Things that still need addressing!

Now that the last of the season 1 pass content is out, what in your opinion are things that really still need addressing? I’ll start by posting a couple of what I think in my opinion is needed.

  • Veteran reward vendor for DLC quest rewards
  • Veteran reward vendor for mail only items (for stuff like Bekah, lost trinkets/skins/heads, etc, especially after the Bounty of Blood trinket deletion glitch)
  • Revamp of some existing legendary class mods that have been useless since release
  • Load times, especially on console
  • Matchmaking
  • A way to respawn bosses and repopulate vendors without quitting or leaving the map
  • Further pruning of the anointment list
  • Some skills (alot)
  • Old school raid boss? its been a year.
  • Lame Story, Fix it with a DLC not that hard
  • Enemies being bullet sponges rather than having mobs that are fun to kill
  • Still need a hyperion slaughter or trial. THere is nothing for armored enemies and thats wack

-Mayhem modifiers need to be made optional
-Console performance
-Raid bosses that aren’t hidden behind takedowns
-Make legendaries “legendary again.” I don’t wanna see a badass COV enemy dropping two oranges. Let us farm dedicated sources like the good ol’ days :slight_smile:
-Buff a ton of legendaries. I miss using the Butcher and Conference call

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  • Add an option to disable mayhem modifiers.
  • Remove anointments, lower mayhem hp/armor/shields. Lower mayhem scaling of action skills to also compensate for lower enemy hp.
  • BUFF almost EVERY gun that isn’t mayhem 6/dlc 3 guns. Might need to rework/nerf some of those mayhem 6/dlc3 weapons too for compensation.
  • Make Takedowns and Trials the HARDEST content in the game, while also being the most rewarding with the best drops in the game.
  • Change dedicated drops to have a 100% drop rate while lowering the absurdity that is current world drops.
  • Rework weaker/non meta skill trees (Master, Under Cover, Shield of Ret).
  • Make more grenades, shields, artifacts, and class mods more viable. Might need to triple grenade damage at this point. Also really tired of using Pearl. Really tired of Transformer and Old God too.

-At this point maybe revert nerfs to certain legendaries like the Ion Cannon and Flakker.
-Buff some of the modifiers that can roll on shields, COMs, and artifacts. Some ideas would be increasing the cap on elemental resistance modifiers or keeping the current cap but rolling it into 1 general element resist stat and trim the specific ones for single elements. Change the + max HP to be a % rather than a flat number. Roll the manufacturer based modifiers into a single manufacturer boost that impacts all stats that currently have separate single modifiers, etc…
-Most launchers and grenades feel lackluster in terms of effect. These feel like they could do with buffs









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