Things You Found Out Ridiculously Late


You know the red chests on pipes to the right as you enter Flyboy’s Lair in the Forge?

Took me thousands of hours before I realized it was there. :man_facepalming:

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Helios shadow on Elpis.
View from Three Horns - Valley.

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Ham’s lodge is a feat of engineering : suspended by cables to…? Any geologists out there? Dome?

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You can shoot H3RL-E’s barrel’s out of the air

Also, the moonshot container Lilith gets you to shoot down contains a red chest!

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Tweeted this to my go-to Lore Discussion Youtubers, but it definitely belongs here as well, sans character restrictions:

Playing through Claptastic Voyage & the security calls Cl4P-TP Tiffany when he accesses the entrance to the Motherless Board.

I never noticed Tina asking, “Who’s Tiffany?” When you 1st enter the Motherless Board after you escape the security screening and exit that zone. Starting to doubt it’s a coincidence that happened in a bot Jack programmed? Add to that it happens en route to the Motherless Board programmed by a single father.

So yeah, who IS Tiffany?

I’m taking it as a clue like how Janey’s avoids naming the person she was living with that was mauled to death by Son of Flamey, but later possibly acknowledges when sending the player to open her safe in Regolith Range. There we find the password locked inside of it, which is “For Steph”.

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I thought it was the holo guide claptrap asking that, not Tina. Or are you saying she pipes up in the background narration on TVHM/UVHM play-throughs?

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She pipes up in the narration with a quizzical interjection. I was in UVHM on a reset playthrough.

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The Hoplite. I needed a strong defensive shield for testing DT damage. Never really looked at it before. The movement penalty isn’t as bad as I thought and the capacity is way up there!

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Apparently, the penalty increases for each person in the party using a Hoplite (so I presume the benefits also increase). I guess that means it’s the seraph version of the legendary turtle?

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They’re both Pangolins yes. Apparently not good at higher OP.

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Ridiculously late - After a thousand hours of playing I was watching a YouTube vid of MLMF doing his level 1-OP8 playthrough and finally noticed that you gain ammo from picking up weapons.
I never ever ever noticed that
Yes, I consider myself a prime idiot for not seeing this trivially easy and obvious thing.

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There are a few spots where if your backpack is full and you hold down the pick-up button to swap (pick one up and drop the one you have in inventory), you’ll lose the originally equipped item. This has happened to me in the gold chest / FT room in Sanctuary and also the digistruct chest cave at the end of the Peak.

I just wanted some SMG ammo and ended up losing an Avenger this way.

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That FFYL timer gets shorter when you go into FFYL in quick successions. Figured this out today while doing FFYL challenges.

(Isthiswill) #175

There are a few more spots like that. The floor isn’t solid for loot in those areas and gear goes under the map. One of those bugs that’s been around that can be infuriating. Turning ofg Physx reduces some of that according to some accounts.

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Definitely helps in the Gold Chest area.

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I just realised:

  • Flamerock = Firestone
  • Refuge = Sanctuary

:dukefp: :dukecensor:

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I noticed that a couple of months back. It was 6 am on a Saturday, and I facepalmed and cussed so loud I woke up my wife and son simultaneously. I believe the actual verbage I used was “What the f*#!? Am I f*”!ing blind and stupid!!! How did I not notice this f*#!ing s*#! before!?" That was followed by some dirty looks from my wife as my son cried. I proceeded to scowl and grumble into my coffee for the rest of the morning while the Mrs looked at me disapprovingly. Good times.

(Isthiswill) #179

Heheheh, yeah, there are parallels and homages like that all over the game. Even the nature of the mission flow in the beginning of the game mirrors BL1 inclusive of the boss fights. You could drag TPS into it too, if only to a lesser degree.

Nine Toes beget Knuckle Dragger beget Flame Knuckle.
Bonehead beget Boom Bewm beget Deadlift
Roid Rage Psycho beget Flynt beget Red Belly

I would pair them off like this:

Boom Bewm = Red Belly
Roid Rage Psycho = Smash Head
Sledge = Flynt = Deadlift
Bonehead = Bonehead 2.0 because, why not…

When you think about it there are a bunch of similarities in bosses and fight mechanics right there, and then in BL2 you rescue Lillith from the Bloodshots, and in TPS you rescue Felicity from the Bosun’s. Ramble ramble ramble…

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Was farming Hyperius the other day and neglected to replensish my pistol ammo before the fight. So when i ran out of ammo, I said “no problem, i’ll just use my infinity pistol”. Fail. The infinity pistol would not work since i was out of pistol ammo.

(Rumplebunny) #181

A few lootable objects outside Sanctuary before it’s in the air. I… never went out there before!