Thinking back on the Borderlands

I was late in coming to the Borderlands, we were introduced to it through a Game Exchange by a young lady. I actually fell for the artwork in BL1 first. Then it was a great game style for us. Couch coop after a long day, touring Pandora on foot or in a racer. Pretending to be Robin Hood, but keeping the loot. Played it all so many times. Then BL2, it was even more fun. Great add ons and eventually that free lead up to BL3. And of course the Pre-Sequel. Murder in space. What else can you say. BL3 was to me great, there were more planets, more adventures more everything. The art was beautiful and i have enjoyed them all. So thank you Gearbox for a great run. I think that there would be little left for you to do in this Borderlands universe, but I could be wrong. The thought of waiting seven years for a BL4 is not really high on my expectations. My xbox has but one game series on it. All the borderlands. Since there are no more true open world games that offer the extreme gaming first person shooter combined with other world challenges and couch coop which makes all the difference for us, my xbox is likely full.
And despite anything derogatory i said in the past, i loved what you did.
So thanks


Agreed … the franchise used to be great.


Basically when GBX was more concerned with what their streamers said about their product and not so much the customers or the whole “we’re looking into it” mindset is where they lost me.

All you really need to do is look at console performance and their care for split screen local co-op and that pretty much sums it up.


You are probably call me a heretic, but there WAY TOO MANY legendary drops in BL3. I don’t ever hunt for them, they just drop from “bad guys”, or are found in treasure chests, and not just the red chests.

When I get myself to level 72, I just keep the purples and the legendaries, and I need to weed them out on occasion. And mayhem levels are the same, a legendary drops, I sell the non-mayhem item, until I get all of that mayhem items.

Wash, rinse, and repeat.

I still like BL3, but it seems to me that the game needs some serious balancing in concern with the legendary items.

Yeah… it is unrealistic free-market, as the game is just giving these items away for no apparent reason.

THAT is why I will probably NOT look at the Tiny Tina Wonderlands game.

Yeah… I guess some people will call me a {butt} {head}… whatever, I do support the Borderlands franchise. And the graphics will make it a {darn} good series!



Balance in a gearbox game is asking for way too much. They are so bad at it they literally have to do weekly hotfixes for 2+ years only to screw it up worse than when they started.

They nerfed anything that performed well early on and ended up buffing pretty much everything (even the nerfed items) after they killed the game initially.

I don’t blame you for not wanting TTW because they are still doing the exact same thing. Good for them for selling out before they bled out.


Some great stuff here. Ten plus years on and i haven’t found any game with all the things that make me play it. I don’t understand balance, and i guess i don’ t care. It took me too long to even learn gamer terms like nerf and buff and the one i wish i never learned, tea bag.
I never understood all the whining when gearbox introduced a new item that was too powerful, or not powerful enough. To me there is a simple answer, don’t use it. And for stupid little me, there are times i actually enjoy a one shot wonder to clear an area so the wife and i can lay naked on a sunny beach. So I’d have wished that gearbox just left stuff like that alone and spent time finding some new creative writers to just keep adding on GOOD dlc’s to BL3. Or for that matter, new ones for BL2…or 1…or even pre sequel. Though not like BL3 season 2. Now comes that BUT…but all good things come to an end. Time and tides always take their toll. It is exceedingly hard to excel at anything forever. Gearbox first showed its weakening when BL3 arrived without horizontal co-op and how long it took to add then screw up. TTW i think is the end of the line at least for me. I could hope for one last hurrah, that would be at best a long shot. I’ll find something else to spend my money on. I’ll still be here as questions arise like new terms maybe like buff bage or tea nerf…thanks for all the assistance folks.


Doesn’t Halo Infinite exist on Xbox?

Does it have couch coop? The old halo used to pull you away when one got ti far and the scenery was so repetitive.

It was supposed to have it, then it was delayed and now it is in the same boat as GBX telling us “we’re aware of it” or “we’re looking into it”

If you want a good couch co-op game I suggest It Takes Two.


lol…I’m not calling you anything, just disagreeing with you.

I thought the huge variety of legendaries and their relatively easy acquisition was great. At some point, the drop rate for legendaries took a huge nerf and as Mayhem (2?) came on it became clear that most legendaries had become useless at high Mayhem.

Not to mention getting used to a weapon for months only to have GBX come out with…“oh, we didn’t mean it to work like that”… and nerf it.

Future purchases of gearbox software, for me at least, have stopped. I don’t care for how they “manage” their products, as of BL3 and forward.


