Third char lvl boost

Can i be a wing man for a lvl 50 char in compitition mode. I will make it worth your wild


You just looking to power level your character?

yes to lvl 30 at least curently lvl 2

Me and my girlfriend are going to do some mayhem 3 raid runs in a little bit I’m pretty sure you can join through invite still.
If not we can run something like the trial of fervor or lectra city (hopefully she’ll let me run those on m4) those should give good mooch levels since they’re full of hardened, badass and anointed enemies.
Unless someone else can level you by then.

Friend rex me PSN: Nobody919

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do i need a headset for this i have one but its packed up

Nah we can either dm on here or psn I’ll add you soon when I get on.