Thinking about playing Attikus...just one question

I have been thinking of starting to play with Attikus as I’m almost done mastering most of everyone I’ve started (just gotta finish up a few lore challenges).

My question is simple…

Has anybody tested Attikus with the Bunker Buster Legendary Gear dropped by H3NCHM4N?

I’m a Theory-O motivated person, and I don’t want to be disappointed if I start playing Attikus and test out the BB on him and end up disappointed. In theory the BB must be amazing for characters like Kleese, Attikus, WTF and OM…no?

Shield pen is pretty cool, but once Attikus is up and running he barely even cares about the fact that he gets shield pen with full charge.

With Tenacity and enough attack speed, almost no character has their shields stay up for more than 2-3 strikes.

I think you need pretty good gear to get maximum mileage out of Attikus. I have decent AS and AD stuff, but I’d really like to have baned stuff with AS/AD and Recoil or Reload as the bane.

The main challenge I have when trying him is that Pounce has such a long CD. You can’t use it as an engage, then fight for a bit and use it for escape; it won’t be up soon enough. So you wind up either running in and using Pounce to disengage, or Pouncing to attack a weakened enemy you know you can quickly kill. There’s no median of utility there.

Still, with Tenacity and AS gear, he’s scary if played conservatively. At 7, he gets a native 20% boost to AS if you take that Helix; by then IMO he has one of the highest melee DPS benchmarks in the game.

His Helix has two very good choices at 5, both of which are unfortunately overshadowed by Charge Efficiency (mutation, rank 5) since it allows him to use his full-charge abilities MUCH more frequently. The full-charge benefit is absolutely required to make his Ult into a timed nuke, so everyone goes with that mutation.

He’s a fun character, but IMO his detriments outweigh his benefits right now. If he can just whale on you he feels army as hell, but there are too many limitations on him to make doing the whaling easy. I’m hoping he gets a little love in one of the tuning patches coming soon.

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I was mainly referring to the extra damage to shields that it’s special attribute provides. Was wondering if it made a difference as in instead of those 2-3 strikes to shred the enemy shield it took 1 or something.

And tea I know Atticus has some pretty glaring shortcomings sadly.

Will have to disagree, I’m in the Hedronic Regeneration camp. Most of the fully charged skills aren’t terribly useful, so you really only need to make sure you have 5 ready to go for the ult.

Which means Attikus can Pounce into a good target, and take them out quickly to regain 5 charges for killing a player. If he wants to use those to drop his ult on some players, he can. But then he also has the option of using them to keep himself alive through a ridiculous amount of regeneration while doing things that don’t leave him hanging around the same spot until his ult is finished.

To top it off, regeneration has a benefit for partial hedronic charge, which means Attikus has to worry less about constantly being at full charges just like the mutation option - he still gets something out of 3 or 4 charges.

I haven’t gotten the Bunker Buster yet, I was going off my memory and thought it was a +shield penetration gear that had the effect of nullifying shield recharge for a short time.

Attikus gets a bit of passive shield penetration from his 5 charges, and several of his skills can be helixed into bonus shield damage, but as I said shields aren’t usually much of an issue for him. He absolutely loves crits because of how high his damage his, but for the same reason he’s not in a hurry to have them down because it doesn’t take him very long to pop a shield.

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You just convinced me to try Hedronic Regen again, just to see how crazy stacking sustains can be with Attikus.

How do you gear him, by the by? The by?

I actually still just run a standard attack speed/attack damage/lore legendary build with him. Lately I’ve been thinking about trying to spec the Pounce slow instead of life steal and cutting out the legendary in favor of something else, which could be a regen gear.

My problem is I primarily buy Eldrid loot packs so most of the health regen gear I have is -shield stat, so I don’t think I have a good one to try it with right now.

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I love the regen at 5 too. I should really revisit Attikus. I gave up on him, but it was at a point where I didn’t have a single melee I was competent with. I believe I was trying to use a 3x attack speed build at the time, and the sustain just wasn’t enough to really brawl (especially pre-5…the life steal on pounce just doesn’t cut it), which is what I wanted to do.

I really need to give the old boy another shot.