Things to fix ASAP for Xbox

  1. Character slowly drifting to the right with multiple controllers.

  2. Make it so we can skip the intro cut scene at the very least, and better yet let us skip all the cut scenes once we watch them once.

  3. Aiming is just plain bad. No idea what the cause or fix is but I had no issues with BL1 or BL2 on xbox, but damn BL3 is just plain bad. I need to just aim assist to hit anything constantly zooming in and out to let it target for me.

  4. Mobs shooting from a distance and not being able to find them. Again, never had an issue in BL1 or BL2. Now I am half dead before I finally find whoever has been peppering me with bullets.

  5. Movement in general is…clunky. Just bad performance while trying to run around and reposition for a fight. BL1 and BL2 were both smooth and responsive, but BL3 is simply not.

  6. What did you do with vertical split screen? That really needs put back in as a lot of us really prefer that method of split screen.

Now I understand the next thing is not feasibly fixable, but in case you decide to make a BL4 read CAREFULLY!!!

  1. Immediately fire whoever was in charge of humor. Also immediately fire who voiced claptrap. Also fire whoever voice coached Lillith. Pay whatever you need to pay, or apologize or whatever, but get those original people back because they were AMAZING while the current people are worse than lousy.

Seriously, Sonic went back and completely changed the filming of Sonic himself and redid a bunch of the lines, you need to think about this because as it is, BL3 is only a decent game because of the unique FPS-RPG factor. You would have done better coming up with some horrible reason Jack survived then to move on to…well whatever you attempted to do.