Things You Found Out Ridiculously Late

It felt so good when i took one out as Zer0

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Oh damn, just had an idea… I’m gonna go to the Dust and get a GOD-liath leveled up where the bandits camp out near the church… and then hopefully lead him over to the Lynchwood train station so he can have a little fun with Mick Zaford & Co…

(Edit: doesn’t work… the enemy AI breaks when you try to lead them out of their ‘zones’ - they just stand there in the middle of the desert, sometimes rising up into the sky or falling through the ground. :slight_smile: The GOD-liath I cultivated fell through the ground when he jumped down to the Catch-a-Ride that’s down the cliff from the church. I tried going for Goliaths closer to the train station but everyone derped out there too. Oh well!)


Something I found out today:

All E-tech Dahl AR’s fire in a x3 spread (similar to the Veruc) when ADS. Thanks to my friend for schooling me on that.


They also fire on a fixed angle rather than tightening spread like Veruc, plus they fire single shot alternatingly between left middle and right when hip firing instead of three shots on all three angles like Veruc.

So weird. So weird. Just one more reason I’m going to continue pretending they don’t exist.


I know I’m a little late with this, but the nature of this thread invites delayed responses right???

Anyways, I never noticed the Graffiti on the Cargo Ship:

I wasn’t quick enough to get the other side, which has another choice phrase or two pulled from Mordecai’s dialogue.


Not sure but i think it’s “for bloodwing”


Yup, it says that, I just can’t remember if there was anything else on that side or has any other graffiti.

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I did know about this, but it’s cool that there are things like this that we miss forever. It took me only 4 years to realise the weird noise I kept hearing as Maya was Life Tap. I thought there was something wrong with my TV at one point :slight_smile:


Yes, there is always something new to look at. I was looking at the Schematic across from the Fast Travel In Claptr4p’s Place trying to figure out what level map it was, if any, and stumpted. There are a few little scribbles on it about the length of the walls that is funny. It being a generally square structure had me thinking it was from BL one because it looked more straight forward than any area I can think of in BL2 outside of Friendship Gulag.

Going through my old screenshots I came across this. I considered using it for the Borderlands Riddle thread, but figured it was way too obscure. That makes it appropriate for this thread though:

On top of the last platform to the right of the Elevator to Highlands Outwash/ Extraction Plant in the Fridge.


Where is that bottom image in-game? Never seen that, would be fun to go and look :slight_smile:

Edit: It’s the Fridge, right?


I edited it to include location just after I posted cause I spazzed out before remembering how vital that info would be but you responded faster than I could!

Also, I should have posted this one too. I never noticed this lock:

Cool how they reuse design assets all over the place like this. In the lock and hasp are both modeled off Claptr4p’s components, even invoking his losing his eye, given its located apart from the body. Very clever indeed.


All vault hunters can get it. with krieg and maybe zero you have to get the right angle.

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With Krieg, just crouch and he can get through.

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Well done with the necromancy, guys. I’ve been well aware of that since April 21st… :roll_eyes:

It took me a while to make that connection as well. For a while afterwards I considered ditching the skill because the sound is so annoying. Decided it was worth the irritation though. :slight_smile:


That there is a claptrap storage in his old home


That’s the one I use for all my gear swapping since the Safe is right next to it. Makes it so much quicker.

Today I noticed this coming out of the Beatdown…


And it actually is an active object and updates, cycling through if you watch it. The bottom five alternate. I have yet to fight Pete in Raid Boss Mode on my Maya of Themiscyra playthrough.

This was taken right after I killed the Coward.


I never noticed that there were potatoes in this box.

Then my friend noticed the names of the knights and realised why… :dukefp: