Things you miss from old games

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I miss the title screen cutscene. Loved it from BL1 with “No Rest For The Wicked” soundtrack. Might sound stupid but I was really disappointed this game doesn’t have one.

A God like Hellfire from BL1
Different colors of legendary gear like BL1 (ranged from yellow to deep orange)
Developers chest
Bee shield
Often finding legendary gear in vending machines on BL1
All the silly challenges from BL2
Gun range
Double Anarchy SMG

Whatch you got?

Hellborn Kreig was my favorite time in the Borderlands series

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The Assult rifles with the large magazine and fast fire rate from BL1. Atm there are only legendarys to my knowledge that are similar.


I’d also enjoy the extra skill points for beating a DLC like in the first game.

Override relics from BL1 which could be placed in the skill tree, make it where you can put one in each tree. which change your action skills element- it could add damage based on each lvl like in BL1 and of course change element type. So for example moze. Her incendiary damage would be changed to say radiation damage, but it also keeps the bonuses from her incendiary skills. Zane keeps his cyro buffs but they are now applied to say fire. This would make more varied builds.

For slam relics to be more like the Oz kits from TPS. Gives us a boost to jumping so we can actually make use of the slam relics boost anywhere.

Return of some vehicles from past games.


I miss…

  1. The Robots from BL2. Being able to pick them apart in a fire fight, and their bizarre one liners.
  2. Rakk’s that actually have a flight pattern.
  3. Tiny Tina having more screen time.
  4. Actual at launch Raid Boss’s. BL2 came with Terramorphous, yet we get nothing for BL3.
  5. Digistruct Peak.
  6. More Side Quests that had multiple parts. BL2 had some seriously long side quests. BL3 they all feel short.

6 MAJOR things are missing


that is all.


It does have one! Just, instead of being an optional thing on the title screen, we’re forced to watch it every time we make a new character :confused:

Yes. I just wish it would play automatically like it used to. I often turn my game on while I’m doing something else before I start gaming. Loved the background music in 1 and 2.

  • Main story and dark humor from B2
  • Tiny Tina
  • Scooter
  • Claptrap’s Birthday Bash and the quest he gave you for more item storage.
  • Minecraft easter egg
  • The Warrior
  • Doctor zed

Giant mobbing enemies like badass constructors and badass pyre threshers. No offense to the anointeds but taking them down doesn’t feel quite as epic.

Unique action skill duration bars like in BL2 and TPS; idk how well they’d fit in BL3 but the fact that they went the BL1 route with it and made the duration bars the same as the action skill cooldown indicators is lame.

Shield and grenade indicators in the HUD reflecting your equipped shield/grenade mod; not really that important but I like knowing what element my adaptive shield is currently resisting. Although with how shield/grenade abilities work in this game I reckon doing so would be really difficult and not worth implementing.

The ability to sell all non-favorites instead of only junk.

An actually good corrosive-only shotgun (okay to be fair only BL1 has had that so far but still).

Spooky cave areas like the Tetanus Warren in BL1 or the Caustic Caverns in BL2 (okay Nekrotafeyo sort of has that but not really).

An experience-based buff system that can actually be turned off.

Amara can do that, most Iron Bear weapons can do that, Rakk Attack and SNTNL can do that and the Barrier and Digi-Clone can do that via their trees’ capstones.

I miss good stories… there. I said it.


No no they cant. You probably misunderstood me. It the idea from BL1 but tweaked and changed.

Moze has incendiary increase skills that you put points into. These relics would turn that incendiary damage increase into another type of element. This does not affect the action skills directly like in Bl1 and we the argumentations do. but the elemental skills in the trees themselves and having a increase themselves as well. So like the action skill argumentationset but for certain skills

This would add much more varied builds that can use the same skills but use different weapons, relics, ect…
Cryo Zane could become fire Zane, and fire moze a radiation moze.

I’d also make them like class mods. Charecter specific stats and such.

