Think I'm calling it here

I’m not fond of these long drawn out dramatic goodbye letters to games but here I am trying my hand at it anyways.

Just a little backstory here I’ve been playing borderlands since the week of the first games release and put thousands of hours in since.

Fast forward 10 years or so and here we have BL3, a good game despite many technical flaws and (imo at least) a severely lacking story ignoring the best characters in the series.

I did end up buying SP2 despite my feelings on the content, arms race turned out to be refreshingly fun for the first few rounds but i find it repetitive. Since the new class mods are locked behind arms race I decided to farm it until I got the Spy class mod.

After roughly 10 runs I finally got my first class mod and it turns out to be what I’m actually after! Albeit with crap skills and passives but I was excited nonetheless.

So fast travel back to sanctuary I go to respec and plan out a new build. Now this is when the rage sets in. While messing with my inventory i accidentally drop the mod, no big deal right? Wrong, it plummets directly through a seem and into the abyss. Close the game without saving instantly to hopefully see it in my bank. Enter the game and I have no com equipped…not a good sign at all. And it is gone. Along with the 2 afternoons I spent farming in content I’m already bored of.

Having said all that i know this isn’t a permanent goodbye, just a frustrated fan with one too many problems with the game right now. ■■■■ you BL3, and see you next week.


Have you played an AC Valhalla yet?
Or if you were lucky enough to get a ps5, demon’s souls is out there now too.

There be stuff out there for ya m80

I’ve been chipping away at Ghost of Tsushima and I have Sekiro waiting after! Picked then both up on sale, been burnt one too many times to buy full price lol.


Good luck with sekiro, I’m at the final boss but I refuse to fight it until I beat this optional boss, but this optional boss…

I platinumed bloodborne 3 days after release and it was hell…
but this optional boss?

make you wanna headbutt a belt sander that’s for sure


Sorry to hear it, I feel your pain. I lost a couple of legendaries through the floor that way before I learned never to drop anything in my character’s room. (Strangely enough, both times it was a Zane class mod I didn’t want so it was no big deal, but other legendaries managed not to fall through the floor, so I wondered for a while if it was only a problem with Zane class mods.)

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Out of curiosity - what makes floor in character’s room any different from the floor in front of the loot machine (which seems to be solid enough), or any other floor, to be honest?

It feels like such a strange bug…


Probably because maps are basically patched together boxes and walls :wink:

Often there’s an invisible wall

These things are really easy to overlook and miss. How much I want to point fingers at the devs for all the things they overlooked, these things are pretty much present in any game… Most of the time they never pose a problem.

Adding to OP’s problem being he dropped it and so will not be send to the lost loot


This was closer to the table by the respec station, fell right between the sesm of two floor pieces.

That was my first thought to, did the force quit to hope the autosave was before I dropped it but I guess this game saves with every inventory change. Prob to stop people from duplicating so easily

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If you’re on pc you could backup your save but I don’t see anybody doing that every time they find a new piece of equipment haha

But why not try the trading forum? I’m sure there’s someone out there willing to send you the item you’re looking for :wink:

Doesn’t fix the problem but at least you don’t have to farm for it again

Sekiro is one of my favorite games of all time. It’s incredible. #1 tip, spend some time at the very beginning learning how to parry properly and great success will follow


When I simmer down and return to the game I’ll probably just refarm one lol. I like acquiring all my own gear for the most part.


I’ll send you a PM because what I’ll say will be removed…

I learned about the sanctuary floor the hard way myself. More than once. And it can happen pretty much anywhere on that ship.

Pro tip, if you need to drop items in Sanctuary, throw them on one of the tables outside of the player rooms. They are safe on those tables.

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This has happened to me, too. I tried to drop a Zane com onto the floor to give to my friend who was running Zane. It was near the lost loot machine. After I tossed it, it just kept traveling down endlessly and disappeared while the legendary icon got smaller & smaller.
I thought it was weird because I toss stuff onto the floor all the time when sorting my bank.

Then again, I’ve gotten stuck inside the trunk of a tree while fighting Traunt on Athenas, so I suppose anything is possible.

I miss the ability from BL2 to drop things and then quit without saving. Then again we different benefit of having the game save our gear pickups rather immediately.

In sanctuary I only drop stuff I care about when in the long hall that faces the golden key chest and the “kill” bounty board.

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I’ve had stuff fall through the floor in these areas as well. The tables are the only safe spot I’ve found in Sanctuary to drop things.

I’ve literally transferred thousands of items in that space. But I’m always very intentional about dropping things onto pieces of floor that look like they are one piece of geometry.

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Proper distance for tables: Wedge between two stools, gear will land on table.

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Wait… goodbye letter written because player dropped the item on Sanctuary.

Maaaate thats partly the games fault for not securing Sanctuary and its floors but the game didn’t make you drop the item.
Just don’t drop items on the ship, its well known.