Things You Found Out Ridiculously Late

(Is this thing on?) #222

It is possible to clear Arms Dealing solo without the teleport if you have a decent afterburner relic, but pretty much only if you trigger and pre-clear the mobs at the tower and the building between the cliffs and the bridge. I’ve done it in a runner; not sure it would actually be much faster in a barrel technical because of the sheer number of things you get to bounce off along the way…

(Carlton Slayer) #223

If I pre-clear the threshers around the last brain medicine vending machine near the bridge and leave a vehicle right there I find I can finish that mission with anywhere from 45 to 70 seconds left, depending on the number of enemies in the last 2 areas…

(jacob50ellis) #224

Something that I never new about and only learned because of VR is zer0 has only 4 fingers. Infact there is a lot of stuff I never noticed before and only just noticed because of VR.

(Wesker Master) #225

Obvious one for me are just discovering how to pay attention to gun parts and basically what the best non unique guns are in general. I neglected this for so long and it made my playthroughs less fun. Now I look forward to the ride to 72 instead of dreading it.


Since someone just liked this previous message I noticed I’ve been horribly mistaken -_-. I’m just going to correct myself and say that the way the scope looks is based on the barrel, not the manufacturer (body).

(Rumplebunny) #227

Same. In the case of uniques, most of my Sand Hawks and Pimpernels have crappy parts. :smiley: But now I know better if I ever go farming for those again.

(This Just In: CNN CEO Hunter Hellquist denies fake news) #228

Just finished leveling a Hellborn Krieg to lvl 72 using FotF shields. When a FotF nova is recurring while you level up, the novas stop, even though the shield did not regen to full strength.

(The doc is in.) #229

The novas stop as soon as the shield start recharging, right?

(This Just In: CNN CEO Hunter Hellquist denies fake news) #230

Oh yeah, that’s what i meant. Thank you for clarifying.

(Compulsive Reloader) #231

In the Slab King’s headquarters;
If you wound the Sarcastic Slab a lot (leaving him just a sliver of health) he speeds up, taking fast little mincing steps and clapping fast.
Never did that before, he looks pretty funny.

(Wesker Master) #232

Haha i hear ya. And there is something strangely satisfying playing through the game all over relying on non unique guns until you finally max out and farm for the best gear.

(spectacularly mediocre) #233

I just noticed Tiny Tina has a psycho mask on her head. Shows you how perceptive I really am.

(Angry melee Athena) #234

Noticed today that Axton’s Turret breaks Suicide Orcs’ AI. :thinking:

(Ermahgerd! Gerg Nerzle!) #235

I realized only yesterday that the name “Murderlin” is a play on “Merlin”. Also, as of yesterday, when he says “You’ve only just begun… to live!”, my brain adds “White lace and promises…”

(Compulsive Reloader) #236

Breaking News: The Ghost of Karen Carpenter resurrects as the new Siren in Borderlands 3!

(Ermahgerd! Gerg Nerzle!) #237
  • The quest name The Fall of Nakayama holds a clue to his fate.

  • You take more shock damage, and for a longer time, if you’re standing in water. Duh!


LOL :joy: :joy: :joy:

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #239

…there’s a stairway leading to the pyrotechnic at the Hodunk Speedway.

Like, literally WHAT.

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #240

And if you wait before killing him he has an extra line! :smiley:

(The Natural Born Timekiller) #241

Several, as a matter of fact. Because I did do actually that. XD