Things you wished the classes had?

This is by no means to be taken serious, it’s more of a fun topic so keep that in mind. :smile:

What I’m asking is what do you wish that this certain type of class had? something to improve this skill tree or just a new skill in general.

Here’s my example :slight_smile: I kinda wish Axton could either have his own element other then exploison (I find that element to be very lazy, it works but…I find it lazy.) or be able to change the elements that his turrent shoots. (Kinda like what Roland was able to do in the first game.) I’ll need time to think of more cause currently I’m drawing a blank, but I hope that’s a good enough example for you all.

Again by no means take this too seriously, I love all the classes and the skills that they have. It’s just if you could either add in a skill or make one skill a bit better, go ahead and speak you’re mind.

In Maya’s Cataclysm Tree, I wish Ruin and Cloud Kill switched places so that Cloud Kill was the Capstone. This would make getting to Ruin less costly. Also, I wish Maya had a kill skill that would decrease Phaselock’s Cooldown a little bit each time you kill something.

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12 seconds too long for you pal :stuck_out_tongue: nah jk that’s very good man. Having Cloud Kill as the Capstone though, I can see almost no one going for it lol, as soon as they get Ruin my guess people will be done with that tree xD.

The Kill Skill could be nice, just making it so you’ll get that Phaselock much more quickier <3

Give Zer0 a melee version of Death from Above: melee attacks get bonus damage depending on the vertical distance one has over the target upon a hit. Seriously, as a video game with the rare delight of not only no fall damage, but the potential to get high over your enemies on pretty much any map, why not make the most of this? I take these high roads all the time just because it’s fun - tying some gameplay mechanic to it would be a hoot.

There would be some useful minimum for attacks taken from ground-level jumps over enemies, but this would give me an incentive to use terrain to my advantage to try to squeeze damage potential out of it (I’d be constantly jumping on things to get the damage bonus). It’d be weird with Many Must Fall, because you don’t have time to climb around while the clock is ticking, but it’s a great way to get started, and a great option besides.

Well, most people (myself included) would still take Reaper. You would only have to spend 10 points to get to Ruin, instead of 25 with the current setup. So you would save 15 skill points. You would only have to take either Flicker or Foresight to move down the Cataclym Tree. Personally, I would take Foresight (skip Flicker altogether), Immolate, Chain Reaction, Ruin (where Cloud Kill originally was) and then take Reaper for a total expenditure of 21 skill points leaving 5 to spend elsewhere. With my Legendary Siren Build, my Phaselock Cooldown is less than half the default (too tired to do the actual math but I have a Max Stats Legendary Siren + Max Stats Bone of the Ancients + 4/5 Quicken)

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They gotta give you a reason to fill the tree though man, I get where you’re coming from though. It’s just they have to make the Capstone kinda worth while to even want to get, the whole idea with Cloud Skill is very lack luster for a Capstone Skill.

I must admit though it be very awesome to get Ruin very early in the game, just being able to Shock, Corrode and Slag something would be super badass :slight_smile: hell even burn if you picked Helios.
(god now you’re making me wanna ditch my Zer0 character and play as Maya xD)

Yea, realistically it isn’t gonna happen. However, there is something that GBX could do that would be much easier than modifying Maya’s skill tree and would make many Maya players very happy. GBX could replace the current +5 Helios bonus (worthless skill especially in UVHM) of the Legendary Binder COM with either +5 Chain Reaction or +5 Quicken.

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Give you a mechanism where you can alter the elemental damage of certain skills to fit the situation. For example, Maya’s Immolate skill adds fire damage when in FFL- great against fleshy enemies but not 'bots. If I could change the effect to corrosive when going thru places like Washburn Refinery or Hero’s Pass, that would be cool… :sunglasses:

As long as it does not activate on slopes and stairs, like DFA.
That said, I would like to see DFA fixed, because of the reason stated in my previous sentence.

I wish I could recall Deathtrap and get some CDR like the Turrets. Also, I wish a lot of skills in the LBT tree were fixed especially Wires Don’t Talk. It would be nice to have skills like Shock Storm and One-Two Bloom fixed for end game.


This I agree on, even though that CD can be cut down alot by using the right gear and skills.
Actually forgot mentioning this.

For WDT, it does need its calculations fixed, but it is still a pretty viable skill combined with Anarchy. This is one of the skills that make Gaige good with a Storm, thanks to the synergy with Anarchy + WDT + (I believe) SaA.

Shock Storm needs to be retooled heavily, for one it shouldn’t activate for Gaige herself only on crits, just give it a 50% chance at 5/5 to proc. Doesn’t fix the fact that it merely tickles the enemy but it is a start.

For One-Two-Boom I cannot give my own view on since I never used this skill.

