Things You Forgot Existed in Borderlands

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A thread for things you didn’t remember/just realized existed.

For me…
The “Safety First” sign over Nine Toes’ junk. LOL.
Also… Bloodwing was a he in the original game.

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Sees perfect opportunity to pull up ancient thread.

No need to ever reply there, it’s hella dead which is fine by me. Nothing more to say.

I’d check out some of the magazine stacks. Those familiar with BL2 will recognize something.

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That poor little robot’s hurt. WOULD YOU KINDLY give him a hand?

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I had the same thought there.

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Day 653 - Patricia Tannis gives Crazy Earl her underwear…

Also… I misremembered the porno mags mission. I thought they were Scooter’s. As it turns out… they were Erik Franks’.

Also… running people down in your car is super OP. All you have to do is tap the throttle and SPLASH!!! Campbell’s Soup-splosion. (I love it.)

(Cybernetic Ghost of Pandora's Past from the Future) #6

I didn’t realize that they changed ALL the chests from red to white in New Haven in one of the patches. I always thought there was 1-2 red chests and 5 white chests, and originally it was 4 red and 3 white.

I also didn’t know they changed the Old Haven chests either like that. That one still has the one red chest on the left side roof of the straightaway into the center of the city, but one red chest was completely removed and 3 white remained the same, at least i think.

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Also, sorry for double post, but this should probably remain separate.

I didn’t realize Baron Flynt isn’t just a reference to Ash Campbell from Evil Dead, he’s the Pandoran embodiment of him.
They look incredibly similar, have the same egotistical confidence even near death, and also both have a striking weed habit they tend to lay on the down low. They also both became who they were (violent and disconnected from reality with a god complex of sorts) through complete coincidences fairly early in their adult life.
And they both love to speak bombastically and with random one liners during combat.

And “Beyond Groovy” is from Army of Darkness, direct quote. Not just a reference. I don’t believe he says anything in his boss fight that is a huge reference in and amongst itself. Just his persona.

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Yeah…and uhh…boomstick? Haha. Oh and his name is ash williams . Bruce cambell is the actor

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I’d forgotten that Marcus’ Dad is pictured in the opening story. And he’s wearing the same hat as the Jolly Swagman on Elpis…

Also, I’d forgotten some of Marcus’ lines when you do character selection in a new game. “You look like a Truxican wrestler moonlighting as a dominatrix!”

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The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is far scarier than I ever remembered…

The horror…


The horror…

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Grenade damage.
In BL2 you (well, I) don’t much care about enemy grenades, the only effect they generally have is knocking your aim off (except for the BoneHeads in the Peak, obviously their elemental grenades are no joke).
But in BL1 oh my, enemy grenades cause serious damage.
Forgot about that…

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Badasses live up to their names.

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Not so much of a thing in Borderlands, but rediscovering these are great.

There’s so many little details to pick up on, especially in ep4.
Bubbles and Birds, etc.

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Badass Shock Skags have given me some kind of PTSD. I tense up even when I see an underleveled one. :smiley: Seriously those guys must chow down on an entire warehouse of coffee beans before they come looking to attack you.

(Compulsive Reloader) #16

One thing I keep thinking exists but doesn’t;
Every time I spawn in Fyrestone I immediately turn and run into Zed’s to check the red chest…
Which doesn’t exist in BL1. Way too conditioned by thousands of hours in BL2 :smile:

(odiscordia) #17

I was melting some bandits today and had a thought I’ve had and forgot. Why don’t any of the famous buzzaxe weapons they carry…buzz? Is every single one rusted up or out of juice?

(K0rN b4LL) #18

Scythids. I got a jump scare when a bunch of slugs popped out of the ground and came at me.

(Ultrarodimus18) #19

Drifters. Though I can’t say I’ve actually forgotten about them (I do run the Farmory frequently) but I’d forgotten the near heart attack they give me when they suddenly pop out of nowhere or land on top of me after jumping halfway across the map

(Compulsive Reloader) #20

Yeah, and they don’t fling them like they do in BL2. Thrown buzzes in BL2 are no joke.