Things You Found Out Ridiculously Late

(Rumplebunny) #21

I never knew about the red chest in the Outwash, that one high up near where Old Slappy spawns, until fairly recently. And damn, I forgot about it again today! I just took a new Gaige through there on TVHM and totally forgot about that chest. :slight_smile:


Uh … really? I’m still finding new chests: below Mme V Bart’s hill, above the first Catch-a-Ride power core spot. I’ll look for this one now!

Edit : found it!


I didn’t know about that one until you just mentioned it. And I’ve done that map 11-13 (depending whether you count re-visits to hit Slappy) times now… :dukefp:

(Spark Seeker) #24

The one where you drop to fight the Bonus Package brothers. Found recently while watching some gameplay.
Also, never knew about the one in the Old Slappy map. Really.

(Rumplebunny) #25

… damn. I never knew about that one either. That’s it, I’m gonna grab a beer and go over the loot maps! :wink:

(Legendary Lunatic) #26

What chest near Old Slappy?


Loot maps are here.

I knew about the Boom Bewm chest, though not all VHs can get to it. It was probably Krieg that was too big to get in there, but I don’t remember for sure.

That does not look familiar to me either. Not sure how I could have missed it, looking at the map. I’ve been up that path many many times, and there’s not a lot of room to hide something…

(Legendary Lunatic) #28

By Boom and Bewm chest, i’m assuming you mean the one undernearth the elevator? Otherwise I don’t know…

(Carlton Slayer) #29

@Worblehat- just have Krieg kneel to get to the chest below the elevator in the Boom Bewm area

(Legendary Lunatic) #30

Having just watched a video of this chest, I can confirm I have never opened this chest in my life…

(Legendary Lunatic) #31

Another thing I didn’t find out until very recently is that if you’re in the Bandit Technical with the Barrels, if you’re in the gunner seat, you can trigger the explosion of the barrel whenever you want by pressing LT on Xbox (whatever would be your ADS button is)

(Community Jackass) #32

:open_mouth: That’s news to me!

(Legendary Lunatic) #33

@nat_zero_six Hey, you had me curious about your theory about meleeing the bullymong piles, so I made a short video while doing that part of that mission on my new Gaige, just to clear up any confusion :slight_smile:

(Isthiswill) #34

I have always overloaded my backpack by swapping active weapons with loot on the ground to keep adding new things to my backpack when I am over quota. It means I can only get more space by getting a mission reward that I can then use to swap something else in.

Well… This week I realized that in the vending machine if you sell enough gear to get under your backpack size you can buy something, and then use the buy back option to buy back all the gear you sold over your backpack quota. I have sold as many as 15 or so items, bought a few, and then bought my old gear back.

I tried later with a level 72 Zer0 I started a few months back that had 115 items in his backpack. I sold it down to max backpack space, and when I tried to buy all the gear back I had passed the vending machine’s cap! I quit out without saving so I didn’t lose all my gear.

All that said, this is really useful early game when you are trying to get gear for all occasions and drops are scattershot and farming can be a bother since you’re just trying to run through normal and true vault hunter mode. Just make sure you have plenty of money because items of the day are pricey and you could end up with not enough money to buy your old gear back. Zoning out of an area basically erases it so you can’t go far to farm up money.

If you play it smart (selling back the cheapest & less essential gear to make space just in case) it helps you get around the scarce eridium in the early play through that keeps you from getting those SDUs for your backpack and Bank.

(Rumplebunny) #35

Yeah it was kinda funny the first time I found it. I think I had gone there to farm Old Slappy (something I really haven’t done much in all my playing time) and after a kill I just started kinda wandering around in the water, came across that ladder, went up, found the chest and was like “well dang… this has been here all this time… how many times have I gone through this map now? argh!”

Makes a good King of the Hill spot too! Engineers and loaders will try to jump up to you. One time an engineer jumped up, I immediately critted him once in the face, and he immediately jumped back down saying something like “why didn’t they give me a helmet!?” all in the span of 3 or 4 seconds. I almost died laughing. :slight_smile:

(Legendary Lunatic) #36

It’s small details like this, those 3 second things that happen, that make this game so great and unique :slight_smile:

(Legendary Lunatic) #37

Apparently you can see your total Torgue Tokens/ Seraph Crystals/ Golden Keys on the BAR screen. Something i’d managed to overlook for, oh I don’t know, 4 years?

(Mleeninga) #38

Just yesterday, I saw a loot loader pick up a gun from the ground. 2900 hours into the game and I’d never seen that before. I had no clue they could actually do that, so I usually just let them run around while I focused on other enemies.

(Stay frosty.....) #39

I only found this out the other day too , and only then because of @Ninja_Mrrr posting about their crazy capers.

(Rumplebunny) #40

For the longest time I didn’t know they could do that either. I thought they were just walking chests. Then one time, I killed one in Opportunity and it lootsploded some stuff including a class mod that another enemy had dropped and I left behind… that clued me in. :slight_smile: