Things you've never done in the game

Today I started thinking about stuff I’ve never done in this game and thought I might make a topic out of it.

Some of the stuff I could come up with pretty fast are:

  • I’ve never reached the cult symbol at the roof in Terra’s area.

  • I’ve never prestiged my BAR on any of my characters. While I do enjoy playing with BAR on and getting more of it I enjoy my full bars and completed challenges more.

  • I’ve never played through the game as Gaige

  • There’s some weapons I’ve never got. Volcano springs to mind, I’ve never seen one.

So, what are some of the things you haven’t done in the game to this day?

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I’ve never killed Vora or Gee (I haven’t really committed to Gee). I haven’t spawned the ‘secret boss’ in Hallowed Hollows. I haven’t done much of anything with BAR challenges, because I never pay attention to them. I haven’t run Krieg in UVHM or a Gaige of my own (I have run my daughter’s OP8 Gaige).

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Oh yeah, the janitor skeleton dude. I was actually thinking about him too but I forgot. I haven’t spawned him either.

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There are a great many things I am still yet to do. I have never made it to OP8 (Sal is closest with 4), and i still need to defeat several raid bosses in UVHM. In my defence, I changed to a new PSN when I got a PS4 and THC and thus reset all my progress by doing so (had a 72 Zero and Kreig as well as a lower level Sal).

I have never played as Maya or Axton as my coop partner does and I didn’t want to double up.

I also have never prestiged. I too like having the completed challenges more than earning more ranks. Can always start a new character to work on BAR if I want (maybe a Maya or Axton).

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I have never played Krieg, but I think I’ve done everything else the game has to offer at least once? There is an allegiance relic that I’ve been searching for that I’ve never found, but that’s pretty random.

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Neither have I, but I don’t think Krieg can be knocked up that far because of his extra weight.

I’ve only done it once because I don’t really farm BAR challenges.

I haven’t gotten the last Steam achievement where you have to complete the first level of all of the non-area specific challenges (e.g. Crouching Tiger, Hidden AR). I have every other one aside from that one.

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I’ve never finished a single playthrough as Zer0.

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Still haven’t: 1- gotten a Hawkeye or Twister, 2- get all the Vault symbols and some of the more out of the way BAR challenges in certain areas (i.e. the SO.CUTE. challenge in The Forest area) or attempted Master Gee at OP8- “Screw that guy!”

There are a few Cult of the Vault symbols I’m missing (including that Terra one…)

A few weapons I have yet to see: the Twister, and the Wanderlust, Godfinger, Bekah, and Carnage (the tubbies have not been kind to me there yet.) And the Ogre. Oh and the Blockhead… damn Creepers won’t give it up but I’ve had a couple Longbows drop.

No OP8 character yet, my highest is an OP6 Maya.

Haven’t prestiged my BAR yet.

I have never had a Twister or a Cobra to drop. I am very bitter about that.

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Never had a Norfleet drop.

Never spawned Vermivorous.

Never summoned Dexiduous.

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  • I’ve never played Sal

  • I’ve never played Axton

  • I’ve never been 100% safe from Terra’s “you’re doing so well, I’m just going to knock you off of the cliff!” insta-gib attack… T~T

I’ve never changed my Head/Skin and NOT used the Missus’ screen as my own personal mirror while convincing her that I am running to her so ‘she can check it out’.


I’m going to keep trying to tempt you to do this…


I don’t think he can but everyone should be able to reach it in a co-op game by having a friend open the hatch and jumping on it before it fully closes. I think it’s still in Kriegs challenge list while happy pig motel and caustic cavern launches are not.[quote=“Gulfwulf, post:6, topic:1550669”]
I haven’t gotten the last Steam achievement where you have to complete the first level of all of the non-area specific challenges
I’m also still missing this on Steam but I had everything on PS3. I’ll get it if I can get my Zer0 in a co-op game to get rank 1 of the co-op specific challenges.

Never played co-op. Ever. Take that!

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:hushed: You win, that’s a big one! It’s very fun in coop I must say.


Yes. I’m too far gone (into solo play) though

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I find I’m not sure about playing with people who have a comparatively low playtime… not out of snobbery, just because I’m getting very different things out of the game at this point

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I’ve never played co-op with anyone I don’t know. The game is plenty fun solo but I’ve been thinking about hitting up the matchmaking one of these days to see if I can spot anyone from these forums I’d recognize. The co-op games I get with my friends are few and far between.