Think it's break-time from Battleborn for a bit ... (loot pack woes)

This isn’t a rage-quit or QQ thread. I’ve really enjoyed my time with Battleborn and look forward to hopefully playing more later. But have suddenly felt my progress grind to a near stop.

Yeah there’s a lot to fix that will generally make the game overall more enjoyable (Collision? Dear god please).

I like the double XP event, really great. But have been really irritated by the gear packs. For some reason I was able to get some great gear for my main early on - and it’s been nice to improve over time, but as I’ve tried new characters and in the last weeks - just garbage after garbage after garbage after garbage from every loot pack. Really sets players apart too I’ve felt as I’ve tried to use something other than my main (which again - great gear early on, now augmented by my Master equipment).

Not exciting to play 4-5 rounds (20+ min) to be able to get a gear pack with trash. And the other progression systems aren’t rewarding enough. Helix? Yeah okay. Title / Skins / Taunts ? Meh (and again, nothing through loot).

Once some other stuff gets improved, the basic thing like frustration with loot may be better (since I can see them being a balance concern if toyed with too much to appease people frustrated by it), but while it’s the only incentive system that impacts play - it’s actually increasing my frustration as a player trying to test other characters.

Cannot remember a game where collision is lke this?
Patch is coming very soon, this will fix it.
I am not really into any of the loot, i have some legendary but they don’t seem worth the extra cost over the purples I have got, don’t even bother looking at it anymore, bank has about 100 items in it and takes forever to delete stuff

See, even that says a lot. I’m lucky to find a blue, rarely purple, and just a couple orange (not useful for who I’ve been using).

Mostly just white and green for 90% of my loot. Anything above that is both rare and either similar (with weaker stats) to what I’ve got, or not really useful on any of the characters I’m working with.

And to be fair, I have run into similar frustrations on Black Ops 3, playing several matches to unlock trash while others (who u guess play tons more?) Have new weapons and gear.

But that becomes just a background frustration since everything else is a smooth and there are so many other ways to build progress.

I’d be much more happy with an orange gun. Loot system based on gear isn’t working for me either. Now if they had a loot system based on weapons and melee abilities then I’m all for it.

How do you play? I solo a lot, not sure if maybe this is why i have lots of blues and better, i sell greens and greys when i have 2 hours to spare, got to point where i was selling blues and couldnt be bothered with comparing stats so just let them pile up

And see, I have tons of gear for ranged shooters, and the few higher level gear pieces I have are useful for them… But I don’t really use those characters…

Do you mean you play story private matches alone or join online story of competitive without a group?

I usually do pvp with a group (sometimes join by myself), rarely story, never story by myself.

Story missions by my lonely self, i’d say 50/50 split between that and matchmade groups.

Tbh i am not sure if i just miss when someone else picks up loot, whereas when i am alone i pick stuff up so i actually notice it more. But i am 23 i think and have stacks in the bank. Oh i swear i found some in random chests too

That’s jobs of the point actually, you don’t need oranges and purples to be competitive… Most of my builds are based off of a green backbone with a few purples and blues to finish them off. This isn’t an rpg, the guy with the most legendaries doesn’t have a drastic advantage.

All gear equipped is a trade off, you could be using that money for defenses and levels or on gear. I had enough gear to make any character competitive within the first 20 levels or so, any improvements on the gear from there on out was just a nice bonus and usually only a percentage point or two.

Seriously, I’m a level 100 and I can tell you that most of that orange gear isn’t worth the price you pay when it sets you behind 2 or 3 levels

Drop rates are horrible and getting good gear that you actually want has been basically impossible for me. I’ve played welllllllllllllllllllllllllll over 100 story missions at this point and I’ve seen ONE Legendary drop the whole time. I’ve played quite a lot on Advanced and Advanced Hardcore as well (successfully). I’ve also spent 100,000 shards on loot packs (epics and faction packs) and I didn’t get a single legendary. I also rarely get epic drops.

Now some people say that Legendary gear isn’t worth it in PvP… well that’s true of some gear and some situations but for example I play as Miko in PvP a lot and there’s a couple pieces of Legendary gear that are AMAZING for Miko. 30% increased sprint speed from ONE piece of gear? That’s fantastical for Miko… plus if you have gear with +sprint speed in your other two slots and you choose the helix options for sprint/movement speed Miko becomes amazing IF played correctly. With the proper play style that piece of legendary gear can easily make the difference between life and death many times within just one versus match. There’s also other Legendary gear for Miko and some other characters that can really make a big difference if used correctly. I think the problem is, a fair amount of the Legendary gear really seriously isn’t worth 1800 shards but some of it definitely is.

Now… by the time I get to 200 story missions played I’ll probably have seen a total of 2 Legendary items drop (if things continue to go for me as they have with drop rates). It doesn’t seem worth such a ridiculous amount of time and effort invested to get basically nothing… and 100,000 friggin shards spent for not one single Legendary??? What the hell man.

I enjoy PvP much more than PvE and I play PvE to try and get gear to enhance my PvP experience… however it seems like no matter how much time and effort I put into PvE I will literally NEVER EVER get the gear that I want. Between the many many story missions I’ve played and the shards I’ve spent I really would have hoped I’d have something I wanted to show for it. It’s pretty aggravating…

If PvP wasn’t fun as hell and I wasn’t able to absolutely obliterate other players in PvP like I do or carry a team to victory with my Miko in a way where skill actually matters I would be far too aggravated over the poor gear drops to continue playing…

I want my 100,000 shards back and I want some freaking Legendary gear… W T F!

I don’t disagree with the trade-off and value aspect of high-level gear.

Much of the problems come in the form of perception and incentives for play - as well as having some ability to change, augment, test different aspects of a character. Not even explicitely about getting Legendary / Epic gear. When most of what I get is lower level / not usable (for any practical reason) for characters I’m playing with - AND the resell value is too low to really matter - the whole system becomes a waste of time that accents frustrations felt elsewhere.

I’m not clamoring for ALL THE EPICS. But since it takes so much just to unlock them and having such little understanding as to what they’d have and relative chance they have any impact on a character I’m playing with… Just frustrating.

Perhaps there should be more variety in loot packs - like rolling not for factions, but play styles (or sets of attributes or something - totally fine to have higher credit values, but better to try and roll for things with a higher chance I can actually use them, then rack of green/white trash with the occasional competitive gear that goes with characters I’m not using at all). Right now I feel it’s a time waste - saved up for an Epic gear pack - garbage. Perhaps even Epic / Rare faction loot boxes?

Umm, the factions already do that… I may be misunderstanding you, so forgive me if you’re talking about something else, but all of the faction packs have gear for certain things and those things only… Eldrid has health regen, healing received, and maximum health increases for instance… So since I mostly play tanky characters, I started by buying a bunch of their packs until I had working gear.

If you’re wanting gear that does a certain kind of thing, then you grab packs from that faction until you get something that will suffice. It makes it so even at early levels you can get the kind of gear you need, but you can grind for more specialized gear later at the value increase of having to save up shards for them in game.

The loot grind in this game is especially terrible if you mostly PvP. I can’t bring myself to PvE more than a match or so in hopes of loot drops, but then when you PvP 5+ matches @30 minutes a pop just to buy a purple pack with an epic -225 health -8% cc duration +20 shield recharge for 30 seconds after buying a buildable…

Well, it can honestly make you just want to go play a different game some days.