Not my cup of tea either…


Borderlands Games was fun and cool until Borderlands 3 came around and kind of ruined the Franchise atleast for me in terms of story of how they treated beloved characters like jokes and tools, how they used less of favorite characters in favor of a character that got maya killed, villains were a joke, and it felt kind of empty when you saw the ending to it. Yea gameplay was good but it is really good if you have to sacrifice the story if Borderlands 3 Story was insulting and terrible?

I hope Borderlands 4 comes and actually fixes the lore and brings back beloved characters that were treated like dirt in the third sequel.


Make BL4 a mashup of Wonderlands characters, mechanics, and current weapons/spells with BL2-3? (Please none of the silliness of mayhem modes, and only certain weapons seemingly having any effect). I will play again. I went back to BL3 after playing Wonderlands through to the end 3x, then multiple runs through the DLCs and Chaos Chamber. While BL3 takes the content prize, I enjoyed the overall feel and mechanics of Wonderlands so much better, but after a while… game mechanics do not make up for lack of updated and extended story content.

PS, I still periodically play BL1. How I loved (love) that original concept… especially with “Willowtree” in the background.

I like and agree with your post, but based on how GBX is now doing games, I don’t expect a great BL4.


I think it’s been a problem as far back as Borderlands 2. They sort of forced the playable characters from the first games into roles that didn’t really fit with how they were in the first installment. I really liked their personalities in the first games. They turned Roland into an up-tight and boring leader archetype, Brick became a drooling comic relief. Mordecai used to be pretty cool, but they made him into more of a whining NPC. They were more kind with Lilith but she became more of a supportive mother figure, as did Moxxi.

I sort of get how they needed to use them in the roles they gave them, but at the same time they could have just made new characters to fill these roles. You’re supposed to be invested in these characters and their personalities because you’re role-playing as them. They seem to understand this until they turn them into NPCs with tacked-on one dimensional utilitarian personalities.


Gearbox is just determined to die on this hill unfortunately. I’ve never liked modifiers going back to the Underdome in BL1, and with Wonderlands chaos chamber runs I avoid choosing the Dragon Lord path whenever possible just so I don’t have to deal with them. But on the other hand I’m one of those players who was ecstatic when they added M11 to BL3.

Yeah I kinda miss their personalities (and general vibe) in BL1. Roland was a cocky trash talker, Lilith was a saucy brat, Brick was this violent grim bruiser, Mordy was a killer merc through and through. They were all a lot more grey-hat than white-hat.


Yes. No modifiers was nice. Was tired of rolling just to find something I liked.

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First you need to understand you are talking about (World Drops) Not dedicated drops (The main difference being you will never get a Hellfire, Plasma coil, Reflux or any “DEDICATED Drop” from a chest, Vendor or any worlds drop source) ( pretty sure the diamond loot room is the exception to this) While World drops are so common that most times when farming a boss for a dedicated drop you will receive world drops 4/5 times making the farming process for some items feel completely useless and painful.

Look how TTW handled there endgame legendary item farming with the barf bunnies having pretty much every legendary item in the game in there pool so you don’t need to farm any dedicated source for an item you want… you just keep mindlessly farming until you get the random world drop.

Another thing I was thinking about is how the perception of a “Vault Hunter” has changed within the game’s universe. In the first game, Vault Hunters were viewed as sketchy morally-ambiguous treasure hunters who are seeking loot and glory. But then starting with BL2, they started being viewed as some kind of superhero, or like a Gunslinger from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. All the NPCs seem to be in an almost religious awe in the presence of one, especially in BL2.

And the stories since BL1 have all veered towards saving the universe over and over, rather than the VHs focussing on selfish base goals of seeking personal glory. I kinda miss them from when they were gritty, imperfect, selfish glory hounds instead of them being a Justice League or the Avengers. I think they appealed to everyone’s inner dark nature a little more (“it’s fun to be a bad guy once in a while”)


Handsome Jack is one of the greatest gaming villians of all time.

Now I want to play BL2.

Actually, im going to buy a fresh copy and start from scratch.

Ive been excited for BL4 until this DLC disguised as a full AAA game came out.

So far Ive paid $90 for $23 worth of ‘content’ if you can even call it that.

Its just a bunch of instanced dungeons linked together and feels more like a series of mini-games than an actual immersable world or landscape.

The DLC is a complete joke and its no different than the Chaos Chamber.

At least they didnt mess with the core gameplay yet. If they step over that line we done.