Things the AI has done to piss you off

IIRC it only blows up on contact if hit while moving and it’s the front. Still very stupid as it insta kills you.

“Acuminous Florentine” +Melee 9001%

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It’s a gun AND a “sword”! Mr. Torgue would be proud.

I’m not following…

[quote=“kritchie2023, post:44, topic:353557, full:true”]
It’s a gun AND a “sword”! Mr. Torgue would be proud.
[/quote]Try ‘gunblade’. Also, don’t tell Squaresoft.


Actually, it’s the K’s buzzaxe, it is a known glitch.

The joke

Your head.

That helped a lot (couldn’t tell what was wrong, somehow the buzzaxe was hidden in plain sight -insert facepalm-).
Here’s another buzzaxe “attachment” glitch

Here’s it from the side (well… reload animation)

Finally, one last buzzaxe visual glitch

Dynamite in the left hand and buzzaxe in right.

Needless to say Krieg and his buzzaxe are a bit buggy in certain situations as far as visuals go.

[quote=“P_Anarchist, post:48, topic:353557”]
Dynamite in the left hand and buzzaxe in right.[/quote]Mr. Torgue approves this.



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Well, it does have dynamite ducktaped to it.

So far for today it’s been pleasant but yesterday I had to travel to a different map to make the powercore show up (the one that spawns from a bandit you kill) since I opted to take a joyride to one of Marcus’ vendors to sell crap before looting the stuff that I found near the powercore (it opted to disappear from the map :blconfused:)

While rampaging in 3 horns a bandit opted to jump from one side of the dock to the other. Needless to say I wanted to follow him but couldn’t.

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Mr Torgue would ask WHY THE F*** IS THE BUZZAXE NOT MADE OUT OF DYNAMITE???[/quote]…and dual-wielded. Also: How I spent my entire Saturday

One other thing I forgot to mention is the lootsplosions. Enemies will sometimes do them in a ridiculous arc and angle that you’re left watching helplessly as things go sailing off into the abyss.


DOT killing me right after getting rid of the last enemy.
FFYL ending half a second too early.

Those happened way too many times to the point I sometimes wondered if it wasn’t scripted.


Do you know what I reckon’s scripted?

Enemies running away while you’re in FFYL.

For example:
Until quite recently, I’d been using shotguns with my 'Zerker. However, I’d amassed enough tokens to buy an at-level DPUH. Now, whenever I had gone into FFYL previously, very rarely would enemies run away/backpedal so I couldn’t kill them.

However, since I have started using my DPUH, there has been a definite increase in this. I don’t mean they run away, I mean they run away JUST in front of my DPUH’s pellets. There was a spiderant in one of my many Pyro Pete fights that almost did a lap around the arena, JUST TO AVOID MY PELLETS.

Now, tell me that these are not scripted, I dare ya!

The enemy actions are all scripted, in a sense. Lunatics will keep mashing on you until you’re completely dead. Scavengers will back-pedal and take cover. There’s one type (Marauders?) that stop shooting at you and start cockily walking around like you’re not even there. Most enemy types will dodge-roll sideways if they detect a grenade in their vicinity (except for those skeleton mages who go invisible, or threshers and certain spiderant and varkid variants who promptly disappear underground.) And you’re right: some of them also dodge if they detect slower-moving explosive rounds heading their way. But let’s face it - wouldn’t you do the same thing if you could?

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Since you told me to tell you I will, they’re not.
Do 100% agree it’s annoying but like @VaultHunter101 said it makes sense, most of the time anyway.

[quote=“VaultHunter101, post:56, topic:353557”]
skeleton mages
[/quote]I hate them, they turn invisible 90% of the time I so much as look at them. Real annoying if in ffyl and they are the only enemy around to kill.

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OK, what about this…the White Knight and I are fighting the four kings (UVHM, lvl 68) and I’m knocked into FFYL. There’s a half-dead skeleton, one of those with the sword in the back, right in front of me. I open up on it and get it down to microns of health left when the one next to it appears to turn and hit it, stealing my kill and my second wind. Maybe half a second later I died.

I swear that it looked to me like a deliberate act, and the timing was eerily superb I must admit. Is the AI that smart?

As for the skeleton mages, I’ve found that wearing The Transformer tends to keep them from disappearing- or at least they don’t disappear quite as fast. Maybe the AI is set to make them stay until they do some kind of damage to your shields?

Some Heavy Nomad managed to kill me by literally shooting through a wall. I was doing that story mission in Sawtooth Cauldron, took the elevator to top of that big tower thing. Once at the top, I stayed in the elevator, waiting for Deathtrap to be usable again. I thought I was safe, there was a wall between me and my enemies. The only thing that could have hit me would have been a stray Buzzard rocket and even then it would have been unlikely.

So I was just waiting, when suddenly I see a green explosion and my health is down to gating range. Then a second explosion puts me into FFYL. I couldn’t even crawl out of the elevator before I died. After I respawned, I went back up to see a Heavy Nomad wielding what seemed to be an E-Tech Maliwan RPG. I know these things can blast through alls, but damn, that felt really BS. It would have been a flawless UVHM run if it weren’t for that jackass.

I’m not sure that would help you anyway. They aren’t actually dead until you pull the sword out of them, which you can’t do while in FFYL. And if you don’t get the sword out in time, they level up… It sucks that you can’t pull the sword while in FFYL, but it’s the same key/button as “give up”. If only you could melee it out of them!