You deserve a like anyway.

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Either fix ranked skills so they scale better in UVHM or do away with rank damage. Skills like Helios, Unforseen, etc., start to lose their mojo in UVHM because rank damage just cannot keep up with both the enemies’ health and health regen. They’re cool skills, but practically worthless after NVHM.


I wish cloud kill was slag kill
I wish Maya had a sniper com
I wish there was a legendary trickster com that also boosted inertia and foresight.

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Thanks! Haha

If the DoT part of WDT worked properly the Storm would be a lot stronger actually. It is sad that this doesnt work, seems like an easy fix (change the damage increase from the actual .15 if I remember correctly to the properly 15%). But I dont know how it works at all so I just wish. Badly.

Also, they kinda fixed rank skills in TPS. Lets see if they can improve even further. DFA, Shock Storm and a lot of Maya skills could be really useful in the game if scaled properly.

Technically Axton has more than just explosive; it’s just that the majority of weapons in the game that get grenade damage are explosive.

WDT synergizes with Anarchy (as in boosting its damage), if I remember correctly. But yeah, it should be given the damage the LBT tree advertises.
@pokapoka knows this better than I do!

Was gonna mention the Level skills (like Blight Phoenix), but you guys beat me to it. :thumbsup:


  • Action Skill (AS) cancellation and kill extenders.
  • Only one character has cancellation [=Axton], and only half the hunters have extenders [=Gaige/Salvador/Zero].
  • Skill trees individually dedicated to their Action Skill, weapon+elemental specialties, and unique playstyle.
  • Level-type skills that are either better explained than simply “Rank damage”, scale appropriately at higher difficulties – or both.
  • Skill to guarantee application of the game’s damage enhancer (=slag, cryo, etc.), not have a random chance to apply.
  • A damage-enhancer application skill; slag is essential, yet only half the Vault Hunters have a reliable one – Zero’s, being a total dice-roll, is exempt from the list.
  • Innate health regeneration (like Sustenance), rather than requiring a mod and/or kills.
  • Mods whose skill boosts can be customized to suit the player’s individual need(s), whether it’s damage output, health, shields, etc.
  • Mods and relics affecting both the character and the pet AS.
  • Skills affecting reload speed also affecting weapon swap speed. (credit @cioran)</font color>


  • Either roll Healthy into Forbearance, or Grit into Healthy; in either case, you can then use the now-vacant slot for something else.
  • Allow changing of the turret’s ammunition and missiles from non-elemental to -elemental, as was able to be done with Roland’s turret in the first game.
  • Roll Quick Charge into Onslaught.
  • Something like the Trophy system (fr. “Call of Duty”) for Axton’s turret. All enemy projectiles (=rockets) and hand-thrown projectiles are shot down. but the effects of your kill skill(s) on your next kill and only that kill are reduced by 50%. In cases of simultaneous kills, the weakened effect will only apply from the first kill to the second.
  • Phalanx Shield is a little wider and stronger, and will reduce damage from energy attacks at the cost of shortened duration.
  • Laser Sight improves turret tracking speed (credit @l_gabrielcruz)</font color> as well as increasing the turret’s RoF by converting it to fire tracer rounds – or even lasers:


  • A shield-break skill like Fearless or Fleet.
  • The ability to hack machines, akin to Thoughtlock, with the same restrictions.
  • Roll With Claws into Death From Above.
  • Shock Storm has a wider radius.
  • Her Sweetheart and Prodigy mods should’ve been combined – the only difference between them is the mod’s effect(s).
  • Positive reactions – laughing, for instance – when affected by DoT that doesn’t kill her [=Shamfleeting], and less overboard negative reactions when affected by DoT:


  • Pull the Pin, being useless once you cap, would be more useful if a successful kill with it instead revived you.
  • Krieg gets a skill that grants melee damage bonus when struck by melee attacks, and movement speed bonus (with slight damage resistance) when hit by gunfire.
  • Silence the Voices also applies slag to both Krieg and his target. (credit @Giuvito)</font color>


  • Cloud Kill doesn’t self-inflict when you near the cloud…or happen to be right in it.
  • Phaselock: Res works with Phaselock: Sub-sequence; if multiple teammates are down, Res/Sub-Sequence would prioritize by distance from the teammate that Res was used on.
  • The timer slows down drastically while Phaselock: Sub-Sequence is active.
  • Increased damage from Recompense. (credit @l_gabrielcruz)</font color>
  • Phaselock can be command-cancelled, resulting in Helios-type splash damage; the effect would look something like a Force Grip>Crush:


  • Roll Sexual Tyrannosaurus into Incite.
  • Menu options for Gunzerking to allow either independent (=Salvador; larger recoil), linked (=Nisha), or staggered firings (=reduced recoil): Desires For Borderlands 3
  • Would help immensely to counteract the Dahl effect – which makes them nearly useless to him in GM – and allow him to truly rock a Shockhawk and Hornet instead of having to treat them like elemental (and weaker) Jakobs weaponry.


