Thinking about zerking

Hi everyone I just got my Axton to level 72 and started thinking about my next VH. I was looking at Sal as my next badass and was wondering, what’s your favorite build? What’s good about him and what’s bad about him. I solo everything, is he going to be a problem? I think he looks like a good challenge. I’m just going to have to get use to not having a tank (turret). Looking forward to some good Sal stories from you vets out there.

Don’t do it! Go Maya , better area to ask and look at builds for Salvador. He is a Tank in himself though , I use him for power leveling. wipes the floor of mobs pretty quick

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If you’d like @da6770 I could move this post to the Salvador section. It isn’t necessarily out of place here, at all. As you’re asking for a consensus, but the experts on Sal are all there.

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Challenege? With Sal? Did he get nerfed?

I find Salvador to be very enjoyable, as long as I don’t use Moxxi weapons that is. That’s the main thing I consider when I am building a class with him.

If you do everything on your own, Sal is a challenge.

Of course, it’s kind of easy to do what everyone else is doing.

DO IT!!! :smiley:

Sal is my personal fave and I love the ol’ boring pistol build.


Yea the point is you have to intentionally cripple the character to make him challenging.

I personally think he is a lot of fun even with a Grog-UH… Just not nearly as challenging as the other characters.

I like Sal for change of pace from my usual, methodical playstyle. When I play as Sal, I go Grog-Harold for the fun of feeling like the Incredible Hulk. It’s a stupid fun time.


Sal is the only character I’ve killed all the raid bosses with (with the exception of Verm and Dexi).

With the right build, the right gear and the right mindset, you can solo absolutely everything.


Well, thanks for everybody’s opinion so far. I see some of you consider him pretty badass. I have played zero to level 37 and Axton to 72 so far. I tend to pick toons that have some distraction to them, that’s why I was thinking Sal. What made me think of him instead of Maya was the same thing a couple of posters already mentioned…grogg dpuh. As Axton, I use my turret to slag but I still keep a grogg on me and switch back and forth when I need to. Seemed nice that Sal can hold both at the same time. I will check out the builds on this forum. Interested in knowing the most popular build among the forums to check out first. Thanks again, everyone on this forum are awesome and should be considered super ultimate badasses!!!

Me too. I like trashing everything in sight. The best!

I’ve seen some gameplay footage and he has my attention. Looks like a blast to play when he’s a high level.

Admittedly, as a huge Sal fan, this is the slight drawback to Sal. At VERY early levels, it’s hard to get a handle on just how powerful he really is; at least in terms of his action skill. Pretty soon though … whoa boy! There are still some awesome early level skills in the Gun Lust tree especially.

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I really don’t want to get into this here, but I would always advise to start a new character in the rampage tree. No offense :blush:

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Yea, actually you’re right. I just always go down the GL tree is all. Overall though, Rampage is probably better for first time Sals.


Rampage is Sal’s “fundamentals” everything else works because of it. It brings DPS, ammo management (at a moment in the game where it matters a lot since you probably have very few Eridium upgrades) and survivability.

Once that part is solidified though, Gunlust is where the big guns are. :slight_smile:

Kick me while I’m down, Chuck! ;D

Eating cookies fundamentals?

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