Things that you regret buying

Was there something that you bought a long time ago but then you regretted it years later?
(It can be anything like: a DVD, a Blu-Ray, a video game, a book etc.)

I regret buying Frozen on Blu-Ray. (It was a waste of $25. :frowning:)



Thank god it’s not just me, I started to feel like the kid from the Emperor’s New Clothes.

Just Cause 3: I had such high hopes, but load times for missions, no mini-map, having to complete challenges just to get upgrades.

Will give it another swing over xmas, but I played it for 4 days and now I am back on BL2, what does that say about a new release.


Same. Destiny wasn’t a bad game, I just couldn’t get into it.

Keys in CS GO and TF2.


the flesh light


Star Wars Battlefront, less than a week after I bought it I traded it in to help pay off Rainbow Six Siege.

  • Just thought of something else, but I’m not sure if it counts because I didn’t buy it. SUPERMAN 64!!! A friend of my brother asked me if a wanted it and just gave it to me. At first I thought “Hey free game, can’t go wrong with that!” Ohhhhhhh, how wrong I was. Three levels in and I felt like every once of my childhood innocence had been yanked out of me, thoroughly ■■■■■, and then beaten to death with a spiked club. And I wasn’t really that big of a Superman fan. Worst game I ever played.
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I don’t regret buying ever version of Waterworld ever released



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I’m not buying that until it is at least £10-20 less than it is now… £50 is quite a lot and I would have to get it on PC.

This one’s easy: a Palm Pilot. Some of you remember.


[quote=“JoeKGBX, post:11, topic:1127034”]
Palm Pilot
[/quote] Whoa. Nostalgia overload.

I know right? A famously dumb purchase.

Got no idea what that is… :blush: :wink:

Consider yourself lucky.

Mine is a Razor keyboard/mouse combination. Both quit working properly within a year.

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My motorbike. I’ve never been into them, but my mates pressured me into joining their group of off-roaders. I kind of knew it would be a waste of my cash. Now it sits in the shed gathering dust.

The XBox-One - We bought it right after we saw Battleborn is going to be Next-Gen, but now I always meet cool people I´d like to play with and they have a PS4…
Damn you Halo, why your evil pact with the microsoft demons? :sob:

I totally not regret to own BERSERK comics in 3 languages, each 34 books…Anyone needs BERSERK in german? Have them double…

My ex’s dinner on our first date :confused:


Um, The Pre-Sequel. Once I started playing that with my kids on triple screen in split screen I realised it was just like Borderlands 2 which I was already bored with.

Every Ubisoft game that has Uplay under Steamonce I started the latest and tried an earlier game and actually none of them worked. This was ofcourse only for Uplay games, but the Ubi support was ever so helpful with their:

  1. clear %temp% folder
  2. clean boot into Windows
  3. they might even have a check file integrity/redownload full game.
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Any automatic wine bottle opener ever.

Even trashed the ones I’d bought as gifts for regulars as they obliterate any cork which is just a bit worn. That is when they don’t require a third round of repairs.

Go to any three Michelin star place and I’d wager the staff is using a basic waiter’s cork screw.

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