Third person mode

please make this happen for battleborn!!! i hate grabbing 3rd party addons for your games to play in this mode!


If you do this for Competitive please make it a separate game mode from the standard FPS modes.

There will be a (competitive) multiplayer aspect in the game, so I doubt they will tolerate any kind of mod that could give you an unfair advantage.

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yah, clearly aware of the competitive of the game. that said,

gigantic, and overwatch will have third person mode= so looks like gearbox will have their own competition on their hands.

FPS is such an old way of looking at things since DOOM days games have evolved much since…at least a thrid person option for the campaign would be ideal to players whos been wanting this since borderlands to grabbing new players from an mmo backround.

and more players means more competitive activity.

Yeah, because it has proven itself as a successful gaming genre time and time again.

Not that I disagree with third person mode, if the devs thought it made a good addition they probably would have added it to the game.

I prefer FPS to third person, but to each their own. Saying “FPS is such an old way of looking at things” sounds a bit elitist. I’d be happy if there was a third person view for those that enjoy it.I loved Saint’s Row 2 - 4, but would love for the game to have a first-person view.

i think it might be too late to add into the game now but maybe for the GOTY edition (, and do the opposite of what rockstar did with gta5). :wink:

At this point, we’re pretty committed to first person as the principal way you move and play. We were pretty confident this paid off in Borderlands, and are pretty happy with how it’s feeling in Battleborn.

We ARE doing (like we did in Borderlands) a lot of little touches where we show you your character. Taunts pull the camera back and out, for example. Some moves on characters also pull you into a third person camera, because it really helps the intent of that bit of gameplay.

New vs old is really interesting, though. Classic FPS was all first person. Then other hybrids and the MMOs started to push us into 3rd person land. There’s sort of an unstated given that if you’re doing a character-centric game, you HAVE to do 3rd person.

Well. We took that challenge. I’m really happy with the results. It’s a different feel, for certain. Some folks are going to complain that we have too much view model in the HUD. Cool, understandable. I actually love what we’re doing here. It’s a different feel - a new feel in many ways for a FP-presented game. I think our artists and animators have NAILED that feel, btw. Can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on the game so you can tell me where you agree and disagree!


Wondering… That’s a bit off-topic but… are you going to do the main menu a bit like in Borderlands 2? I mean, with (in this case) our favourite character(s) showing off? That was kinda cool, and would be too for Battleborn.

That was cool, but what really amused me was the Claptrap shenanigans going on in the background. Come to think of it, does Battleborn have a mascot?

Maybe it’ll be the minions.


Whoops! wrong minions.



Hah, i vote for Wolf. “Engaging hacking laser”.

True but Borderlands did not have characters that were forced to play as melee characters (Berserk er occasionally)

Playing as Rath I feel like I had a major disadvantage running in with my sword and not able to see around me.

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Then you obviously have not done much in the game. Melee is crushing it vs ranged.

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the biggest gripe I got with the FPS is for the melee heroes, holy danmm it’s so hard and pretty much a hassle to hit stuff , I am playing on PS4, so basically the control aim already makes the experience unpleasant , mix that with 30 fps and low FOV and you got yourself a grumpy player, you could just ignore me I guess but trying to bump the fps to 60(no matter the res) and give FOV choice would pull a lot of people in for the game…

give the choice of third person camera and the game will sell twice as much :smile:
I have a lot of friends that won’t buy these awesome shooters like titanfall,borderlands,overwatch,etc just because its FPS.

This is exactly what I was thinking today .

I started playing today, for the first time. I played Rath first. Hardest thing I’ve ever had to do on a console. As a melee the FPS view is a terrible aspect. Unless, as alefishara stated we can somehow increase our FOV. I could see this fixing the melee problem. It really is a pain.

The FPS angle is obviously just fine for the casters and ranged characters.

It’s just a different genre to third party shooters. For me, FPS makes me feel like I’m in the game, whereas TPS makes me feel like I’m in a cartoon. But that’s personal and neither is right or wrong.[quote=“alefishara, post:16, topic:517966”]
I have a lot of friends that won’t buy these awesome shooters like titanfall,borderlands,overwatch,etc just because its FPS.

And I’ve missed out on many well received games because they are TP :slight_smile: The solution would seem to be to allow for both. However, I have tried dual-mode games that give an awful perspective in FP and I’m sure the reverse is true. If you can’t do both well, then I’d rather the developer plumps for one or the other[quote=“alefishara, post:16, topic:517966”]
the biggest gripe I got with the FPS is for the melee heroes

This is interesting. I don’t remember a problem in the CTT. I’ve also majored in melee in many other FP games (Borderlands, Dying Light, NecroVisioN, Dead Island, Dishonored) and have never found it a problem. Perhaps it is because I only play FP games and I’m used to it? I’ll be interested to see how the current version of BB plays for me.

Not to mention that third person wont happen outside taunts and some abilities since that would pretty much break the game since it allows you to look around corners which you cant in first person.

First person is the ideal mode for Ranged attackers and Gearbox has proven many times over the years thanks to the Borderlands franchise that melee can work just as well in that mode.

I mained Krieg in Borderlands 2 and Athena in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel and not even once have I felt that Krieg’s murder sprees would look better in Third Person. If nothing else, the blood effects on the camera and the Bloodsplosions (skill that makes enemies explode when they are hit by overkill damage and distributes the damage to other enemies around them in the form of explosive damage) happening right in front of my face were a great touch. Plus, the transition between melee and ranged, like in the case of Zer0 felt organic: Going Invisible => Meleeing an enemy => Shooting him with a Shotgun and BOOM, 3 totally different events through the same camera without having a single problem.

Plus, it helps create a good competitive environment.

The only thing I don’t like in First Person Games is the fact that you cannot see your awesome character, whenever you wanted to. Borderlands somewhat had that covered with the fact that each time you were in the game’s menu, you could freely circle the camera around your character and admire them in all their glory. Jythri says they got this covered and he seems pretty confident about Gearbox’ work. Well, I am with him in that regard: I really feel the game is going to be awesome!


the game is fine in FPS, but as I stated before, console gamers need the choice of 60fps and FOV slider, it’s painful to play as it is , sure you can get used to it , but the hassle is there ,the turn off will happen , people will get annoyed and just quit the game.

Everytime I comment on forums for BETAs I am thinking about the game, not what I want,but what the game needs to stay healthy and live long ,So many online only games are dying on arrival because the devs are insisting that their way is the only way…

I really want this game to do well and get a ■■■■ ton of new heroes ,maps,etc.