Things You Found Out Ridiculously Late

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When you turn in the mission to Lilith to get the FotF shield, if you don’t accept it right away, Lilith talks a lot about the importance of friends, feeling bad about killing Crimson Lance, and a whole bunch of other things. Found this out when farming for a good FotF.

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Huh. I will have to do that next time! :blsmirk:

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There’s a lot of lines one can easily miss if you accept rewards instantly. I can’t actually think of any questgiver that you return the quest to face-to-face that doesn’t have a few lines they throw your way if you just stand there staring at your reward instead of accepting it immediately.

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That reminds me…

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Yeah, so apparently Gaige’s Anarchy melee heals you, that would have been nice to know a long time ago.

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So I just got done going through Scarlett again, and I finally realized after all this time the music that plays when you fight Roscoe is the same track played when you fight the Rakk Hive in BL1. (Naturally… :smiley: )

Also, I think I noticed something else right after that fight. After Scarlett teleported away, I kind of dallied behind for a bit longer than I usually do in that area, and I could have sworn I heard Scarlett call out “sorry I betrayed you!” right before I left.


As I’ve understood she was originally intended to be a boss fight after Roscoe but was taken out. Sometimes you can hear her say things that sound like combat taunts shortly after she’s turned invisible. I don’t remember any of the things she’s said to me but I don’t think I’ve heard that particular line before.

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how’s that sounds like? is she genuine or being sarcastic? i like to play her on 3.

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Not sure. :slight_smile: It was faint in volume because I was standing pretty far away from where she drops the Greed and disappears but not far away enough for it to switch to an Echo transmission.

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From memory, the same tone of voice as when she talks about betraying Sandman, or that at some point you’ll totally try and kill one another.

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I just now noticed, after doing the quest more than 200 times, that the elemental weapons Marcus gives you during Rock, paper ,genocide do not have a level listed.
Makes sense since they’re your level when you take the quest. Just amazed I never noticed this before.

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A bit of lore:
I always thought it weird that Sanctuary was a floating city - but it is a Dahl mining ship - kind of like the Bunker, only it is headquarters for their mining operation.


After 512 playthroughs, I finally noticed that Angel’s eridium injectors’ slag can damage you (quite a lot) if you stand underneath them after you’ve destroyed them. Huh.


You can also slag Roland if he is under one when you shoot it.

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One I just found out earlier is that it’s possible to fail A Dam Fine Rescue and have to continue the mission elsewhere. I was a bit under-leveled on my assassin and just couldn’t get the boss’s shields down because I kept having to get my own shields back up. Never had any issues before, even on UVHM on my siren, so I never knew this was a thing.

It was mentioned early in the thread, but I didn’t find out until a few weeks ago that you could sell all X items in your inventory. I’ve looked numerous times, and been quite annoyed that you couldn’t, but never found any way to do it. Then I saw a loading screen tip claiming you could, and finally figured it out: you have to be in the buy screen to sell all your items. (This is probably why an earlier post thought it was intermittent; pressing Delete only works from the screen you wouldn’t expect.)

What is Claptastic Voyage? None of this sounds familiar to me, but I was pretty sure I had all the expansion/DLC stuff except some of the skins.

I have completed all the timed quests in the game, solo, without the afterburner relic, without any teleporting cheese. As far as I know, the only one that’s really even a close call after you establish a route is the final, repeatable, Death Race quest in the Torgue expansion. I haven’t managed that one with more than 3 seconds remaining in the technical, and 4 or 5 remaining in the runner.

The TL;DR here is that none of the timed missions are actually hard if you take a little time to prepare, and you don’t need any kind of gimmicks or specific gear. The only exception is if you’re playing them with terrible gear or way under level. Or, I suppose, if you really suck.

Specifics for several individual missions.

I just did Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Skags on normal with a level 8 or 9 assassin like 10 minutes before reading this thread. Just grab the packages, run over to the vehicle pad, drive straight over to the quest area, ignore all the bad guys, deliver the packages. I had tons of time left when I finished. It’s trickier on UVHM, but I basically did the same thing on my siren there, with a little more thought to where and how I was running.

