Thinking about an all Moxxi build

What is Moxxi in the game so far??

I know of:

Vibra Pulse
Slow Hand
Moxxi’s Embrace Shield
Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair Grenade

What am I missing??

Moxxi’s Endowment

I thought the love machine was moxxi too but I think it’s a claptrap related item. I could’ve sworn there was more but I can’t think of any

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Legendary Grenade is terrible…lol Wasn’t there a blue moxxi grenade??

maybe I am thinking BL2 or Pre-aequel

The cheap tips has a Moxxi skin.

You don’t want the crit, unless you actually like dropping your weapon all the time :rofl:

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It’s not that horrible. Granted, it’s unreliable but it actually does some work, especially in confined spaces.

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I am a Moze player and with the right Crit and com/artifact and bottomless mags I can pretty much nullify that downside.

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Does it heal like a normal Moxxi??

Forgot that one…thanks!

It unfortunately does not.


Another quick question. Does the Vibra Pulse always drop with fixed parts or would it be worth trying to farm that. So far the absolute hardest piece of gear to get is the shield at level 53 with a decent anointment.

If anyone’s on PC and would be willing to loan one to me It would be great.