Things You Found Out Ridiculously Late


I just mistakenly levelled up a God-liath in NVHM. I always assumed they were exclusive to UVHM.

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hey. saw the video and i tested it on op8 sal using grog and harold and it works shooting from afar or near is considered searching.

But when i try this on my zero level 10 using a fire snider and a hornet shooting it from afar or near does not count as searching it. weird.

Also can anyone confirmed, i completed the kill ferovore objective with a grenade using a harold? that or my level 57 stormfront killed the ferovore in op8.

(adudney) #43

Splash damage perhaps? I know that, for example, splash damage doesn’t count for Get Some, it is highly likely it doesn’t count for this quest either.

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It is most likely that by fluke your grenade had the killing blow. I’ve done this quest with Harolds before and it’s never completed that part just with the gunfire.

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That these forums exist.

That the “parts” system exists.

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How Dahl is good with Gaige.

Also, dont know yet if Dahl burst fire is affects by fire rate boosts or only the burst delay can help with geting bullets out more quickly.

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I would agree with this. happens to me a lot. you got the health so low with your Harold that the nade had the killing blow.

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I’m going to post this here, despite it not being BL2. I found out very recently that The Pre-Sequel isn’t terrible after all and I actually like it! :smile:

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I still have a level 6 Fragtrap I have to get back to- one of these days…:slight_smile:

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I think my Fragtrap is also level 6 :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing BL2 for 5 years straight…Only just found out yesterday that you can shoot Boom and Bewm’s Turret and blow it up lol, how could I miss this?

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Isn’t this kind of essential to get him to come out so you can kill him?


I’ve always sniped him while he was sitting in his turret, lol…it never occurred to me that I could get him out of his blasted turret by shooting it and destroying it lol

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Well then I have to add I never knew you could just snipe kill him without shooting the Turret :smiley:

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Just notice that the Slab buzzards drop ammo during your fight with the BNK3R.

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Dude, please, they literally shout that at you! Multiple times!

My own: On one of the runner vehicles, my friend recently showed me the rockets have an alt-fire function that doesn’t scale (~150 damage at OP8) where it launches a cluster of three rockets after a brief charging period. He then blew my mind again - there is dialogue from Piston after destroying his blimp that only triggers if you exit the forge through the travel gate. Like hell I would ever have noticed that, I always fast-travelled from the Forge directly to the next quest objective in Moxxi’s Bar.

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did not know, playing late at night on a low volume because my 2 year old daughter is asleep.


So, is the much talked about chest near Old Slappy the one that you can climb the ladder up to from the pool of water?

… I’ve never realized you can get out of the water some other way than going up there.

Technically, you can’t. Boom’s head is the crit spot for Big Bertha but how ever you shoot him the turret gets destroyed and the man himself will jump out to fight you.


For my own entry:
I saw this on a stream during TheHunt2017 I think. The guy was farming treants and he shot the shock energy balls that come out of them when they die.

All these years I’ve just placed myself so that they don’t home in on me or ran into one of the spots that I know they can’t get me from. And I even always wondered why they are almost unavoidable if you can’t put something between you and them. Part of my mind went “Oh, that’s cool. You learn something new everyday.”. The other part was facepalming hard because I’ve not even once thought about trying that.

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It’s not obvious! I use Scorn, it works brilliantly (and makes Maya the best Bee farmer in my opinion)