Things which need fast hotfix (list)

Spend around 150 hours in-game, and I gonna write you list of things which catches my ire, so you can improve a game.

  1. Tone down those flashy effects in game. Game comes hard to eyes, specialy in multiplayer, certain weapons provoke eyestrain, like flakker and tentacle bomb thingie. I got expensive eye friendly monitor and gunnars gaming glasses and my eyes still hurt (not happening with other games), also whats point of have so overwhelming flash effect, you cant even aim, screen glow like disco circus…

  2. Fix error 5 and error 10, in recent times people got several issues joining multiplayer game.

  3. Make text chat button changable in hotkeys. and make chat window openable with only one key not like presing 2 keys to open chat.

  4. Make purpose of $ money even after you buy all SDU, money feels somewhat useless later.

  5. Let us overide Lost item SDU, like overide it to only collect legendaries, or only collect anointed etc.

  6. Loot drops are overwhelming, I know the game is about loot but its annoyingly overwheliming, and 99% of those items which drop are bad, gief us option to not show “white, green and blue” loot at least. Once i was in Slaughterohouse 3000 ,and my game start to suffer FPS drop because like 500 low quality guns was on floor.

  7. Make option to show mayhem affixes on main screen instead going into map

  8. Keep toning down those OP items, its ok that some item is powerful, but not powerfull in manner to make all other weapon feel bad compared to…

  9. Due overwhelming influx of items, storage feels small, increase it.

  10. So far game seems very easy…even on Mayhem 3 I have no dificulty doing all stuff in time for best reward, issue is of easy game is that people never become friends…I mean why shoud you add anyone in your friend list if all stuff is doable with anyone from PuG. Swing game toward direction of Cooperation like force people working together to overcome stuff, do not encourage mindless runs.