Things to consider before and during a match

Choosing the appropriate character

You should always pick your character based on your experience. You should also try to experience a rounded assortment of characters just in case you are left to fill a slot. Pick your strongest, most experienced character to begin the next stage.

Things to consider:

Does your character have a shield?

If your character doesn’t have a shield you should opt to play a character with one. A shield is a pool of rapidly regenerating hp. It can absorb a lot of damage that could let you stay in battle longer. Letting your shield regenerate during a battle could cause a huge swing, especially if you don’t let your opponent regenerate his shield. One exception is if you want to play a nice assassin and aren’t planning on taking a lot of damage: Thorn.

Is your character ranged or melee?

Melee characters don’t have much of an advantage over ranged character with a large health and shield pool. Always opt for a high damage, high hp, high shield pool character. Oscar Mike -cough- If you want to play a melee character there are quite a few that do melee well. Just consider you will not be able to hit most opponents that are attacking you.

How much damage does your character deal in burst and sustain?

If your character has one ability that does 600+ damage in one shot this is a good burst attack. If your character does 1000+ over a period of a couple of seconds this is good sustain. If your character can’t do either of these, you may be playing a hard tank and may think to consider another character. Hard Tanks are for skilled team play. They don’t deal damage they just soak it and cause opponents skills to go on cooldown so your damage characters can steamroll the opposition.

How much of a shield and health pool does your character have?

If your character has a low health pool and low shield pool but high skill damage. Consider using items that improve your shield. If your character has a low health pool and high shield pool. Consider an item to improve your hp and shield regeneration. If you have a high health pool and low shield pool. Get items that improve your shield strength.

Is your character purely a support character?

IMO: There should never be a pure support. All characters should be able to face off 1v1 with any character and have an opportunity to win or least survive. Never should a 1v1 be one sided unless the individual skill is skewed. If you are playing a support and you aren’t paired with a experienced carry then you need to get a team or quit trying to play support.

Does the character fit your play style?

Are you super aggressive? Consider playing a character with higher health.
Do you prefer to sit back and deal pokes? Consider playing a sniper character and maximize your damage potential.
Are you tactical and prefer ambush strikes? Consider playing a fast, burst damage character that can guerrilla in and out of battles.
Do you just want to have fun and cause as much chaos as possible? Play a character with high health or shield and use items to improve health or shield.
No matter what your play style, make sure that first you are providing an equally fun experience to your team mates that you are at least having yourself. Ultimately, if you aren’t having fun then your team mates probably aren’t either.

Choosing The Appropriate Items

The top priority for this game and games like it will always be:


Your health is everything in these types of games. Usually the items that give you health are going to be the items that you should prefer over all others. A single point of hp could be the difference between a win and a loss. Healing takes time but respawns will always be more devastating to team play.
Make sure you give a good balance between hp and damage potential. This is especially important when choosing a character.
This game provides you with a shield for your characters. A shield is a pool of rapidly regenerating hp. If you can stay out of combat for a short amount of time you can recover your entire shield sometimes upward towards the 1000s. Even 500 shield is a lot when considering the rate at which you can recover it and the amount of time to take to disable it.

Do you need penetrations?

Think about this: Are you planning on seeing a lot of low hp/high shield/over shield characters? Penetration only works for a percentage and often not that much. 30% is enough for most low hp kills and this isn’t even required and often detracting from you damage potential. Most shields don’t go beyond 500 without specialized items. If you choose to take 15% penetrations over 15% damage then you may be losing potential for kills. Once that shield is gone, penetration is useless. Opt for more damage unless you already deal high damage and you are expecting a lot of players to risk playing on low hp. Most hp of characters is in the 1000’s. So your penetration could only be doing 3-20 damage to the health when you could maximize that damage to the shield and provide opportunities to team mates to get a quick kill. Yes, you don’t have to get all the kills.

Do you need CC protection?

No. It’s so rare to get stunned and so unlikely that it’s not worth the slot. If you die from CC or stun in this game you need to reconsider your positioning.

Do you need movement speed?

