Thinking about a hero ship game mode

I am trying to come up with how to implement a hero mothership game mode

A few things I am planning on starting with

The player can build up a normal fleet through resourcing and construction

The hero mothership can be built once the no rush timer is expired, the player can pick from a list on the build menu with a limit of 1

The hero mothership would have its own .ship and maybe .hod file, but for now would just be a stats change from the normal ships with different weapons etc

The player would be able to build 1 hero ship for the game, once it is destroyed maybe a timer would start before they would lose, if all players hero ships were destroyed then some other victory condition would need to take over (highest score?, most ships killed?)

okay so onto the hero ship itself, there is a fine balance between hit points and regen rate that will just need experimentation to make the ship powerful, but also not unkillable, I think it would be uncapturable to start with

I would like some help to know if I have all of the abilities that would be useful listed here
Capture,salvage,canbuildships,sensor ping, repaircommand, cloaking, specialattack(EMP, missile barrage), minelayer, defense field, magnetic field, hyperspace inhibitor, hyperspace (default for all heroes but also add area hyperspace)

I stumbled across this one, but I think it is only on capture
addAbility(NewShipType,“CanHaveTechHarvested”,“GhostShipRecording”,100, 45);

script based actions (obviously could write additional ones, but these could be adopted quickly)
Drones, auto spawn fighters, gravity well effect (turn off small ship engines), sensor distortion field

Health Regen Rate
Sensor Distortion
nebula sensativity
dustcloud sensativity
weapon accuracy
weapon damage
cloaking strength
resource capcaity
resource collection rate
resource drop off rate
build speed
max health
max speed
ship hold repair speed
max emp shield
emp shield regen rate
hyperspace time
hyperspace cost
hyperspece abort damage
hyperspace recovery time
cloaking detection
visual range
primary and secondary sensor ranges

Here are some more advanced topics that I want to investigate (I may add more thoughts in the future)

Is it possible to have buttons on the UI that always apply to the Hero ship? (thinking about MOBA type cooldowns) This would be something that would need to be in the hero ship’s lua file, not something in the game type if possible.

I remember some talk of an experience point system being possible, can these points unlock ship specific research/changes to the ships stats?

has anyone been able to randomize the starting subsystems on a ship ( for example mix up the turret types that get installed on hardpoints)?

Any thoughts on how to implement area effect ranged attacks?


Well, there is something you can quite easily do, which is to include in the scripts the repurposing of the combat stances. For example, I set up all my units to use the passive stance as a dedicated anti-missile stance, where it activates the defender (or defence fighter, I cannot remember which is which) script to target and attack enemy missiles incoming towards your ship and its friends. But only when that stance is active, so you can order your fleet to protect itself from long range missile attacks or have a single missile defence ship, etc.

In your case, it would rather be to define whatever action you want for the stances. As for the cooldown feature, you might repurpose a shield or cloak mechanic. Or, more effectively, have an indestructible subsystem that would appear on the unit’s icon (unlike turrets, for example) for which the HP would be used as a cooldown bar: the action can only be taken when the subs’ HP is at max, then it goes down to zero or so and slowly regens.

For the randomization, I made a few months ago a script that created random names for the capital ships in my mod, but as our beloved mods quickly realized when looking at it, the script was awfully CPU-consuming as it had to refresh so often for every ship and led to lag even on a good gaming rig as mine. However, for what you want, it would only require a single use of the script after construction, and that would be much, much easier on the CPU. At first glance, I’d say it’s entirely doable.


Ship like this won’t be able to lay mines in practise. Also defense field function collides with cloaking, you can only have one or the other, together they’ll both activate at once whether you press C or T, it’s an unsolvable mess.

Why not?

Yes, I’ll have to search my previous posts, though.

Well technically it can attempt, it will just take twenty minutes to lay it and you’d only see the result if you increase the mine’s lifetime. Motherships don’t excell in precise maneuvering.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know there’s no HW1 minelaying with minelaying ships sitting in the middle swarming mines outwards. Tell me if I am mistaken, I’d love to be.

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I would quite like to see a mine-scattering unit… A sort of mine controller, like the drone frigate. Maybe even a platform.

Yeah me too.

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Just spit balling here, but couldn’t a mine be a ship with a kamikazie only attack type and a high death damage that is spawned from a script. When you execute the script the minelayer a sphere or wall of mineships emminates from the minelayer in a predefined volume (wall for minelayers and sphere for mine platforms or something. The mines could have ship scripts that could drain down for their life and the minelayer could have a mine only heal beam?

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I would advise against doing this, if only because it would lead to many, many scripts and some probable game slowdown. For the “ship mine” idea, what you could do would be set up a very short range weapon with a secondary sphere burst effect and a weapon with an even shorter range that would be placed on the same joint as a subsystem to force a friendly fire that could destroy the “ship mine”. This way, when the agressive “ship” sees a target, it rushes towards it to be in range, then fires its main weapon and finally fires the suicide weapon.

are there functions to get the sobgroups targets? or get the sobgroups move to point?

what I am lookign to do is spawn fighters that then attack the â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  ships attack target. I know it is possible to getattackers, but that looks like it is defensive, not for offense. The move point is to look at the possibility of calaculating the distance and auto initiating hyperspace jumps

you could try SobGroup_GetCommandTargets( sOutputSobGroupName, sSobGroupName, sCommand )

Where sCommand is COMMAND_Attack.

Note that SogGroup_GetCommandTargets is a function introduced into HWRM and doesn’t exist in HW2C.

Yes, see: