Things the AI has done to piss you off

  • You mean, besides spawning friggin’ rabids?
  • Being in FFYL and watching EVERY potential target successfully hide behind the nearest object (“RUN AWAY!!!”)
  • Like others have said, being gang-■■■■■ at the elevator spawn point in Sawtooth
  • I’ve also been camped like that when fighting Wilhelm; the surveyors (shielded, of course) hovered RIGHT OVER the spawn point, and I didn’t even realize they were there until the third spawn when I had time to look up

The AI backpedaling for no apparent reason. Is willing to shoot me from 10 feet away, but once that distance is larger and I move forward…

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When you get put into FFYL as melee Zer0, just hold e, it’s not worth the time trying to crawl toward a psycho. They just back peddle all the way to Liar’s Berg. Every time. EVERY TIME.

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@kenloe @kritchie2023 @stuarthome3: Oh, that feeling…

"Wow, I hate you." -- Killer Frost, "Batman: Assault on Arkham"

Definitely hate going into FFYL and every enemy on the screen thinking ‘damn, he’s almost dead, better run away and hide’. Also when you meet Lilith for the first time in the Firehawk’s Lair, get downed by the last psycho, only for Lilith to either phaseblast them away from you, or kill them entirely leaving you to die, has happened to me on at least 4 of my play throughs, lol.

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Forgot about that. Most definitely hate the NPC VHs for kill-stealing, although she (and on rare occasions, Roland) don’t compare to Brick (at Thousand Cuts) – Brick is like an “I WIN” button, insta-killing everything before you can even aim at them.

IMO, that’s another thing they need to fix in the next “Borderlands” – reduce their damage, or at least damage them to within an inch of death, then ignore them. In the first case, you can at least get the killing shots in; the second wouldn’t make it completely easy, but would reduce the frustration of 2W denial.

I would prefer it if an NPC kill counted as a revive for any player in FFYL - much like turret or Deathtrap kills do. Never had a problem with Roland kill-stealing, but Mordecai has also done that to me a few times.


Happened last night; knocked into FFYL by an LLM, take the LLM down and yet NOT get a Second Wind. I want my spawn fee back over that one.

Add to my list trying to solo Terramorphous on UVHM and him downing me within seconds of appearing regardless of what I do…that I could live with, but as soon as I’m downed he burrows into the ground again along with his tentacles and any chance I had of getting a second wind, every single time this happens. I can’t even dent his health regardless of what I do, I’m obviously doing something wrong, I just can’t figure out what.

Mordecai and his damned slag snipper! All it does in OP 8 is make varkhids pod up and sometimes slag me as well. Bastard.

Even worse is when he kills a pod that you just injected/tried to inject for the Mighty Morphin side mission…

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Since his name came up…why the HELL can’t Mordecai target the rabids in WEP? He’ll spend hours chipping away at the weaker targets and leaves the real PITA’s for me alone. Thanks for that.

@chachava: I hear that. Must ask, tho, if you’re hiding out on the (l)edge…:

…or on that spot up the ramp:
If you didn’t know about these, hope they vids help; if you did, never mind.

[quote=“Carlton_Slayer, post:22, topic:353557, full:true”]
Even worse is when he kills a pod that you just injected/tried to inject for the Mighty Morphin side mission…[/quote]

[quote=“kenloe, post:24, topic:353557, full:true”]
Since his name came up…why the HELL can’t Mordecai target the rabids in WEP? He’ll spend hours chipping away at the weaker targets and leaves the real PITA’s for me alone. Thanks for that.[/quote]“Damn you, Mordecai!”:

@kenloe: Personally, I’d like him to help deal with airborne enemies. Axton/Gaige can let their ASs go kill things while they do other stuff, but beyond Maya, the rest have to manual it with homing grenades and/or the Deliverance.

I hate it when the AI shoots me a lot and I die.

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This may be blasphemy, but he probably can’t hit 'em when they’re aggro, given how fast and how much they move. If you’ve got the time (or if I get bored this evening), go take everything out but leave a single rabid stalker behind. Then move away from it so it loses aggro, and then see if Mordecai can hit it.

That’s a good idea…it’ll take a day or so before either of my chars can get there right now (both are approaching that part of the quest, one in UVHM and the other in TVHM), but I’ll do that and see what happens.

@kenloe: If you’re having trouble with ground-bound enemies, equip a Singularity (or Quasar) grenade and run away – literally chase you in literally a straight line, which can make them easier to deal with. Toss said grenade off-axis (to yank them), then immediately follow up with a rocket; if your RL is a Norfleet or Badaboom… :laughing:

The latest one was probably supposed to happen, but still pissed me off. Right after the first Crystalisk in Caustic Caverns, I 2W’d myself…only for a Badass Varkid to immediately ram me into the acid from the FTS-side of the bridge; resulting in insta-FFYL>respawn because I couldn’t climb back out fast enough. GFD…

That area right outside/by Mortar with the ambush commandos, more or less got trapped by 3-4 of them right by the New-U station. Made better since I was by myself so any and all damage dealt to them went bye-bye :frowning:

Thanks for those, I knew about the second one, or at least part of it. I still seem to get hit by the rocks the tentacles throw though, and I didn’t know about jumping back onto the ramp when he emerges right next to you, I’ll have to have another try later on and see how I get on. The first one I didn’t know about, will that only work with more than one player or can it be done solo as well?

I was wondering that too; it looks like it’s a trick to ensure that there’s always one live player on the field to prevent Terra’s health resetting? If you’re running solo and have a second profile, you could bring in a second character in local split-screen and park them there before summoning the beast.

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