This character needs a massive buff

(Tmcbron) #1

He just doesn’t do enough. He needs his damage brought way up, skills should have a lower cooldown, he needs more movement speed so he can get into range, lifesteal on punches, not getting stuck on props/minions, and more HP and sheilds.


I played Attikus many times in beta and he does very well. His Helix basically cover most everything you seem to have complaints about here. He moves about an average rate and he’s also a massive character with tiny legs. His pounce skill allows him to get into range quickly and if you need to use it more often then every 15 seconds then Attikus might just not meet your play style.

PERSONALLY, I found Attikus very enjoyable to play and extremely capable. From experience I know I am god awful with Boldur, but I rock house with Galilea and they have very similar characteristics. It would seem that Attikus might just not be the hero for you. That’s part of the game’s slogan. They have a hero for everybody. You shouldn’t be spectacular with every hero otherwise there would be a huge issue with the game.

(Dwarfurious) #3

He needs mostly QoL improvements, fix the pathing on his leap, since its an aoe stun its incredibly strong and his ultimate is a team wrecker. His damage is actually among the highest especially when he gets atk speed helix and tenacity and decent wave clear with his lightnings. And he has lifesteal on punches! and lifesteal on leap! and lifesteal on his lightning! He gets a ton of sustain but takes a few levels

(Salsacookies) #4

Yeah, the leap just needs to take into consideration his size. I also think his speed while punching could be a bit faster, (a slowed Rath outran me while I was punching.), but I like him as he is right now.

(Tmcbron) #5

It would be nice if he had life steal from the get-go and could leap more often. His life steal in the helix tree just isn’t enough to keep him topped off constantly.15 seconds is way to long. He isn’t very quick and enemys can just run out of your range when you leap in.


15 seconds is pretty standard across most MOBAs and he might not appear to move quickly, but he moves at average speed. I played him enough to know. Again, maybe he just isn’t your cup of tea. Buffing him so that he’s constantly at full HP is an insane request that is game breaking. Also, I want to point out that Attikus isn’t a “chase you down” character. He can hold his own in a fight if you play him right and (as you point out) isn’t as fast as say Rath or Pheobe, but he isn’t supposed to be. He isn’t build for that type of play style.

(Salsacookies) #7

Yeah, I was used to playing as El Dragon. I enjoyed playing him, I was just used to being a quick hard hitter.

(Puunchbag193) #8

I only played him twice but he was great dont think he doesnt needs life steal right away as he already gets sheild pen when fully changed and its not hard to kill 5 minions i felt his HEDRONIC arc was weak but apart from that
i dont know if your joking or not as your the same person who said isic needs to be an unkillable tank

(Tmcbron) #9

Nah, I’m not joking. I still maintain that ISIC should be fairly unkillable.


…I kinda hope you’re trolling. If that is a legitimate request than this game (and 95% of games) are not for you.

(Tmcbron) #11

Everyone seems to think I’m trolling but I’m not. Why can’t games cater to a playstyle that I like?


Because the “playstyle you like” is game breaking and allows you to never lose. It’s unfair and impractical. Most people aren’t fans of losing, but it happens and that’s not a bad thing. I typically get wrecked in PvP and while it can be frustrating it’s still fun. I think of it as a learning experience.

(Tmcbron) #13

Its still possible to lose if the other team manages to destroy the sentry.

Also losing is no big deal as long as you have fun, i agree, I just find I have more fun not dieing

(Salsacookies) #14

I think that describes everyone that plays the game. Would you be okay with not being able to kill anyone? If not, I think your want is kinda unfair.

(Tmcbron) #15

I’m okay with doing almost no damage as ISIC or attikus as long as it is impossible to be killed. That way tanks have their role of never dieing, and other characters can have their role of dealing damage or sneaking around, like deande.


But then people are just going to ignore you because you can’t actually do anything to them which completely defeats the purpose you being nigh invulnerable. Also, Attikus isn’t a tank. He’s a brawler which combines defense and offence.

(Tmcbron) #17

They won’t be able to ignore you if you CC them for your team.


Attikus, ISIC, and Boldur don’t really have any CC moves and even if they did it would probably only last a max of 2 seconds which wouldn’t really do much to slow someone down. Once they’re released from the effect they’d just continue to ignore you. You could always just play a CC character in that case like Toby.

(Puunchbag193) #19

No one should be unkillable in a pvp game. All the defenders do good damage and they is no taunt that makes enemies attack you so its not like you will need to be “Tanking” anyway.
Looking though the character they are only 2 that are tanks boldur and isic
Boldur who has a 2000 shield and takes less damage when he kills an enemy
Isic who has a 1000 point shield and a skill that blocks damage and this is without going into their helix that makes them even more tanky or do more damage dependjng on how you spec them.

(Tmcbron) #20

Maybe you could add a powerful CC to their main attacks instead? that would be neat like a slow on ISICs regular cannon shots and stun on his fully charged shots? And then boldur could have a silence on his main attack. I’m not entirely sure what attikus would get.