Things that shoud be in battleborn!

Hi all, Sorry for my english. :slight_smile:
After 30+ hours I miss ranked mode like in other competitive game (like dota, lol, and other).
Please give to us ranked matches, this is really competitive game (unlike boring, lame overwatch :)), and we need some more of this competitions. With ranked matches we get a lot more of progression, we get better matchmaking and it would be great, the game will live much more with it. It give to people sense of a real skill progression, not this account lvl, that show us only how long player play this game, but skill score will show us real skill of players. This game is easy to play, hard to master, and it would be fun to play with strong team against strong team.

And i so miss (as solo player and many others solo players too) opportunity to change settings of pve missions in random partys. Cmon i can solo it on hard why i can’t do it with randoms, it will be really fun. Let us change difficulty and other settings before finding group, and possibility to set mission to find it.
I really miss this features in this game and it would be great if developers add it, i know someone already sayd about this but maybe if more players will talk about this chance they add it will be bigger. And yeah, new players need better tutorials into pvp gamemodes, so they knew what to do and ptfo instead of deathmatch. :slight_smile:

I personally think there should be a ban system in this because it is getting ridiculus ther ammount of people who leave because they dont get there character or leave because they lose the first team fight i just had 2 people leave right now that were in a group that left because they saw higher lvls and wanted there characters like come on grow up

They should make like a match champion who did the best over everyone kinda like in call of duty.

They should also make character level increases with new helix upgrades, skins, and taunts.

Oh and helix upgrade points so you can permanently upgrade a helix ability giving you an increased boost.

And you should be able to make a team on single player with cpu’s.

They need to add a group status area like every other MOBA rpg has. So we can better monitor the health of our teammates.


Yes, group status would be very helpful when playing as a healer in particular.

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It also help then person you are healing to recognize when their healer is in trouble.

I was a pocket healer for a Galilea last night and I started getting targeted and I could tell that Galilea didn’t notice cause I was behind them.


No. If they add a ban system, the game will become just as toxic as LoL, where people voteban you for not following the meta, or even for just disagreeing with them.


I agree, ban systems and kick options just breed abuse.

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firesnakezero201 yes, yes and yes as support player i fully agree with you. That would be so good for me, sometimes it so hard to see what players need my heal.

I know all your inconvenience about afk, leavers and feeders and i agree with timtoborne , ban is too radical solution.
I think much better will be stacking punishment like i see in some games when you leave\kicked first time you have 1-5 min penalty to enter game, when you leave second time youl get 10-15 min penalty, and so on, but if you play game and ended it your penalty will be still on account and if you leave again it stack again with existing penalty and so on.
I do not know how to express more precisely but it looks like this:
1 leave\kick = 5 min
2 leave\kick = 10 min
3 leave\kick = 15 min
1 normal game = 10 min penalty (but only if you will be kicked or leave againt)

Ban system needed only for cheaters.
On the other side developers can make system where all leavers\kicked\afk play only with the same leavers\kicked\afk. It would be so fun to see they matches. :slight_smile:

not like that for the people who abandon the games if there losing i dont want a kick system just for the people who leave and dont care to play and wait the game out

ending of matches need some kind of sound effect fanfare

the dead silence rings of poor dev leadership

and so do the color swap costume unlocks

Good ideas but most have already been suggested: Battleborn Suggestion Megathread 2.0

And you honestly think the community won’t abuse the kick/ban system? That’s a little naive, buddy.

Tier 2 and 3 skins were announced a while ago, pal.