No. Unless you are doing speed runs in Story mode. Sprint speed and movement speed can make you less accurate as both melee and ranged characters. Most characters move fast enough to make movement a non-issue. If you notice you can’t escape fights with your character and die a lot: You are probably playing the wrong character for your play style. You need to reconsider your play style and adjust for your character or choose a character that fits your play style.

Attack Damage and Attack Speed, how useful is this?

Attack Damage and Attack Speed are insanely good qualities for the melee assassin who wishes to improve the burst potential of melee attacks. Although, these parameters require a bit more mechanic knowledge and some charting to find the best what works best for the character you are trying to play… This typically can be opted out if you are a solo player looking for survivability. Go with Health, Shield, and Skill Damage.

Health, Shield, and Skill Damage items:

Yes, ok. Health, this parameter is not that important. In fact, it’s practically useless until your meter drops below 20% and you realize you are out of position, cc’d, or stuck on some random invisible collider. Health is important but I should go for shield first.
Shield: If you haven’t realized this yet, this is your greatest asset. Nothing beats a good shield. You can solo 1v5 with a good shield and proper tactics. A shield is a rapid regenerating health pool. The larger it is, the more damage you can take in a combat instance. If you are regenerating it properly you can have unlimited health pool potential. Practical Immortality. This is the most important feature of any character hands down. Nothing in this game compares to the potential of a good shield.
Skill Damage: This is your next valuable asset as it will give you the highest potential bonuses for your characters. Most character rely on their skills to deal damage save a few that really benefit from attack, reload, and critical. Skill damage is valuable to assassins and characters that have naturally high damage skills and quick cooldowns. (Orendi)

Reload speed, CC, Health Regen, Damage Reduction, Bonus shards, Build Cost:

If you’re not specializing a build for your team then these don’t do a lot for you. You won’t help your team if your specializing in these areas if the rest of your team isn’t prepared to pick up the slack you leave behind.

In fact, never pick bonus shards unless you have charted it’s optimal potential and have a pre-assigned duty established by your team that specifically requires you to procure shards faster to either maintain turrets and minion building or achieve some extreme build.

Using Reload Speed and Recoil with Marquis. Go ahead, his pistol is pretty wicked.
Enraging Cellular Condenser +n Maximum Health +n% Attack Damage

Readying Shot-Lock™ Stock -n% Recoil +n% Reload Speed


Play with it. If you notice a difference then you might want to keep one available.
Guerrilla’s Ancient Sundial and Gambler’s Greyhound are two great options for cooldowns.
To really see the potential of cooldowns, use upwards to 15% on Orendi and use a cooldown build. You will notice how often you can use Shadowfire Pillar and Nullify; It is really a fantastic thing. Pick up a cooldown orb and alternate the skills until the cooldown orb is finished.

##Before you even consider playing Versus

Play story mode.

Story mode is very enjoyable and you can even play solo with relative ease. Story mode is the optimal place to try out that new character and enjoy some quality gameplay. You don’t have to worry about “winning”. Just kill as many baddies and open as many chests as possible and you are winning. Even if you don’t complete the mission you still get to leave the match with something. It’s not hard to complete these missions if you like to play solo, private coop, or even queue up with random players. The loot you collect from playing story mode follows to Online Versus; and the loot is GLORIOUS!

I, personally, love playing story mode. I complete it in under 30 mins most games and love the pick-ups, especially that cooldown orb. FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!

Do you even want to play right now?

Sometimes you think you have the time to play a 25-30 minute match but you really don’t… Take a minute and think, is anything going to stop me from completing this task?

Leavers are a big issue for games like this. It is understandable that things come up… but how many times have “things come up” that you, in fact, had prior knowledge of…

Overall, it hurts the team if you joined a versus match that you couldn’t commit to and if you are in story mode, leave! lol Don’t stay and go afk. Just leave the match and continue to what ever is going to occupy your time there after.

If you have an emergency, SHUT DOWN YOUR DEVICE. It shouldn’t be difficult but it’s understandable if you or someone around you is in immediate danger. Safety first. Then friendship.

Have you played Story Mode?

You should play story mode with all the characters. This will help you unlock more content to the game inculding: More characters, items, skins, taunts, and gear bank space.