Skill argumentation. Change element and damage increase.
Lvl 1- adds 10% drops mayham 1
Lvl 2- adds 20% drops mayham 2
Lvl 3- adds 30% drops mayham 3
Lvl 4- adds 40% drops mayham 4 (which is said to be coming)

Dr Zed
and loaders. I miss those damn loaders


Worth quoting again:

In regards to what you’re actually proposing though the skills are the elements that they are because they’re meant to fit the personalities of the characters they belong to. Moze is ex-Vladof (the red company) and loves explosions so her bonus damage skills are fire. Zane is more of a trickster type who fashions himself as “Calm, Cool, Collected” (even though he really isn’t) so it makes sense that his kit would revolve around cryo. As for Amara, well, she’s a ■■■■■■■ Siren, so she’s supposed to be a master of elements. Gearbox ultimately cares more about the characters’ well, character more than their gameplay prowess and the skill trees are ultimately meant to reflect that.

Ok for 1, That is simply me not explaining clearly from the start. Quote the rest if you are going to hold onto me saying action skill and not skills in the trees. I specifically state later on in that same post about moze and her skill tree skills of fire being the things they would be changing same with Zane.

I don’t really see a problem with the idea. Even if tourge was playable I wouldn’t see a problem with him using corrosive instead of explosives as a gameplay mechanic.
Gearbox has said time and time again that they want multiple ways to play and do multiple build types. This would be a way to add more variation.

These types of changes did not affect Roland, mordecai, Lilith and brick, because they were gameplay. Roland never used any element, even his rockets were not in 2 If my memory is correct. Mordecai and brick never used any, and Lilith only ever used fire. But all were capable of useing every element.

I miss some of the playable characters: Krieg, Nisha, Claptrap, Athena…

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For what purpose? The topic of this thread is about things that were in older games but which aren’t in BL3; you were very clearly responding to that with the artifact thing.

Torgue as a character is also clearly okay with using different elements considering how Torgue guns are no longer element-locked.

You could accomplish that by giving every character access to every skill tree. But that’s not going partially because that be way too OP but mainly because Gearbox cares more about fleshing out their Vault Hunters’ personality via gameplay than making them uber-versatile masters-of-all-trades.

The NPCs are meant to be limited and mainly just extra aggro draws; there’s no point in fleshing out their damage capabilities especially when they usually only show up for 1-2 story missions.

I feel like I should also bring up the fact that all the BL1 Vault Hunters had single-element COMs (not just Lilith)- Roland had the Shock Trooper, Mordecai had the Assassin, and of course Brick had the famous Blast Master. The elemental specialization has always been there.

Every character in every game is capable of using every element well. In the case of BL3 you can either make use of the multiplier system with fire and shock or you can achieve new playstyles using the specialized cryo, corrosive and radiation artifacts. It’s not just about skills and COMs.

For what purpose? Idk maybe for the fact that everything i said was talking about that element and bringing it back with changes and not that simple element from Bl1. it’s really not that hard to see that. Never once have I said to bring it back as is.

Tourge likes explosions they just changed how his stiff works from 2 because people did not like it. But if you are going to be so nitpicky then take tina as a example.

Again gear box wants versatility over other things. They have explained this alot expecially when talking about nerfs and buffs.
And no its not the same or close to giving someone access to every skill tree. What part of turning all of mozes fire skills into ice is the same thing as access to all trees. This idea has nothing to do with iron bears skill beside 1 skill tree skill that effects fire damage.

Adding Roland’s rocket pods would not make him be much more then aggro. And that’s not even the main point of that. Roland’s elements in his skill tree do not go to his turret. The relics do. How ever we never see Lilith phase walk with corrosive, never see brick punch with fire, never see blood wing with shock, in fact the only way she had it was through experiments. So again gameplay mechanics have no effect on the charecters personality or charecter.

And again No, not to the extent you seem to think. Moze no matter the gear will ever have shock, cyro, corrosive, and explosive damage reach the level of fire damage she can deal. Same with Zane with his cyro vs all other elements. And apparently you have not read everything I’ve said, as I’ve never once said it’s all about Coms and skills.

Once again you’re only referring to their NPC versions in BL2, not their playable selves in BL1.

We’re talking about making characters more versatile here; it’s definitely the same thing in this specific case

And I was actually staying on topic; no need to be passive-aggressive about this

Fire only has the damage advantage because of most enemies being flesh; there are tons of ways to get similar results on Moze with other elements. Hell, the Hex doesn’t even come in fire and it was her best grenade by a country mile until literally today.

Cryo really only shines on him as a debuffer; you’ll actually get more out of him by matching elements and using cryo as support.

