Think I'm Going back to playing on PC for a while. Lots of Gear to give away

all done…


Come one, come all.


Can I get the burning scourge and the cryo soul render. Both with sntl cryo aniontment? GT. Pbodyjel

I just saw your artic reflexive night hawkin. With SNTL/ cryo Can I get that instead of the soulrender please if possible. Sorry about the confusion… that’s my favorite gun from base game and I just thinks it’s so cool. :slight_smile:

I’d love to get the Eviscerating Mocking Kyb’s Worth Fire/Corrosive SNTL 100% Cryo.

GT is SixPackStl


I accidentally sent my cryo soulrender with sntnl cryo100 to someone and can’t get it back, if you could hook me up that, that would be awesome man

I would like to have the Potent Moonfire 130% clone dmg if you really don’t mind giving it away. :slightly_smiling_face:

GT: PowerBencher

Could I get the Phasecast 250 Hellshock?

GT DeadheadHix09


Can I get the Maggie SNTNL cryo pls. Thank you

GT: So Concussed

I’d love this one. GT is dalbuc

I’ll start sending things out after 10 pm EDT…i have a homework assignment due


Could I get that SNTL Hellshock please and thank you.

GT xRoss357x

Hey man, I’d love to try the Dastardly Maggie with SNTNL is active 100% Bonus Cryo, if you haven’t gifted it yet. Thanks.

If you have, then a soul render (any element is fine with me) with sntl cryo would be magnificent. Thanks for doing this; highly appreciated!

dwojtk is my gamertag.

If he can’t get it to you, I have a night hawkin with SNTL cryo, burst fire 14.04 rof. Let me know tomorrow and I’ll get it to you.

I’d love that ase 100 corrosive cutsman if available

Sorry someone else asked first and I sent it out.

Everything should be sent out now.

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|Auditing Synergized Redistributor|cryo|ASE +100% Weapon Damage|

Pretty pretty please?

GT - v Carpe Diem v

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Got the Kyb’s Worth. Thanks!!!

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Just received the Moonfire thanks a lot :slight_smile:
A friend of mine plays Clone Zane all the time so a clone damage anointed Moonfire might just be what he’s looking for especially since it got buffed. Thanks again!

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May I get this if it is not taken already?

GT dafatman911

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