Go to Command: Character and Loadout Management

Read about the character you are going to play. Look at the helix and try to predetermine a path you wish to take. This will make your gameplay more fluid.


Take a look at the controller set up and apply any customizations to the layout.

Are you ready to play Online Versus?

Have you played story mode?

There is so much loot in story mode. If you don’t have a customized item build tailored to your specific needs on a versus battlefield… I recommend you play story mode and start customizing item builds until something feels right and you can survive through a match; no respawns… well, maybe one respawn.

Online Versus is not the place to learn to play the game nor is it a place to read about your character. It is a team based match and if you aren’t helping your team you are only hurting them. Please, don’t hurt the team. We want to see you do well but we can’t if you’re incapable.

You played Story Mode, You have a good understanding of your character, and you have an interesting item set:

Probably play more story mode.

Online Versus should be an interesting place for you to die immediately. There is no tutorial and once you are in you are locked in. If you leave now you will only hurt the team. If you have no idea what to do and are unsure of your build you will only hurt the team. If you don’t know where the supply station is… If you just said “What the hell is a supply station?”… you will only be hurting the team.

Online Versus should be fun but it’s really not… It’s frustrating if it’s your first time playing a moba; it’s frustrating even if you have played a lot but solo-queued incursion and got paired against a solid team.

This is not the place to have a relaxed game.

This is Online Versus and its heavily competitive.

##Online Versus

Where fools die.


Possibly the worst and funnest game mode. If you lose your first sentry you are pretty much done but if you can even the score by getting their sentry then it get’s very interesting. Both teams have to play well and team composition can define a match’s outcome.

The first room:

When you spawn into the map at countdown 30:00, you will be in your base. This small room has spawn pads and three exits. The spawn pads will bring your health to maximum when you touch it. The three exits are significant in that the two side doors each lead to a path with a shard trail. Picking up the 65 shards from the small shard spawners.

The center opening in this room leads to the building that harbors your supply station and a nice turret that doesn’t do very much to protect it but it can distract a Marquis for a second long enough to ambush him.

29:28 or 29:25

These are the times to spawn a super minion depending on if you want it in front or behind your first minion wave. The super minion costs 300 shards and if you took the path that the Merc camp peninsula is on you can take all the shard spawns for 300+ shards and be at the super minion spawner to spawn it at one of those times.

The ramp and overlook

When you get toward the center of the map: each team has an overlook building with a ramp opposite that leads to the overlook. The only time you should risk going completely up the ramp is if you are going to secure a kill with your next action. Otherwise, just sit on the ramp with your trajectory parallel to the floor of the over look. You can snipe their sentry, snipe their minions, snipe their sniper, snipe the valley floor; all while 13/16 of your body is behind a “Mostly Ability Proof” building.

The Center Of The Map

Don’t stand here.

Not the Center Of The Map

Most of the combat should and will happen here on balanced teams. Don’t worry about getting the turret unless you have an obvious advantage or trapping a player. Most of the time the center turret will just be dropped the moment it’s spawned.

It seems most players prefer to play off to the side of the lane behind the obstacles. There are two rooms on the opposite side of the lookout with a large shard spawner between them. Adjacent to the large shard spawner is the path to two more large shard spawners and a merc camp with two mercs. Most characters cannot jump up to the cave overlook so they get trapped; don’t get trapped. The lane to the merc camp is not the path to safety; only death.

If you need to retreat, don’t run to the center of the map. Run just off the lane, away from any aggro, back to your supply station. If there aren’t any body blocking teammates, mercs, or minions try to make a straight line to the sentry. Get behind the sentry then get to the supply station. If your health is extremely low then go to the base spawn pads for a quick full heal.

The supply station isn’t a safe zone. Press the Direction Pad Down to teleport to base.

Spawning Super Minions

You should always have them, time them with minion waves. You can see the minions on the mini-map. If you look at the mini-map at the times specified above you will see how to coordinate your minion spawning.

Merc Camps

Time a minion wave, Super Minion, Merc camp, full team push, ftw.

Teleporting with Directional-Pad Down

This can be dangerous if you are being pursued by a character that really wants that kill. Make sure you are teleporting tactically.


Nice thread.

Really nice thread.


Whoa, nice overview man!

Probably play more story mode.

Online Versus should be an interesting place for you to die immediately. There is no tutorial and once you are in you are locked in. If you leave now you will only hurt the team. If you have no idea what to do and are unsure of your build you will only hurt the team. If you don’t know where the supply station is… If you just said “What the hell is a supply station?”… you will only be hurting the team.

Online Versus should be fun but it’s really not… It’s frustrating if it’s your first time playing a moba; it’s frustrating even if you have played a lot but solo-queued incursion and got paired against a solid team.

This is one of the more bizarre things I’ve read in a video game forum over the years. If Online Versus isn’t fun, why on earth would anyone play it?

And you say that a noob would only be hurting their team. Modern games have matchmaking. So if you don’t know what a supply station is you -should- be matched up against other people who don’t know what a supply station is. Obviously, that’s not the case right now, but the game is gonna be released in two weeks. One would logically assume that a matchmaking system would already be in place. Especially in this ‘highly competitive’ game. The fact that isn’t is worrying.

Quantifying skill isn’t an easy task. Games, especially MOBAs, often require extensive research into the game’s mechanics before you can even play a competitive match. It’s not realistic to think a game developer will have the ability to create a system to quantify skill so that people are matched appropriately.

Often people confuse Rank and Experience with skill. Higher Rank doesn’t mean higher skill, neither does having a lot of experience in the game, or having played a lot of matches.

Your win/lose ratio and KDR can’t even quantify skill.

Skill is something that has to be measured by an objective observer and compared to an average player base. There are a lot of things to consider when trying to calculate the skill level of an individual.

You wouldn’t put someone who never played American Football into the Super Bowl, this is obvious. What is less obvious is when you start comparing averages of individuals based on wins you can’t see how much impact that individual’s performance had on the games he played. Maybe he got lucky and was continuously matched with people who just carried him to wins. After a while of winning you would notice a drop off of wins because the player’s luck may run out and he might actually get put into a game where he actually hurts the rest of the team, but this is uncertain and we need hard numbers to calculate skill average.

The other problem comes with highly skilled individuals who are sandbagged by poor teams, or self sandbagging. This could cause the individuals skill rating to drop and cause a spiraling of bad games, over or under matched. Things to look out for in this case would be the individual doing exceptionally better than the rest of the team but this would only truly be noticed by a human.

Many things that could make a player “seem” unskilled by a computer system is what role they play and how they play it. Most healers in games are not rewarded for their skilled game play and are often seen as underskilled while on the opposite end are damage dealers who get a lot of kills and these players are often seen as highly skilled.

Rocket League is one game that suffers from “skill based match making”. The fact that you aren’t rewarded for certain plays and tactics makes it harder to determine the player’s actual average skill. I am considered low rank in Rocket League only because I play more First Defender than anything else. This means that I don’t let the ball get close enough to the goal for a save and often I am not close enough to the opposition’s goal to make a score. What I do is make sure the ball stays closer to the opposing goal than my own. This doesn’t give me points and requires that I play with others who can actually play off of the support I provide. Also, if one shooter misses the goal I assisted and then another player cleans it up and makes the goal. The one who originally missed gets the assist and I get no points at all. Making me appear to be less skilled.

It’s the same for all games really and until you hit the professional level of play where humans can study your play style, and give you a player rating, you will always be at the mercy of the automatic rating systems.

MOBAs aren’t like other games where you can just jump in and start having fun. Often it takes a lot of studying of the game, characters, mechanics, and tactics in order to play successfully. That’s why I say stick to story mode if you want to have fun. Otherwise, you will just be doing a disservice to any team you are matched too.

Auto Match Making is bad of itself because it does randomly pair people up and eventually they will have a skill rating system that will attempt to keep players of equal skill level together but we will always notice that highly skilled players who solo-queue will be at the mercy of the rest of their team’s ability. If the highly skilled player continuously gets an under-skilled team then it will lower the skill rating of that highly skilled player as well causing him to drop even farther into a pit of underskilled players, eventually getting stuck in a perpetual loop of wins and losses based purely off bad teams and not individual skill.

Story mode can be played solo, Online Versus cannot. You will always be subject to the possibility of bad team matches.