Third person option

Just saying, Im not buying any cosmetic microtransactions if Im not able to see my character while playing. Make it optional please.


This game has does have emotes where you can see yourself though right? That is something at least.

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@becol003 In my opinion customization is up to who you are. And weather you want it
@SilentZer0 Yes it does heads skins and emotes and some more stuff.
And to end it off The DLC is most likely Good so i’ts worth it in my opinion take it with a grain of salt though.
But we still have a decent amount of time to go on Borderlands 3 !

Wish granted! Purchasing cosmetics is totally optional.

Seriously though, for ‘not being able to see oneself without a third-person point of view’ in previous Borderlands instances, there was quite a bit of hype around those cosmetic heads and skins; I don’t think they’d add a third-person option with an additional cosmetic type.

Also, if BL3 is anything like the others, emotes will be available as an included set you get right off the bat, game drops, mission rewards, slot machine wins, and actual DLC.

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3rd person would be pretty awesome. That would change the gameplay quite a bit though. But it’d be SWEEEEET to watch Amara do Phaseslam in 3rd person. Especially if she’s wearing a crazy hat while doing it.


PhaseSlam is in third person! :slight_smile:


Ya, but not full the way I’d like it to be. Imagine the wind up to it and getting to see the after effects linger. It shifts you back into 1st person super fast after hitting the ground so you can start shooting. But if full 3rd person was a thing that wouldn’t happen. You’d be able to see the whole animation and surrounding effects.

When I think of third person in borderlands, third person in fallout comes to mind.
I never ever use it except to get a funny angle for a screenshot.

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I would love this for huge bosses it would change everything, it would make it easier to not fall off the edge or walk straight into minions ect.

Its like saying “add a basketball game” in the fifa forums.