Thinking about best shield for Moze the Sapper

My moze is using the explosion+infinite ammo and sapper+consecutive hits redistributor combo. It works wonders, but I can’t get a hold onto what the best shield is for Moze. Since Moze survives via dealing, she’s basically invincible as long as she’s hitting something. But she gets killed the moment she misses, and the shield is broken almost always.

I’m trying the Maliwan True Takedown, and I always fail at the last phase of Wotan(when he splits in two) because of the goddam hounds.

Most shields work fine, but none seems to hit the spot right. I’m thinking of Band of Sitorak, Transformer, Big Boom Blaster, Frozen Heart, Stop-Gap, Ward, and so on. What do you think the last piece should be?

Try recharger instant full shield once it goes down 20 second recharge

If you are running the Sapper, I would think something to boost your max health to capitalize on that life steal. Mendel’s Multivitamin has some nice stats and is pretty easy to obtain. Or, if you like to live dangerously try the Adrenaline Initiative, it has a fixed damage reduction and 23% reload speed. You did, after all say your shield was always depleted :grin:

Those might work too. I’ll give it a go thnks :slight_smile:

Unpopular opinion, I like the Rico shield from DLC1, 80% to deflect bullets is huge. The downside is splash damage and melee damage doesn’t care about the deflect, you’ll still receive the damage.

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I am very satisfied with the Band Of Sitorak. You get 25% more health and 22% more damage (when depleted). But the most important thing is that the shield part is so low, but so quickly recharged that I have Tenacious Defense almost 100% of the time. It seems a bit risky, but to be honest: with tougher enemies (e.g. the Badass Zealots in Slaughter Shaft) shields are worthless no matter how high the shield capacity is.

I even go more risk by using two points in Thin Red Line to max damage from Desperate Measures. And it still works. Sapper is simply to powerful! :slight_smile:

Try double downer it is great for am aggresive playstyle with sapper com. Also there is no much point to have a lot of life on shields, on the contrary it is longer to get back to health gate.

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I got so used to no life steal I forgot about that. In BL2 I never boosted max health, even with Krieg.

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IDK how this build works, but if she is gaining health as long as she does any damage then maybe an Impaler. It launches homing darts and inflict spike damage on melee attacks, both of which are corrosive which would work great against the hounds. If it works that way you could be doing damage even when not shooting something.

I’m not sure what type of build your going for. But I’ve found that a class mod or artifact with health regen. Really helps my Moze stay alive longer. I’ve found that a Hyperion shield with health regen also helps, but not as good as a class mod or artifact with health regen.

Some Hyperion shields have 5% health regen a second, which is actually huge.

If you’ve worked into the blue tree , you can supplement your sapper with Vampyr … I dont actually do this… but I did test it out, with the right grenade and Sapper you always have health going up.

I run a Fire Old God Shield to increase fire damage. What is dead can’t kill you.

As far as Defensive shields … Transformer, Rico , Stop Gap , Big BooM blaster are really good options. Big Boom Blaster is really a key in certain Moze builds , the shields , grenades and heavy ammo really make a difference.

I’ve messed around with a few Sapper builds and I like to run them with Adrenaline Initiative. Sadly it only gives 25% health bonus instead of the 50% it states but if you have +hp on com and artifact too you end up with 30kish hp. I think the more important part is picking the right weapons to go with the Sapper then the shield.

The other route I’ve taken is going full tank with SOR all the way to TD. I like to use an Old God for this setup.

The shield I have the most success with Sapper in solo TTD is the Sitorak. Two biggest issues I have with this:

  • As soon as you let go the trigger, big chance you will go down. Not a bad one but it hurts my pride lol
  • Sitorak’s effect can stack unintentionally. Sometimes I wonder if my build is good or it’s just that Sitorak keeps restacking its effects. This has positive effect on Moze but again it hurts my pride

I tried ReCharger but I’m not running any red skills so it ends up like Sitorak most of the time – 0 shield.

I’d been trying to get a lvl 57 Multivitamin Mendel with a 75% shield/25% healrh anoint so I can maximize my HP. The more HP, the more buffer I can have when to let go the trigger – at least that’s the idea. However I can’t verify this yet because I don’t have a good Mendel so far.

Lately I had been enjoying Stop Gap with Blast Master and Green Monster. So I might try a Stop Gap again with Sapper.

Edit: In theory the shield should have a more aggressive aspect or increases your damage because you already have good survivability with Sapper at the expense of less damage. Probably an Old God is also a good choice.

Rough Rider

I still like the Stop-Gap but might try out a good Rough Rider, if I can find one.