Things You Wish You Knew

We were all noobs at one time. What terrible mistake did you make when you first started? Mine was thinking you had to use Nullify before the pillar to get the cooldown bonus, which while fun felt awfully intuitive. I dropped her for a while. Then I came here and realized I was an idiot. She’s now one of my few mains. Any stories? Potentially involving Benedict? And how he died? I love it when that happens.

Ps. Try to keep it positive please. Blunders, not doom and gloom if you could :smile_cat:


Thinking that the word may in the Encore skill description meant that Orendi might cast another pillar automatically.
Didn’t understand why it didn’t work, took me a few weeks to realize I need to press the skill button again. :sweat_smile:
I even made a thread about it thinking it’s a bug…


I originally thought Boldurs Ult was just a furious back hand. My first game with him I was running around trying to smack people with it.

Then I decided to read…

Boldurs Ult is way more cool than a pimp slap.


I thought Toby was a close range brawler. I died so many times trying to punch people to death with his arc mine launcher…

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The first time I used Oscar Mike’s scope I was using his gold skin, which caused me to deem it God awful. And to those that don’t know, using OMs scope with his gold skin is glitched. The textures weren’t done right, which make his scope’s FOV about a 1/5 of what it should be. So for months I was running around without the range increase b/c his scope was literally a PoS for me. Which caused me to lose what was essentially a 100% damage increase at range.

Plus the helix description isn’t good at conveying that anyway.

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Twenty years ago I thought marriage be easy…(most epic blunder of all time!!).

On a serious note, I thought Pendle’s miasma was just an aoe for the first few hours I played him. I was so incredibly disappointed it’s damage was so lackluster and everyone seemed to be able to locate me so easily when I used it…

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I thought I bought another Gearbox game…
But some of the peeps I play with don’t act at all like it’s a game.

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Who are your mains?

These are better than I anticipated
I believe his true main is Thorn, but he’s pretty much gone through everyone in existence (PVE)

I thought Toby was a tank the first time I tried playing him. Hoo boy was I wrong.

I didn’t know you could steer El Dragon’s Clothesline for a horrendously long time.

And the grand finale:
I used to take Nades on Nades most of the time when playing Oscar Mike.

drops mic


Welp, you win. For all of those things


Well, I was fresh in from Borderlands 2, and I do like me some MIRV grenades.


That’s completely fair

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Agree to disagree

Anywho, my mistake would have been thinking child grenades were useful, a la Borderlands 2.


I think everyone made this mistake for a while. I didn’t realize I could teleport back to base. Even for a while after I learned to teleport I didn’t realize it recovered all of your HP so I didn’t do it often.

I found out my first time, I was like “is the teleport in like smite” and I was right and then EVERYONE proceeded to ask me how to do this

Yeah you’re right. All those Boldurs out there with their Ults are so weak. I kill em all the time.

Child grenades were so good in borderlands 2 that I put myself in ffyl anytime they land next to me. Doubles the fun yo. Oscar Mike’s grenades kinda tickle.

Me neither.

My story is not knowing if you get hit while teleporting back to base, your teleportation stops.

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First thought Mellka’s strike into the air was a glitch so I kept useing it regularly (until I figured out it was common).

I didn’t know you could hold down and “charge” Thorn’s arrows until A WHILE after starting to play Her heavily.

Although, oddly, I still don’t use that much…