This character needs a massive buff


So fighting ISIC would allow him to just spam his cannon and stop you in your tracks until you die (melee characters have no chance of survival) Boldur would prevent anyone from using any skills which would do nothing to prevent his target from just walking away like he’s just an annoying fly.

The fact is that this game is not World of Warcraft or an equivalent. The characters need both offensive and defensive capabilities while also being balance. Making a character too strong/weak in one area defeats the purpose of the character. Each character needs to be able to be fully capable in their own right. Again, maybe these characters just don’t fit your play style and you could play someone else. It is also possible this game is not for you. Complaining that a character isn’t exactly what you want it to be when the character doesn’t fit that role isn’t going to help the situation.

(Puunchbag193) #22

And attikus charged hook attack should nuke the area dealing 2000 area of effect damage and he gets 100 percent life steal on this attack :wink:

(Tmcbron) #23

See as the charged hook is currently useless I would be okay with this.

@Jordangold527 yeah ISIC could stop you in your tracks but we’ve established that he would be changed to deal basically no damage. Boldur could be given slow as well so that way the target can’t escape.


…I’m genuinely starting to believe you are trolling. ISIC being able to stop people in their tracks from a distance with his basic attack which can still damage people while there are other players like Marquis who could then just headshot the frozen player. That is probably the cheapest tactic I have heard in a LONG time. (also, you agreed with the extremely sarcastic comment Puunchbag193 made about the hook attack which is even more OP than the ISIC thing stated above)

(Tmcbron) #25

ISIC stunning so other characters can follow up is just good teamwork.

Also, your right, the charged hook thing is a little OP, maybe it could be a helix choice at 9 or 10? That way atticus wouldn’t just start off with it and has something to look forward to when getting that high of a level.

(Puunchbag193) #26

A little op? One hit kill on most character with an area effect that will restore 2000 health at least you think thats a little op? Also isic cannon takes like what 3 seconds tocharge so stun every 3 seconds thats not good teamwork thats just bull ■■■■. Even if isic only did like 3 damage per hit its still be annoying for isic who had all damage taken away from him players hes shooting because they might as well drop the controller it will have the same effect. You can solo the campain with all battleborn so it makes no sence it turn him into an unkillable tank that does no damage both for pve and pvp.

(Tmcbron) #27

Yeah, it would be a little bit OP if attikus could do that, that’s why I suggested it be moved to a level 10 helix choice that way he can only activate it at lvl 10 so it won’t be a problem.

ISIC would just have to use his team to deal damage to enemies. How is it not good synergy and teamwork? ISIC stuns and then marquis lines up the headshot, its perfect.


(Tmcbron) #29

Are you suggesting atticus or ISIC be given a rocket ship? Cuz I’d be on board with that.


AAAAAAND it’s official. You’re trolling.

(Tmcbron) #31

lol obviously I’m not



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Let’s all stop right here.

We should attempt to continue the conversation without personal attacks, or the thread will be closed.

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I don’t consider anything said here to be personal attacks, just mild disaggreement on the direction the game should go

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