Think I got an idea of what BL4 is going to be about

So, obviously there will be story spoilers in here. You’ve been warned.

My guess is that The Destroyer isn’t dead and Tyreen just absorbed a small portion of it’s power. We killed her. Not The Destroyer. How else would you explain a couple of schmucks with green tier guns killing a creature so devastatingly powerful that an incredibly advanced alien race who might have even created space-magic needed to sacrifice their entire civilization to simply seal it away because they couldn’t actually kill it.

Granted, this assumes a few things about the Eridians such as that they wanted to kill this creature, but couldn’t, but I mean, you don’t Parallax (aka: bury something deep down) instead of kill it if it can EAT STARS.

BL4 might be something akin to The Great Vault having been briefly opened allowing The Destroyer a means of attempting to release itself. I can see that leading to two possibilities:

  1. The Vault Hunters/Crimson Raiders set out to find a way to kill/re-seal The Destroyer and find the last one/few living Eridians who have disappeared somewhere “off-the-grid” or even slipped into an alternate plane allowing them more time to research ways of effectively killing these monsters they sealed/something similar. We bring them back and we kill The Destroyer. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

  2. The Destroyer starts unleashing hell on the universe and we need to find a way to re-seal it/kill it leading up to us (with the help of the Sirens) sacrificing our own civilization to re-seal/kill outright The Destroyer like the Eridians did before us. (kind of a “vicious cycle of sacrifice” thing).

I could be WAY off, but that’s just where my Writer’s mind goes with the story and evidence I have seen and been presented with. What about y’all? Any educated guesses where they’ll take the story next given they clearly have a sequel in mind? I’m asking about “logical next step” in the story, not necessarily what you WANT to happen.
(if you wanna say what you want to happen then that’s chill, just mark it as such. I’d personally LIKE to see a story where another all out corporate war breaks out and we’re mercenaries in the middle of the squabble).

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What I think is gonna happen is that Ava and Tina are gonna be playable characters in BL4 and the game takes place 5-10 years after the events of BL3.
I can think of 4 evil Vault Hunters that want to destroy everything for x reason and we fight against them…

What gives you that impression? What clues have you spotted that make you think Ava and Tina will be playable and that that there will be 4 nefarious VHs? Genuinely curious. I’m sure there is lore I’ve missed and clues I haven’t spotted.

In terms of the next playable Siren, we still have one that is an unknown unless the Siren from the comic is canon in which case they could have her powers over animals. The Siren who inherits Tyreen’s powers would most likely be young so we shouldn’t count her as a potential character.

A corporate wars storyline could happen seeing as they’ve sort of set up “good” companies and “evil” companies now. Jakobs is a family company that kept out of the first corporate wars and Atlas is under friendly management with a new view towards “corporate responsibility” according to their flavour text.

Meanwhile Dahl consistently uses and throws away its employees and Maliwan is hungry for power and expansion. Vladof is sort of the wildcard. Maybe it could turn out that they’re trying spark a revolution by manipulating the other corporations into destroying each other.

The cat’s out the bag in regards to the Vaults and to siren heredity. Maybe the corporations are all trying to get their own sirens to harness the power of the vault monsters.

War is coming, you’ll need all the Vault Hunters you can get.

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My quess is that the great war Watcher warned Crimson Raiders about is happening in the next game, or game after that, or game after that…

However there is no way Gearbox is gonna make it as a dlc

atleast I don´t think so

As I understand Destroyer cannot be destroyed, only held back. The idea I would REALLY be interested in seeing is journey below Pandora’s surface, inside the Destroyer, that could take inspiration from The Mountains of Madness by H. P. Lovecraft. Different flora and fauna, new opportunities for map design, and, maybe, intelligent race that lives in symbiosis with Destroyer, ir maybe Destroyer is a machine that converts star energy in one that can be used, which ensures civilisation’s survival until the heat death of the universe.

That would be another plot point - no good or evil, just fight for survival and survival of ideas/way of life that would somewhat mirror real world.

inb4; bumping old thread.

I think that BL4 will have a playable “Guardian gone rogue” as a VH.