My mechromancer has Arms Dealing still available on normal mode right now. It’s only level 16, and she’s 29, so obviously I’m not having to deal with too much incoming damage. With zero planning, and making several egregious mistakes, I missed it by about 2-3 seconds. My second run finished with 36 seconds to spare, including the time it took to pick up a random quest, and grab an echo recorder for a different quest that was near one of the mailboxes. I waited out the timer to fail it, and a third run with a technical and no distractions finished with 1:17 to spare. My siren had more difficulty on UVHM (threshers would murder my vehicle if I didn’t park it a good distance away, requiring me to run farther, and the black hole threshers can literally suck), but I don’t remember having to teleport-skip there either.

I don’t have anyone with Customer Service ready, but I did it a day or two ago on my mechromancer on normal difficulty with no trouble (even after respawning a vehicle because the first one blew up), and I was a level or three under the recommendation. I remember dying a couple times in UVHM with my siren, but it wasn’t too hard. Just now, I ran the route without the quest, and it took 3:25 to hit every mailbox, from the bounty board, with the technical, on my first try, including the time to alt-tab to Google to start and stop the stopwatch. You have 3 minutes just to hit the first mailbox, and like 3 minutes per mailbox afterwards.

In none of these runs did I even bother pre-spawning vehicles at the start of the quests (though I did teleport straight to the vehicle upon spawning them). Unless otherwise noted, I used a runner, rather than a technical.¹

¹ Note that neither vehicle is really faster. As a quick test, driving around the track in the Torgue campaign, no afterburner, no shortcuts, the runner did it in 1:05, while the technical did it in 1:04. Using the afterburner in three specific places, the runner did it in 1:01, while the technical did it in 0:59. This is just using a stopwatch, but it does seem the technical is a little faster. Regardless, it’s not enough to matter for most of the missions, and, as I said above, it’s actually 1 to 2 seconds slower for the repeatable Death Race mission, the way I drive it.

First, that just the right amount of lazy, and I do it all the time. :grin:

Second, some other uses of the teleport:

  • You died and your vehicle is near where you died (and presumably where you need to go back to finish what you were doing when you died), but you spawned halfway across the map.
  • Your coop partner is halfway across the map and just spawned a vehicle.
  • Your coop partner just spawned a vehicle and drove off without you.
  • You want a quick way back to the fast travel station. Spawn both vehicles, drive one to your quest area, finish the quest, find a nearby vehicle pad, teleport to the second vehicle that’s still sitting by the fast travel post.
  • Same as above, but for getting back to a quest-giver, etc.

Claptastic Voyage is a DLC in the Pre-Sequel. That board is pretty damn dead so quite often when this kind of stuff comes up it’s just thrown in BL2 threads.

As for the tier 3 deathrace since you have a better time with a runner than a technical you might not be aware that the catapult technical is the fastest car in the game. For whatever reason the boost on that just goes the extra mile. It’s also the only mission I ever use the afterburner for if I actually even bother clearing it. Both of those things help a lot with it. As does planting a car beforehand and teleport cheesing it a little.

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DLC in the presequel

Me too, it’s doable, but challenging

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As far as the Death Race goes try going under the overpass on the second jump towards the end instead of on top of it- it will save you a few precious seconds and it still counts as following the course…

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Things I learned today:

  • You can only hold 999 Torgue tokens.
  • The game doesn’t tell you that you’re maxed (or I’m blind), so you can continue to earn like 400 more tokens without actually receiving any.
  • Torgue vending machines hate me.
  • The catapult technical is faster than the sawblade technical under afterburner.

The catapult technical ran the non-race circuit I described above¹ in 0:57, compared to the sawblade technical’s 0:59 and the runner’s 1:01. It’s a pain to use very well, but my best time on the Death Race has 12 seconds remaining with it, compared to about 5 seconds on the runner and 3 seconds on the sawblade technical. And out of dozens of runs I never failed once (worst time had 3 seconds remaining), so it’s definitely nicer if you’re farming the mission.

Still, for any other mission, that’s not really a large difference in time, and I prefer the runner for ease of use.

@Carlton_Slayer, FWIW, my best run went under the first bridge and over the second bridge. I couldn’t make any extra time by running under the second bridge.

¹ The circuit is just around the track in the Torgue campaign without any shortcuts (i.e., staying on the road). My start line was the expansion joint closest to Moxxi’s front door, with a standing start and flying finish. In this case, I used the afterburner in three specific places: off the start line, at the top of the hill just after the turn-off for the big jump, and passing through the checkpoint arch leading to the main straight where the mission’s start/finish line is.


OK - how can I have never known that you can kill the target dummy??

Obviously this is during Rock, Paper, Genocide.