Things the AI has done to piss you off

I got spawn-camped in Sawtooth, right by the elevator you need to take up to get the dynamite. A lot of heavy nomads spawn when you get near that elevator (especially in the story mission) and they were ALL waiting for me to respawn all the time. Took forever to get out of that trap… Actually, that area can be really intense, even when you know what to expect and adjust accordingly!

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Enemies that decide to pitch a tent, make a campfire, and roast marshmallows behind cover instead of fighting me. They occasionally raise their weapon over their shoulder to make it look like they are interested in fighting me but I can smell the smores from clear across the valley.


I find that the AI is usually doing what it is supposed to. They shoot me, take cover, gank my money, loot the battlefield, shoot barrels that I’m next to, knock me off cliffs, throw grenades at me, make suicide runs at me, occasionally run away when I take a knee… I think the AI in the game is wonderfully varied and challenging. The only time it vexes me is when it breaks; a Goliath loses aggro and stops chasing me, Buzzards fly through the floor and get trapped down there, Sand Pirates get stuck in invisible mode but can still take shots at me (I’m still not sure if that’s intended behavior or not).

I’ve only been spawn camped like once that I can remember… I believe that if you don’t move, the enemies won’t notice you and should migrate back to their normal roaming areas, no?

Scavengers and Grave Diggers.

When you go in FFYL, they run away.

Like, seriously?!

Surveyors getting stuck on Digistruct Peak and in the Hyperion Slaughter Dome- w/o an AoE grenade or a Chain Lighting count on starting over real quick…

@Kitty_Jo: Funny, they’re not giving you the same treatment. “Attention, (Vault Hunter): DIE.”

@VaultHunter101: For those with shields, non-Bandit E-tech launchers are your best friend.

@Troubled Lol…

@Adabiviak @totocar2001 : Taking cover is one thing; enemies not showing at all, even to potshot you, while you’re dying is another. Especially with the (hyper-)aggressive normal-size(ish) ones like:

  • Lunatics and regular Psychos
  • Rakk, Skags, Stalkers, and Varkid
  • SUICIDERS: Creepers, EXP-Loaders, and Suicide Psychos
Take my recent runs through Caustic Caverns trying to farm for a Blockhead. I got downed, and found the area devoid of enemies despite having not not yet drawn out the Badass Creeper; when I respawned and came back, they start coming out of the woodwork. I should mention that this was automatic on easier difficulties; UVHM required me to make a pass to draw them out.
As for spawn-campers it’s 1 of 3 ways (from what I’ve seen) that they can detect you:
  • #1: if you fire anywhere in their general direction.
  • #2: if you move.
  • #3: if you’re anywhere near them; is the worst one as it applies to everyone and overrides the other two, but is especially unfair if enemies are near the CP where you just spawned. If this is the case, they will never leave because this just goes into #2 – or loops back into itself.
For enemies reverting, I’m aware that it happens; it’s just a piss-off when you put effort into leveling up an LGG (for example), only for it to go down the drain – and sometimes inexplicably. Like the Super Badass Varkids that spawned in different runs through Caustic Caverns – they pull the same BS from that movie “Ghost Shark”, which (4tR) is completely different from them simply wandering off.

I know, but I didn’t have one, which is why the spawn-camping was so bad. Couldn’t even make it to the vending machine the other side of the elevator when I ran out of rockets… Thanks goodness for explosives, plasma casters, and the ability to jump over those guys and run

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~winces~ That sucks…

Another alternative is the Lobbed Slag Singularity grenade. Get one with the lowest-possible fuse time (optimally 0.0) throw a few, and yank 'em around…

I hate the zig-zag back peddling with a passion.

  • You mean, besides spawning friggin’ rabids?
  • Being in FFYL and watching EVERY potential target successfully hide behind the nearest object (“RUN AWAY!!!”)
  • Like others have said, being gang-■■■■■ at the elevator spawn point in Sawtooth
  • I’ve also been camped like that when fighting Wilhelm; the surveyors (shielded, of course) hovered RIGHT OVER the spawn point, and I didn’t even realize they were there until the third spawn when I had time to look up

The AI backpedaling for no apparent reason. Is willing to shoot me from 10 feet away, but once that distance is larger and I move forward…

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When you get put into FFYL as melee Zer0, just hold e, it’s not worth the time trying to crawl toward a psycho. They just back peddle all the way to Liar’s Berg. Every time. EVERY TIME.

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@kenloe @kritchie2023 @stuarthome3: Oh, that feeling…

"Wow, I hate you." -- Killer Frost, "Batman: Assault on Arkham"

Definitely hate going into FFYL and every enemy on the screen thinking ‘damn, he’s almost dead, better run away and hide’. Also when you meet Lilith for the first time in the Firehawk’s Lair, get downed by the last psycho, only for Lilith to either phaseblast them away from you, or kill them entirely leaving you to die, has happened to me on at least 4 of my play throughs, lol.

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Forgot about that. Most definitely hate the NPC VHs for kill-stealing, although she (and on rare occasions, Roland) don’t compare to Brick (at Thousand Cuts) – Brick is like an “I WIN” button, insta-killing everything before you can even aim at them.

IMO, that’s another thing they need to fix in the next “Borderlands” – reduce their damage, or at least damage them to within an inch of death, then ignore them. In the first case, you can at least get the killing shots in; the second wouldn’t make it completely easy, but would reduce the frustration of 2W denial.

I would prefer it if an NPC kill counted as a revive for any player in FFYL - much like turret or Deathtrap kills do. Never had a problem with Roland kill-stealing, but Mordecai has also done that to me a few times.


Happened last night; knocked into FFYL by an LLM, take the LLM down and yet NOT get a Second Wind. I want my spawn fee back over that one.

Add to my list trying to solo Terramorphous on UVHM and him downing me within seconds of appearing regardless of what I do…that I could live with, but as soon as I’m downed he burrows into the ground again along with his tentacles and any chance I had of getting a second wind, every single time this happens. I can’t even dent his health regardless of what I do, I’m obviously doing something wrong, I just can’t figure out what.

Mordecai and his damned slag snipper! All it does in OP 8 is make varkhids pod up and sometimes slag me as well. Bastard.

Even worse is when he kills a pod that you just injected/tried to inject for the Mighty Morphin side mission…

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