Think I'm calling it here

One thing in a long list of grievances, but it was a big enough F.U from the game that it was hard not take personally.

And while I admit it was a momentary lapse in judgment (I know I screwed up before even exiting the menu), they have enough resources to make a solid goddamn floor in sanctuary


I drop things a lot on Sanctuary, spent days making a build only to find it doesn’t work, Ive died in race with the most special of gear, got hammered on forum for being a big dreamer/ambitious…

I guess I understand grievances but we all get knocked down in life and its not about what a person did that matters. Its about how they carried on.

Embrace that grief, saddle up VH.
We ride to Ruin.

Come back soon yo!


Dropping something on the floor and having it become lost in and of itself would be considered a single straw by most and could normally be ignored or chalked up to bad luck.

But after suffering through thousands of straws, it only takes one more to break a camel’s back.


I just wish I could use my final form skins. When I install them, I can’t play the DLC.

I picked it up for a hot minute to see if all the issues with the skills and trees are really THAT bad. Amara’s new tree is so bugged and clunky that I swapped to FL4K. FL4K’s trap is nigh worthless and the robot doesn’t benefit from several skills while it just siting around in the middle of combat, so I swapped to Moze. Iron Cub often stands around doing nothing and the skills were primarily DoT focused which would be fairly pointless in later levels.

Yea. I kinda decided to put the game down again as well. That’s not even going into too much detail about my experience with Arms Race (which is just a lazy, single map, Battle Royal with PvE) and too much running around)


Arms Race is a huge disappointment, I agree. I hate it. However, Joltzdude has a new build for FL4K’s Robot that is really great.

personally i play 10 minutes and burn out again
game balance sucks so hard
i mean… i play anything then meta stuff and im useless

after the last big patch ( speak arms race and balance) zane feels kinda ■■■■
i dont know why but its even worse then before now…

( i do not own arms race btw, i refuse to purchase it)

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I lost a great Spiritual Driver (the only genuinely GOOD one that I ever managed to find, in days of farming those two goons) in the exact same manner…

…how my like for BL3 managed to die even just a little bit further, at that point (it was after DLC4 released), is beyond me.

But it did.

But it was the grift of the Season 2 DLC that finally got me to stop picking at the nails machine-gunned into the game’s coffin, and accept that no amount of Second Life katra retconning would make it any less dead, no matter how much one might try to jimmy it, or decry how ate-in-the-head this buck-o’-fivex10+30 world is.

if they do bl4 and fix everything wrong with this game, and make it so this is prett much like pre sequel
so its just a setup thing for bl4 then i can accept it

but its just so bad currently
alot of small issues, true they have made the game better but the start and lowest point of this game is rly no bar you should try to stay under

GOT is awesome! I’m like you, I started playing first Borderlands first week it came out, my son was 5 yrs old & would sit in my lap waiting to see claptrap lol… now he’s a teenager, played all three BL’s, GOT, just bought him new COD cold war. He has a xbox x, I’ve been unsuccessful thus far getting my hands on a SERIES X yet… in the cart 13 times to magically disappear :roll_eyes:
But soon I will succeed. He knows good grades get rewards lol… & me with a smaller wallet lol.
I tried BL3 several times, I just couldn’t get excited like I was with BL & BL2 which I still play. RDR & RDR2 both enjoyable… maybe after a small break OneAngryKitty you’ll find your excitement again… looking forward seeing you in game… I still occasionally get on 360 & play BL2, 360 BL2 servers have been packed lately!
GoodLuck & Happy Thanksgiving to all👍

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I called it awhile ago being that BL3 unlike the other three games in the series consistently crashes my console and is the only game that does. Secondly the lazily implemented split screen co-op that they most likely added as an after thought is ridiculous (small text, terrible UI, etc.). The experience we had with the first three games was great and we had fun and spent a lot of time playing.

Sadly it seems GBX is more focus on what the streamer community thinks of their game than their actual customers that put them where they are. Also they released pretty much what amounts to a beta program and have been playing catchup to try and fix it while also add additional revenue with paid content. I know this has been one big learning lesson when it comes to anything from GBX in the future. I will agree with others though that we went back to the older games and are still having a great time with those, even with all the people still playing them online, go figure.


y they rly want to shove the streamers down our throats
streamers are our enemies
streamers get special features
watching streams gets extra rewarded…
it goes on

they even balance things for streamers, you clearly see the problem


It is some of the dumbest sh1t ever.

“Oooooh! Lookkit! Lookit what the STREAMERS ARE DOING! LOOK AT THEIR BEST BUILDS FROM THEIR EARLY ACCESS! Now we know what the best is, because other people got it way before us! And it has effectively ruined a huge part of the joy of the game. Said joy being discovery, innovation, and figuring things out on your own! I mean, who wants to actually PLAY a game day one,as a new experience, free of special septic snowflakes ruining all the joy for everyone else! Yaaaay!”

Also: “Let’s nerf at THEIR discretion! They are the chosen ones. Like Anakin. In every way.”


The privileged sh1tshow of E-“Celebrities” ruined fighting games in general, and it ruined Diablo 3.

And it lit BL3 on fire, on my porch.

It’s why I have pretty much stopped playing all games with multi-player aspects.


100% true
they are no longer rly showing what ppl rly want
they show what their fans want
and what gearbox wants

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I wish streamers would wish for a game that doesn’t crash consoles and has readable text and working UI in split screen.

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last time i checked most of them said the game is perfect

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Say it ain’t so! You mean to tell me that they told GBX what they wanted to hear??? I might be wrong but I have a Scooby-Doo hunch that they might have not been 100% honest.


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okay im not going to delete the post ive made, like what??? clearly a joke response to another joke post
how is that flagged? who flagged that?


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