Burt is just sitting there doing nothing…

I kinda stop bother reviving it as would not only do nothing but many times don’t worth the risk, Just saying!

Which pet?

I’m using gamma with skag but I tried other and same thing. Is not pet related bug. I tried to see if is impacted by how close to dead revive I’d done. Inconclusive results. Is just a weird bug.

Just don’t use beefcake and Gamma Burst or beefcake is going to have a bad time.

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Quickly, things that ruins experience for me :

  • No Steam
  • Hilariously unsuitable storage. Too few slots (50 for all characters!?!), and it’s unacceptable considering Gearbox already had this problem on Borderlands 2… And too slow/buggy/heavy. The 3D models put an unnecessary strain on my system.
  • Interface should be better, quicker, more reactive.
  • TVHM useless. They should have scrapped it and put TVHM elemental bonus/malus in Normal. We’re not in 2010, no one wants to finish the game several times before playing the endgame.
  • It would be great if we could cancel/redo some secondary missions.
  • Balance is just … Weird. It looks like they have not tested the game properly. For example, I love the fact that they considered Zane’s Sentinel to be OP (legendary class mod : +5% chance on kill to recharge SNTNL Duration & cooldown, Impressive!!!), when other characters can sometimes have 100% to 200% increase damage on skills).

The all experience makes me think of a game that was designed years ago and not refreshed to actual gamers taste.


This is what ruins it for me:

Crap like this floating around. :unamused:


lol, thats ■■■■■■■■. I dont understand the mentality behind that.

I saw someone just selling legendaries and I thought, you’re just a D!ck.

But I see D!ck has a greater definition.

But then I wonder, who is worse…the people who screw this stuff or the people who buy it?


that is perpetual…an endless loop.

If the demand is there, the supplies will follow. simple gaming economics. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit: I don’t hate it specifically, the item that is. What I hate is the misinformation i brings. Those that don’t know might think this can drop in game. Wasting tons of time farming for something that will never drop. That is what I don’t like about modded items and the advertisement of such stuff. it’s where a lot of misinformation comes from.

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and we survived.

You had perhaps 20 in vault, 50 on the VH themselves and 3…count them , 1 , 2 , 3 between chars.

I think 50 was a reasonable figure, but on reflection and given the mass of loot out there 100/150 should be enough.

I’m a little torn. I’ve cheated in single player modes many moons back ( back when gamesharks were a thing)…and sometimes it was just to play through a game.

But this…this isn’t even cheating…I struggle with the why over this.

I came across modded weapons in BL2 and while initially they seemed fun, I quickly ditched them, because they took the fun away.

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Although we are a bit of off topic with this, opportunist to get some cash from a looter shooter will always exist I’f no law to stop them. In Korea is a way of leaving to work for a company and farm items that can be sold. And those are online games where you cannot dupe . So yeh…

Nevertheless such thing ruins the game. What’s the point trying to get the best loot in god mode. Never…

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I’ve quickly learned from BL2 communities on PS4 that many many (seems like the majority) of people want others to basically play the game for them. They want insta leveled without playing through the game. And they want this kind of garbage to either make it faster or make up for their lack of ability or game knowledge or most likely all of the above. It’s the reason why i do not let anyone other then friends into my game.

If playing with friends and this forum is mainly your experience with the Borderlands community, you would not know that playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played is greatly in the minority. And yeah that’s my biggest problem with any Borderlands game


And yeah sorry, my last comment was in that direction too. But i did read all of your complaints and i find it very interesting what someone thinks that didn’t come from past installments. I can agree with a lot that you mentioned. But tbh a lot of that (technical and sound issues aside) kinda is the borderlands experience. It could always be a little better. But when you go and start making big changes, you come up with utter garbage like Mayhem Mode. So it’s a slippery slope

I know, its kinda frustrating. I never play with randos cause i dont want to get stupidly modded items dropped or having my BR boosted, or end up having 20 more skill points.

I work for what i have…I paid for a game, im not going to pay someone else to play for me.


I think this is more on PC. On consoles not that much. I’m a console player for many years now.