Things You Found Out Ridiculously Late

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When you turn in the mission to Lilith to get the FotF shield, if you don’t accept it right away, Lilith talks a lot about the importance of friends, feeling bad about killing Crimson Lance, and a whole bunch of other things. Found this out when farming for a good FotF.

(Is this thing on?) #243

Huh. I will have to do that next time! :blsmirk:


There’s a lot of lines one can easily miss if you accept rewards instantly. I can’t actually think of any questgiver that you return the quest to face-to-face that doesn’t have a few lines they throw your way if you just stand there staring at your reward instead of accepting it immediately.

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That reminds me…

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Yeah, so apparently Gaige’s Anarchy melee heals you, that would have been nice to know a long time ago.

(Rumplebunny) #247

So I just got done going through Scarlett again, and I finally realized after all this time the music that plays when you fight Roscoe is the same track played when you fight the Rakk Hive in BL1. (Naturally… :smiley: )

Also, I think I noticed something else right after that fight. After Scarlett teleported away, I kind of dallied behind for a bit longer than I usually do in that area, and I could have sworn I heard Scarlett call out “sorry I betrayed you!” right before I left.


As I’ve understood she was originally intended to be a boss fight after Roscoe but was taken out. Sometimes you can hear her say things that sound like combat taunts shortly after she’s turned invisible. I don’t remember any of the things she’s said to me but I don’t think I’ve heard that particular line before.

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how’s that sounds like? is she genuine or being sarcastic? i like to play her on 3.

(Rumplebunny) #250

Not sure. :slight_smile: It was faint in volume because I was standing pretty far away from where she drops the Greed and disappears but not far away enough for it to switch to an Echo transmission.

(Is this thing on?) #251

From memory, the same tone of voice as when she talks about betraying Sandman, or that at some point you’ll totally try and kill one another.

(Compulsive Reloader) #252

I just now noticed, after doing the quest more than 200 times, that the elemental weapons Marcus gives you during Rock, paper ,genocide do not have a level listed.
Makes sense since they’re your level when you take the quest. Just amazed I never noticed this before.