It’s about skills because the fire/ice abilities in question are skills. It’s about COMs because those play directly into how we pick our skills.

Picking which element(s) a character has in their skill tree plays a huge part in fleshing out their character. Aurelia’s kit in TPS was extremely ice-based because it reflects her being an extremely cold-hearted Ice Queen; the metaphor wouldn’t work if her skill tree let her become a Fire Queen or a Shock Queen or a Corrosion Queen (Custom Loads notwithstanding). Axton and Brick are aggressive, hypermasculine characters who love making a scene; this is reflected in their skill trees by a plethora of explosive skills. Salvador has no elemental skills because he doesn’t care about that crap; he just wants to shoot guns. It’s precisely this kind of philosophy that drives how Gearbox designs their skill trees. Same reason some weapons only come in a single element- the Storm is weather-themed, the Jericho is a literal nuclear weapon, the Nova Berner is a freaking Bernie Sanders reference etc. It’s all about the personality.

Obviously I’m talking about BL2 where they get more charecter development. What they were able to do in 1 did not affect them in 2 in anyway. Hell brick does not even use rockets it was a gameplay thing.

No its not the same thing not even close. My idea adds to the charecters build options, other gear options. Your takes all build options away as they have everything and able to use everything. This ruins the idea of builds and picking and choosing your skills based on it.

It’s pretty obvious that nothing can be brought back without having to change. So wanting something back and suggesting a change to make it work in how 3 runs is still on topic.

You seem to think the gernade build is a viable argument to her other elemental damage out put. I don’t use gernade on my moze and I have fire damage that surpasses my gernade moze. And again gearbox wants more versatility which is why the hex and fire storm were nerfed as it was performing not as intended. They are ment to apply statis effect not kill everything of base damage.

Zanes great with cyro expecially with the right gear.

Its about skills and skills only. Coms affect skill yes but this relic would not affect mods. If a mod adds 1 to a fire skill and the relic changes fire to ice it still does the same. And if you are worried about white text buffs that’s the point it makes you use different gear. I don’t recall the name right of hand but a fire to radiation moze I have gear that would work in my bank.

Again game mechanics don’t affect there personality. Adding this idea does not change how there charecters behave outside game mechanics. I’m also suggesting these be a end game item as well.
Salvadors relic would have to be custom as he has no elemental damage increases for his weapons. So he could simply have his increase damage skills have a relic witch changes it to have a element. while if someone has a increased damage with fire weapons it can be changed to another element. As I suggested awhile back they be treated like mini class mods.

Weapons are a non factor as they would not be being changed. It would for example. If you have a weapon which works great with this relic and only comes in fire, but you changed to radiation you would then need a relic and weapon that works with radiation.

Once again, they are essentially the same thing in that they’re both proposed ideas for increasing versatility. Of course giving every character every tree is a bad idea; I was only saying it as an extreme example to show how Gearbox doesn’t want too much versatility.

What you were proposing was far removed enough from its original guise that it couldn’t be classified as the same thing. So no, not on topic.

That’s because it is? lol

And I can wreck better with a Storm Front than I can with most fire guns. It doesn’t have to be grenades either- you can do cryo Moze with an Ice Breaker, corrosive Moze with a Flesh Melter or even Jakobs Moze, all with similar results as using fire. The only reason to actually use fire on Moze aside from matching elements is Stoke the Embers which while very good is mainly meant to supplement Moze’s bonus damage skills and is also in arguably her weakest tree.

I’m not denying that; I’m just saying that other damage types can work just as good on Zane if not better (especially when Brainfreeze exists)

If you’re using a build that uses none of the elemental skills equipping an item that changes those skills will do jack ■■■■ so yes, it’s about COMs too.

I think it should be obvious by now that I’ve been arguing the exact opposite: that personality affects game mechanics.

And he has no elemental skills because it doesn’t fit his character, i.e. what I’ve been arguing.

I only mentioned element-locked weapons as an example of Gearbox’s design philosophy, not as something which actually needs to be addressed.

In general, just because a character has skills that relate to a certain element doesn’t mean that they only work or work best with that element. In BL3 these skills actually tend to help other elements more because they give them the benefits of the skills’ element (again, see Brainfreeze).