This crap needs to stop, yesterday

There is literally NO reason this needs to be in the game. you make the minions more lethal than the players, and they don’t even have to attack! you have no idea how infuriating it is to have this happen as much as it does. There was no way you could have made it so you just fall off to the side, you have to bounce (5x slower than any actual jump would be while your at it??) again and again till whatever you’re on happens to move out of the way?


Yeah, the whole “juggling” thing is pretty crappy, regardless of it being players or minions. There’s literally nothing you can do about it besides hope you just fall off. If you are able to stand on top of something, you should be able to just walk off. If the game is going to retain the rather ridiculous collision cylinders, the top should act like walkable terrain. Heck, it might even lead to ridiculous plays where you jump on an enemy’s head, then jump off their head for a vertical boost up a ledge.

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i dont like the new minions. thats all I have to say.


You can offhand-melee to break the juggle. Yes it’s annoying but once you know to be cautious of it, offhand gets you out pretty handily. Player juggle is fine though they really should do something about getting juggled on minions.


Phoebe’s jump got nerfed so this doesn’t surprise me lol. Usually you don’t get trapped so very well

It happens waaaaay too often and adds nothing but negative to the game


You probably could have used true strike to get off, but that’s a pretty silly situation lol.

I don’t believe you are able to use true strike while airborne. Would need to test, but that’s my recollection.



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Actually yes you’re right.

I tested that just the other day actually. DUH.

Yeah been there.

But what is this not spamming true strike?

Off-hand melee doesn’t help if you’re being juggled by a friendly unit.

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Not entirely related to juggling, maybe sort of. Two issues I have with the minions, well, thralls actually. The camp thralls that juggle you twice in a row, what’s the point? It’s a waste of time, time that could be used to capture the thrall. While I’m tossed in the air repeatedly, our team is suffering :disappointed_relieved:. Bit of an overstatement but still. Then there’s the middle thralls that rip your health off in two blasts. I understand that more than one player is supposed to take these thralls, and that’s why they deal so much damage, but usually more than one person there means less people on the front lines. They just deal far too much damage and the range on those bombs is insane. But yes, I do remember being juggled by minions several times, most of the time dying as a result. The minions are mostly…alright. Gearbox just has to take a closer look at their utility and damage output.

The double knockup is disgusting. I really hate it. It wastes a good 3 seconds and draws out a non event unnecessarily.


@AForestTroll @AxtonMania
I’m guessing that extra time was intentional. They beefed the thralls up so they would be much more of a threat to the sentry. To balance that they tried to make it more difficult to claim them. The doubles can 1-shot most characters if you’re not paying attention. The single thralls can, well, draw out how long it takes to claim them.

Not a great balancing act, but hey, at least they tried.

AUGHHHHHH! I’ve dealt with that a lot.

Screw double knockup, make it tripple even…but why it acts through walls and midair (I mean, it’s kind of a ground shockwave isn’t it?One should be able to jump over it vide ISIC’s shockwave).

As for the OP
There are also similarily working “objects” in Story Mode: one jumps on them and got stuck. And today I also learned that my crapy connection may not be responsible for my Battleborn glitching its running animation. Jeez, this game have a lot more issues to fix than I thought earlier.

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