Things this game is going to need ASAP

1 more multiplayer pvp game modes, I do really like the ones we’ve got but I feel we need more. We could especially use a shorter match type even if it comes at the expense of levelling during a match.
2 more maps for every pvp mode only having two maps each is incredibly disappointing
3 they could also do with more varied buildables including powerful game changers that cost so much shards that they might rarely get activated in matches.
4 the ability to kick players in story for being afk or trolling I’ve already had two games ruined by by people deliberately blocking doorways or trapping people in tight spaces just because they can.

Anything else anyone feels should be added feel free to comment

I definitely agree with the kick option, with toons like kleese the potential to block teammates is too high. I know they said somewhere they developed something like 20 modes and chose the best of them but I wouldn’t mind a capture the flag type map maybe?

I’d be happy with:

  1. 1 more map per mode.
  2. A quick match option that fits you into any multiplayer pvp map almost ready to go.
  3. An option to join maps in progress with a leaver, incentive being bonus credits at the end or loot packs.
    4)I like the idea of a super turret, something maybe the whole team can dump credits into. 4 or 5k credits or around there.

I’m pretty sure gearbox has already stated that every mode would get an additional map (along with the 5 new characters) So hooray for that!

I think kicking players would be a useful feature in co-op.

To me it seems there might be a new mode comming since the menu for choosing modes seems to have room for one more. I very much doubt there will be more than that since it would fragment the playerbase.

A quick join option would be awesome.

Honestly they just need to REMOVE player collision on teammates. I can get not being able to run through enemies or other players on another team but not being able to shoot past and move past your own team is a pain in the ass. You know how many times I’ve had shots and grenades blocked by my own teammates? Or how many times we’ve been jammed on a pathway trying to get through the Gauntlet of the Old Sentinel mission? It’s annoying, not fun and really to add “realism” to a game that doesn’t want or need it. Remove friendly player collision.

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