Things You Found Out Ridiculously Late

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #81

I too found this out the hard way.

(I stopped moving and the orphans caught me. Tannis was right.) #82

Oh good…I was beginning to question just where I did see that originally. Now I wish I could remember where it is so it can be corrected.

(Rumplebunny) #83

I had read that somewhere too… some random forum or reddit or somewhere. I tested it myself a few weeks ago just to make sure one way or the other. I did that fresh test today to make some screen grabs… and to make sure I was 100% sure, lol. :wink:

Edit: also, yay Maggie! In keeping with the topic of this thread, I’ve found out ridiculously late that Maya loves her some Maggie…

(I stopped moving and the orphans caught me. Tannis was right.) #84

I had a Hammer Buster on her as a substitute for a Bekah until I remembered that I had that Maggie in storage…the HB is now in storage. 'Nuf said.

(Xfo X) #85

I thought that @Handsome_Dad had said that, but I’ve gone back to my history to look it up and can’t find it.

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Maya loves Jakobs in general.

(Ensign Rook) #87

Just give me a gemstone Muckamuck and I’m a happy man.

Something I discovered this past weekend - The Skullmasher isn’t bolt-action. I have always treated it like it was, since it was in BL1 and it’s a rarity above purple, which to me is two reasons to think of it as bolt-action. Dang!

(Wh-?! A mask?! This is tooootally my face! I... uh... ) #88

If you mean that I’ve said that a Bone boosts CK, you’re correct. I picked that tip up from Derch, iirc, and have often called it out as another reason why Maya can work Jakobs especially well. I typically mention it with a note that CK + Bone + Jakobs covers all bases for her because the armor vs NE issue is negated by CK, and Jakobs tears up flesh.

I looooove Maggie and Bekah with Maya. Stupid good stuff.

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Checked this today and yes it does. Presumably Ruin too, although I’m not sure how to approach sifting through the damage of a Phaselock to find it. So, provisional conclusion based on what I (think I) know: elemental relics boost the base damage done by weapons of that element, and any skill-based elemental damage.

I’m sure the best in the business have long ago worked all this out, I’m as usual specced into Fleet and running to catch up :slight_smile:


I found out only yesterday that each weapon slot was linked to one of the
"directions" on the cross of my controller. Or more simply put one slot
equals one controller key.
Here i’d been cautiously picking them by order and cycling through all 4
everytime…for a whole year…
Good! Now my weapon swap speed has increased by 300% and i don’t need 2
slots dedicated to slag tools!


I used to watch a lot of BL2 streams and you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who cycle through them 1 by 1, even leaving slots empty to make it faster (or that’s the reason I’m assuming because this happens even while just leveling up a new guy with low ammo pools).

I think a lot of PC players also use the mouse wheel. It does let you go both ways, at least.

(Ensign Rook) #92

Mouse wheel on a standard mouse is just as fast as reaching for 1,2,3 or 4. you can click two cycles through the wheel before the swap animation even starts, completely bypassing the middle weapon. Sounds like it’s a little slower on a controller.

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Sorry, it definitely wasn’t you. I was reading a lot of your guide about Digistruct Peak and assumed I had seen it in there.

I have since found this:

in the Random Information thread. (It’s not quoting properly, there’s supposed to be a quote within a quote)

I tested it last night and the relic does boost Cloudkill.

(Rumplebunny) #94

Yeah, this is the direction I’m taking my main Maya in now. One of these years I’ll have a Bekah for her, but I’m going to farm up some other nice Jakobs stuff in the meantime (perhaps a Hammer Buster, and going to pay the pony a visit to see if anything nice is pooped.)

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Interesting, I’ve never really used the mouse wheel - hitting the number tends to be more accurate for me (I do have to keep gun types in pretty much the same slots). It’s a shame there isn’t a ‘last weapon used key’ like there is in Half-Life (though that does have a lot more guns on deck lol)


Right-o. I wouldn’t know anything about such new age inventions as my 15+ years old trackball is still functioning quite good (this old thing doesn’t have a wheel, its only downside really).

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I watched Bahroo test it after the patch and there was no damage change. Interesting.


I had no idea anyone but me and Boom ( or Bewm ) could use this :

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Oh yeah, that thing screws up your day. And they can get into it from like 20 feet away, one second they’re running toward it, the next there’s a cannon blast heading your way.


I must have done this 20 times (?) and this is the first. It took me a bit too long to figure out why I was getting blowed up from behind.