Thinking of coming back!

I have been away from the game since the end of the halloween event/maliwan takedown and heard the level cap went up. I do not have the DLC yet and was curious if the game was worth returning to? I sunk 5k hours into bl2 and while i enjoy that game…i’ve done it all with every character. What have I missed and what gear do i absolutely NEED? I’m playing a gamma fl4k because i read they destroyed fade.

They did gut Gorillas In The Mist pretty good, but 3 shot Fade Away has always been my choice anyhow. URad Gamma builds are pretty solid now with either a Front Loader shield or Deathless artifact. I am running Killer Queen and having a blast.

Moze is still in a Blast Master/Mind Sweeper meta. All splash and a lot of damage from Fire In The Skag Den and Short Fuse as they scale with Mayhem level.

Grab a Phasezerker or Spiritual Driver and Fakegrasp/TTB your way to glory.

I wish I knew enough about Zane to add an entry but I would just wind up looking like an idiot. I do know you will want DLC1 for the Seen’ Dead COM though.

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Moze’s Iron Bear, Zane’s Clone/Drone and Fl4ks pets are more viable than ever and Amara is as good as ever. So can now just play whoever you want. Pet Fl4k is not overly broken or anything, but it finally kills things, even at the highest difficulty, Mayhem 10. Also, Guerillas Fl4k is still possible, but yes, the skill has been merged heavily. Still a worthwhile build from time to time.

In terms of gear you’ll want (from the base game) you should get your hands on a Plaguebearer, a Backburner (both heavy weapons), a Monarch (Assault Rifle) and a Reflux (shotgun). those are all guns you’ll get when you farm certain enemies at Mayhem 6 or above. And the Hellwalker has just received a really crazy buff, so that you’ll probably want that too.

Normal dedicated drop:
Hellwalker (from Road Dog in the Splinterlands)

Dedicated drop when at Mayhem 6+:
Monarch (from Killavolt in Lectra City)
Reflux (from GenIVIV in Voracious Canopy)
Backburner (from Agonizer 9000 in Guts of Carnivora)
Plaguebearer (from Warden in The Anvil)

The heavy weapons are not necessary, except if you like playing as Moze with a build that can sustain heavy ammo, but they are still really nice to have for everyone else.

EDIT: Just so you know, next week we’ll get a level cap increase, which is why you might not want to farm too much right now. The new max level will be 65 and that’s supposed to be the final level cap increase for quite a while.

i’ve been doing pretty well on m4 and went ahead and grabbed the dlc. i also got a hellwalker last night. it sounds like i’m going to need to do some pretty hefty inventory upgrades and i may not be able to grind m6 yet.

What character you playing ATM?

as stated in the OP gamma flak

I guess you did say that lol

I would recommend anything with the Consecutive Hits or Gamma Burst annoint unless you want to go the Front Loader or Deathless URad(150% Radiation while <50% HP).

As for <M6 gear I would look for Ogres, Light Show(DLC3), Flipper(DLC3), Beacon(DLC3), Headsplosion, Kaos, Breath Of The Dying, Hellwalker, Scourge, Lob and Clairvoyance(DLC2). I know I’m leaving a lot out for lower Mayhem levels but this isn’t a bad starting point.

I would realistically just favor whatever you find with the most synergy with your Red Fang.

Almost the exact same boat here. I stopped playing the first couple days of November last year, came back for 2 days to see what the deal with the Cartels event was, then came back around last Wednesday because I had the itch to play.

You do NOT need ANY gear because the level cap will be increasing to 65 this Thursday I believe. I swapped over to a Rakk Attack FL4K when I came back. It has been serving me well up to this point though I have only played up to M5 with it so IDK.

I will say I had a decent enough time playing through the DLC content. Since you don’t have that content I’m not sure it’ll be worth it unless they really do release a 4th skill tree for each character and they do it with the release of this latest DLC. If they are doing that then it might be worth checking in to see how unbalanced the trees become…or for fun loot N’ shoot gameplay. IDK. Take your pick.

i actually purchased the DLC last night and have been playing the casino dlc today. My first drop was a pretty nice hellwalker so i’ve been splatting everything that so far.


back, got a hellwaker, a corrosive cutsman, a hellshock(?? maliwan fire/shock pistol?) and took down the whole maliwan take down in one try by myself today. that was fun but almost too easy. been grinding between m5, m6 and have max leveled to 65.