Things You Found Out Ridiculously Late

This could be interesting, there must be some things you always thought was one way, and then years later you discover you were wrong all along! What has triggered this is my assumption all these years that I needed to complete The Bane to farm McNally. TODAY I discover that this isn’t the case! How did I not find this out at any point in the last 5 years!?


So many embarrassing things that , after playing all these years, I’ve only just learned.

Such as : shooting damagable objects with a Moxxi will heal you - how is it possible that I missed this?


Haha, I was doing this earlier as Axton, farming Thousand Cuts, getting mauled by midgets and my turret saving my skin, then shooting all the barrels with my Rubi. I only found this out a short time ago :slight_smile:


Shooting these with any moxxi weapon will heal you. I’ve also seen then targeted by tesla grenades and electric barrels.

I found this out while trying to get Omnd-Omnd-Ohk to spawn, while frantically throwing chain lightnings to try to heal as I was being attacked by witch doctors on all sides as Zer0.


For a very long time, I was under the impression that Maya’s Chain Reaction didn’t work on E-tech weapons. It says in the CR text: “Only works on bullets.”, and i had, ofc, heard Dr. Zed say that E-tech wasn’t bullets, so I never even bothered to spec into CR at all for a very long time, since I often used plasma casters. :laughing: I felt like such an idiot when I exposed my ignorance in a post.

Fortunately, this all happened in the old forums, so let’s not mention this again. :blush:


or apparently there’s this secret character you can play called…iirc…Salvedore?

Edit : by the way @Vinterbris , I also didn’t know about McNally. I am literally quivering with excitement anticipating rushing home from work to farm a Buster for Sal. That with his Striker… :astonished:


I recently discovered that Constructors can spawn LWT Loaders!


Do I smell sarcasm?? :stuck_out_tongue:

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No no - I really am excited to get one. I’ve been running dual Jakobs with Sal for most of his levels (now at 26) and a Striker and Hammer Buster combo with my build will be epic. Truly

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Oh, ok :slight_smile: yeah once you’ve killed him once for that Quest, and it changes to find Gar’s ECHO or whatever, he spawns from that stage onwards. I hate Lynchwood so this was great news for me :slight_smile:


It’s only within the last 18 months that I found out how to sell all my unwanted gear with a single button press…


Although I know this, but am still not doing it.

2 things for me. 1st is the Name game sidemission wherein you need to search the bullymong piles, i keep meleeing the piles instead of searching it.

2nd is the ignite varkids mission in tundra express i just recently became aware that you only need to ignite 3 varkids at the same time.

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Meleeing them counts as searching them?


From what I experience No. but i may be wrong.


and how long did it take me to figure out to just herd them towards a fire cactus (proper name?) and ignite them all with that rather than shooting one at a time, constantly killing them by mistake…


Firemelon :slight_smile:


I use the fire tower thingys. If you use them enough you get some Tiny Tina dialogue.


Reason enough to never use them


same here, i remember previously that i am questioning the hellfire i use if it is not fiery enough to ignite a varkid not knowing that killing them does not count as igniting a varkid.

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I did not know that either. Thanks!

Took me quite a while to discover this too, though it’s not consistent. Sometimes delete will sell all marked as junk, sometimes it won’t do anything.

What is wrong with you?! Tina is awesome! :smiley:

As noted in the other thread, I didn’t know that one could cross the river in Highlands Outwash by the bridge rather than the crate. Sounds considerably more annoying than the crate method (I hate EXP loaders, aside from a certain TPS side quest…), but at least it’s different.

I’m sure we all have periodic “I didn’t know there was a chest there!” moments, but I didn’t notice the red chest in the second Arid Nexus pumping station until my sixth or seventh time through…