  • In addition to its B2 effect, Unforeseen would throw out +1 decoy per Level, all of which would home in on any nearby enemies and explode with a (Shock-elemental) Bloodsplosion-type effect.
  • Shots fired in Deception that successfully hit an enemy extend its duration rather than abruptly ending it; conversely, shots that miss shorten its duration.
  • Death Blossom throws up to five in a row, with the last one teleporting you to its point of impact, akin to Minato Yondaime’s ability:

If B1 is applicable, Lilith…:

  • …being able to jump during Phasewalk and dealing small AoEs [when/where]ever she landed would’ve been nice.
  • …keeping her standard melee, but having a different one (with knockback) when moving:
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I’ll do this patch notes style.

ALL: Tanking/healing COMs health regeneration being % based instead of flat based. Same with shield boosting/reducing effects.

Axton: Ranger grants 2% per rank instead of 1% which would make it worthwhile without the COM. Phalanx Shield now doubles turret durability. Mag-lock has had its turret turn speed penalty removed and Laser Sight now increases the turrets reaction time by 4% per levell. Melee bonus of Crisis Management and Impact have been replaced with grenade damage. Overload applies to all firearms. Duty Calls fire rate bonus changed to critical damage bonus. Nuke’s damage is increased by 25%.

Maya: Recompense now works with shields,not just health, and now has a much a higher return value. Sub-Sequence now goes through walls and moves faster. Res also allows Maya to use Phaselock while in FFYL. Helios releases a fire effect similar to Vladof grenades and Cloud Kill deals as much damage as a purple quality Vladof grenade of the same level as maya. Blight Phoenix now increases Maya’s fire and corrosive damage by 4% per level for several seconds after killing an enemy.

Salvador: Hard to Kill bonuses increased to 6% and .5% per rank respectively. I’m the Juggernaut applies damage reduction when he is moving instead of on kill and being 6% per rank instead of 4%. Just Got Real applies its damage boost on how much shield he has left instead of health. Ain’t Got Time to Bleed’s health regeneration upgraded to 1.6% per rank. Sexual Tyrannosaurus healing is now able to stack up to 5 times. Come At Me Bro shares the melee augmentation cooldown with Fist Full of Hurt. I’m Your Huckleberry and Divergence is Likeness applying their bonuses to the offhand weapon.

Gaige: Deathtrap can now hit enemies while moving at the same time. Upshot Robot gives Deathtrap a 4% boost to his damage resistance with every stack along with melee bonus .Potent as a Pony gives Gaige 4% health bonus and Deathtrap 10% health bonus. Made of Sterner stuff grants Gaige 5% damage reduction and Deathtrap 1% health regeneration per rank. Myelin increases electrical DoT duration by 10% while also reducing electrical/shock damage towards Gaige by 10% per rank. Shock Storm instead drops a mini-Vladof Tesla effect at the feet of the target when they are struck with electrical damage. Shock and “AAAGGGGHHH!” now Gaige’s electrical and shock damage by 10% for five seconds after reloading. One Two Boom effect has been replaced with a chain lightning effect that deals heavy damage to all enemies struck. Strength of Ten Gorillas increases Deathtraps melee damage by 10% per rank and Gaige’s shield capacity by 5% per rank. The Stare increases Deathtraps initial shock attack by 100% damage. Death from Above increases the damage boost of Anarchy by 20% per rank while Gaige is Airborne.

Krieg: Pull the Pin and Light the Fuse positions have been swapped; Pull the Pin increases the final explosion of Light the Fuse by 50%. Salt the Wound stacks do not disappear until death or quitting the game. Strip the Flesh bonus increased from 3% to 6%. Bloody Revival gun damage applies to all firearms. Hellfire Halitosis ignites and slags enemies. Fuel the Rampage now increases the duration of BxR and RtB by one second and move speed by 4% per rank. Raving Retribution’s damage scales more efficiently now.


Yeah, WDT is multiplicative with Anarchy rather than aditive like COMs bonus and this stuff. This is why the Twister is so good with Gaige!
Also, Storm DoT is based in the gun damage and due to it receives a boost from Anarchy and WDT. But, if WDT worked properly, the Storm would get two boosts to its DoT: from the Shock damage, that affects the gun damage and from the electrocute damage itself. Would be insanely good not only for the Storm but for all LBT tree, especially EE and EB.

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And it only triggers when jumps or falls from a great height. None of this being on uneven ground BS.