Things You Found Out Ridiculously Late

This thread? :thinking::roll_eyes:


@nat_zero_six showing us how to cheese your way thru Heroes Pass. I had no idea you could avoid most of the first half of the map by hugging the right side.

and the cheese spot where he killed Jack at level 19. didn’t know about that spot.


This is probably old news to the Krieg pros, but I just learned that if you’re specced into Bloodsplosion and kill a target with a shock weapon, you actually get a shocksplosion. And that information is even on the skill description! Shows you just how little I’ve actually played the Meat Man.


All of the Dahl ammo boxes when opened read on their underlids: “Shoot Responsibly”

Wow. LOL


The red chest midway through Southpaw that you get to by jumping up on some piping. It was just brought to my attention while I was doing the NVHM challenge in the last week or two. I never noticed it was there. All. This. Time. :clown_face:

I really should study the loot maps harder lol.


Duelling on Lynchwood main street train track actually mean on the train track :smile: !


On the bridge, actually. (Well, maybe you can do the duel on the tracks, but it’s a lot safer on the footbridge!)


When scoping with elemental weapons (sniper rifles in particular), the element’s symbol appears on the top of the scope’s lens. Interesting.

In the case of this one Corrosive Snider I have, it’s directly north of the crosshairs, and slightly to the east of center.

Update: Apparently this is not true with Maliwan-spec scopes. I scoped with it, but no element symbol.


Death trap also appears, even when it isn’t yours


Unless I’m horribly mistaken the way your scope looks while you zoom is determined by your guns body (EDIT: guns barrel), not the scope itself. So you’d see the symbol when scoping on Maliwan rifles. No matter the scope it will take on the Maliwan style’d scope in view. The only thing the actual scope changes is the zoom distance.


I was playing Zer0 and was clueless about kunai until I was well into TVHM. I don’t recall what level I was, or If I even had enough points to spec it, but I didn’t even know it existed. I was stuck at the Bloodwing part of the story and watched some You-Tube vids to get some ideas on how to get past it. In the comments there was a discussion about kunai.

At that point I was just putting points in my skill trees randomly with no real build idea. It wasn’t until I started UVHM and came here that you fine folks set me straight.


I imagine this is going to sound pretty bad, but that’s kind of the point behind the thread I suppose, hah!

Anyways, so all throughout NVHM and TVHM, I was pretty simple with my guns. I knew what I liked as far as manufacturer and gun type went. That meant Jakobs pistols, shotguns, and snipers, Vladof ARs, and whatever SMG I could get my hands on that wasn’t Maliwan because Maliwan couldn’t be NE. I straight up ignored everything that wasn’t those things, essentially. Wasn’t until UVHM, when the game started really punishing me, that I started trying to get different gun combinations to expand my options. Mostly this meant trying to get a full elemental set of Maliwans for each gun type.

There was one problem though. I wasn’t getting any Maliwan elemental shotguns or assault rifles, and my selection of shotguns and assault rifles aren’t really that big due to this. Wondering what was going on, I took to the internet trying to figure out if it was just RNG being RNG or if something was up. After awhile, I did figure out. I didn’t realize that not every manufacturer makes every gun type. Doh! No Maliwan shotguns or assault rifles for me. Luckily Vladof is there for Assault Rifles, but I’m not sure what to do for elemental shotguns. I’m leaning Hyperion atm. That and I’m not sure what to do for NE SMGs. Unfortunately Vladof also doesn’t make SMGs, sooooo looking like Hyperion again? I don’t know, heh.

So, in short, I didn’t know some manufacturers didn’t make some gun types until I got to around level 57 in UVHM.


For a good ne SMG get the Lascaux from the pool of water in Frostburn Canyon- it’s always on level and appears each time you enter and leave w/o picking it up, which means after 5-6 times you could have a nice selection to choose from…


Lascaux, yup. With it’s firing pattern and relatively short range it can also fill your need for a NE Shotgun.
You made it to 57 without consulting the internet! That’s great. :slight_smile: Now you will probably want to learn more about not only manufacturers but uniques weapons. You are at the right place to learn a lot of stuff.
I learned a lot combining info from different sources. Mainly from @Derch The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly and from the Wiki . (Despite the Wiki occasional “mistakes”)
Additional hint: Learn about Splash damage. There’s a reason why people like Maliwan’s…


For elemental shotguns, have you given Tediore a fair shake? The Blockhead (fire only) wrecks and so does the Octo (all elements including NE, but it’s the mission reward for Slap Happy). The only real issue is the reload gimmick. If you’re playing as Gaige you’ve probably got into the habit of not reloading prematurely already, but the reloads do give healthy burst DPS and can be useful for second winds.


I’ve not tried Tediore shotguns yet, no. I generally try to avoid Tediore, Dahl and Hyperion guns entirely.

For Tediore, it’s main gimmick is the grenade reload thing, and they don’t seem to do that much damage when the clip is empty(At least it didn’t when I tried Tediores a few difficulties ago). As Gaige, my reloads are almost 100% automatic because I ran out of ammo. It just feels like the stronger stats from other guns outpace the extra damage from the reload.

For Dahl, the burst fire mechanic all Dahl guns have drives me insane. Not so much on a pistol, but on ARs and SMGs that I expect to be fully automatic, being forced to be burst fire, I don’t like so much. Especially on Sniper Rifles, I waste so much ammo if the Sniper is Dahl because of the recoil.

Hyperion I don’t dislike that much, but trying to aim before I start shooting kinda sucks because the cross hairs just don’t stop going all over the place when I’m ADS. Though in fairness it doesn’t really matter as Gaige, cause it’s not like I’m going to send bullets where I’m aiming after enough stacks, heh. That and Hyperion’s main gimmick is hurt by Smaller, Lighter, Faster.

I’ll admit that I probably should give all gun/manufacturer combination more chances, as it does seem that my initial experimentation phase wasn’t adequate based on my experience in UVHM. It’s still amazing to me just how much UVHM altered game mechanics.


You’re not wrong about the reload gimmick and Gaige. Are you specced into discord? If you are it isn’t as bad to reload early every so often because it slows the stack loss. Guns with fixed firing patterns like the Octo and Blockhead don’t feel the accuracy loss of anarchy in the same way as others, and the Deliverance reload is helpful with flying baddies. And the shotguns aren’t too bad as conventional weapons any way because they have decent fire rate and reload speeds. Try the multi barrel versions, you may be surprised by how effective they are.


I did start speccing into Discord again after the suggestions I got here. I didn’t think about using Discord to allow for Tediore reload use until you mentioned Tediore shotguns, mostly because I don’t carry around Tediores. That could make some pretty good fireworks.

Fixed firing patterns are awesome! I finally managed to get the Heart Breaker from that Safe and Sound side quest. I kept going “Surely Marcus gives the shotgun and not Moxxi” and finally remembered to talk to Moxxi instead this playthrough. The Heart Breaker was better then my fire shotgun at the time so I started using it, and oh man, that thing is far more accurate then it should be due to the fixed firing pattern. It’s great! They definitely seem to be the way to go once I get high stacks.


That was quite the revelation, and I REALLY wish I’d known about it sooner!


The Oracle of wisdom just made my day! :sunglasses:
Same goes for any weapon / ammo type btw.