This DLC has not been too kind to Zane players

Kind of sad actually. First off patch notes gives buffs to every VH except Zane.
Zane new class mod is not very good.
Most new guns in this new DLC is not optimized for Zane.

And here i am trying to pray to RNG god and gives me Sent/Cryo anoint with this unusually low M10 legendary drop rate on new DLC bosses (at least that is how i feel on PC).



SNTNL Cryo is very rare on the few good weapons in this game. It’s so annoying to me that I get so much gear for Amara when I play Zane 99% of the time.


What i’ve heard is that when you play on Zane for example, the annoint for your class which you are playing should drop a bit more often. But i don’t know how often. But from actually playing the game, my conclusion is … i call BS on that one


I changed to 150rad under 50hp and run a front loader to stay under 50. With cryo guns it works really well because of the complimentary elements and gives more damage output than 100sntnl cryo

yup, i do this as well…

50/150 is no joke. It’s among the best anointments in the game. I also as a Zane main can attest to getting unusually high amounts of gear for other classes, especially Amara. Like that character isn’t god tier enough I have to have her drops cluttering up my already EXTREMELY limited viable anoints pool? Come on dude lol


especially Seein’dead Zane, which is probably 98% of Zane playerbase use. We don’t want any ASE next 2 mag anoints…
the whole point of seein’dead is to have AS at all times… , do does devs even play this game ?

We really do only have a few viable options comes to Zane…


Play normal mode, no mayhem. That is where the devs play. You play there and absolutely EVERY legendary kills in like 3 bullets and nothing else matters. There are no mayhem modifiers to test how horribly they effect and break the game. Skills are so good and enemies have such little health that they never really become an issue like late game M10 can.
They just let us lab rat them and throw us a crumb every once in a while from feedback and people praise them like they are groundbreakingly awesome game devs, which if you looked at the utterly confused fustercluck of a roadmap of the life of this game so far you will see the complete opposite. Tons of redundant changes and good steps that were then made irrelevant by bad changes (mayhem 2.0 being one of the biggest offenders)
Basic math should tell you 80% of these legendaries aren’t worth snot, but here we are. Sure they’ve been buffing stuff lately but a lot of the weapons/buffs just prove how insanely short sighted and lacking a clear direction the previous nerfs/changes even were from jump. Think of the poor flakker, or the crossroads or the (insert gun/skill here because there are a lot)
BL3 is one of the most infuriating games I’ve ever played because it has such ENORMOUS potential to be great but they just keep squandering it IMHO. They keep just scratching at the surface and then shoveling dirt back on. It’s the literal embodiment of digging yourself out of a hole I think lol


I hate to say it but i actually agree…

I was beyond excited for the potential of another skill tree for Zane that could allow us to use ASE stuff and be competitive with loot gathering, but as of now still unless you are a content creator you will absolutely NEVER ever get truly great gear for Zane boy.

Everytime you watch a video about BL3 even the guys who farm it the first time are then clearly using a god roll they didn’t work for in the video to demonstrate how “awesome” it is, or using the god rolls they’ve been mailed to run takedowns with in record time. The average joe experience vs the content creator experience on BL3 is not even in the same solar system.

I have hundreds of hours in BL3, a guardian rank that is equal to or higher than a lot of content creators and I don’t even have 3% of the gear they do. You have to join someones discord, be a big name or something in order to get gear in this game and that just sorta chaps my but to be perfectly honest lol

This is basically my twilight rant about BL3, there were some good times and I got my monies worth but I really don’t see me keeping it around anymore after this tbh. It just fell short to me personally and thus is life :confused:


I used to run that and, as much as I hate it. this game is built around stupid amounts of life steal so limiting the amount of health you have isn’t very good. U rad is good but it makes zane way too squishy imo. just a warning

There is that, but i use the laser fare modifier. Theres always one or two of them for me to pick myself up with.

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everything’s tuned to mayhem 10 so getting one of those legendaries makes normal mode a joke, and i agree that its pretty dumb, but what did you expect when all people did was scream buff this buff that instead of taking the time to think of whats wrong with the game.

is that modifier as intrusive as the other ones want to try it out but don’t wanna spend 30 mins rerolling modifiers.

Not too bad, unless your shield is already down, then they’re deadly for urad builds.
Definitely better than pool party

Is this your 1st Borderlands game? How many legendaries do you think was bad in Borderlands 2?

Volcano, Hellfire, Thunderball Fists, Phyrophobia, were all weak on OP 8…and that’s one of each legendary from Maliwan

Striker, Hammerbuster, Maggie, Skullsmasher, were all underwhelming on OP 8 and that’s all if Jakobs legendary guns.

BL3 has far more viable weapons on Mayhem 10 than BL2 did on OP8. BL3 is lacking in hood quest/mission rewards, not legendaries.


you are right my man but consider this

bl2 was abandoned to rot into a ■■■■ balance state and people just did what they do ran meta which was actually very few guns

but bl3 is not abandoned, they are actively looking at it from week to week yet they can not seem to number fix this

I don’t know what that means.

Drone ranger is better than laser fare. Easier second winds and no damage.

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I’ve been running through this dlc at mayhem 7 with under leveled guns and grabbing decent legendaries as I go through as Zane and I’m not having too much trouble.

Running drone/clone seein dead zane and I’ve found a lot of the new guns synergizing well with the clone. Though if your running shield/drone with seein dead I can see the new guns not being the best