This DLC has not been too kind to Zane players

That seems insane to me, and very hard to believe. Yet what you say makes perfect sense, so I believe it :frowning:

should have said “good quest/mission” rewards . It was a typo.

Anyway on Borderlands 2 there were some great items that were given for completing missions.

Off the top of my head I can think of The Lady Fist, Rubi, Trespasser, Love Thumprr, Sandhawk, Pimpernel, Flame of The Firehawk, Rapier.

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ASE is great for an Infiltrator build. You can run Ward and get bonuses, too.
Ideally with that kind of build, though, you’d be avoiding any skills that extended skill uptime or shield recharging.

Is the new mod really that bad? I was trying to make a build out of it.
I’ve heard about it not giving ‘true crits’. Is that the issue?

exactly, but that means don’t use See’in dead … last time i checked though, aside from Seein’dead, i don’t think there are any other Zane class mod is worth using in this game to be viable.

I’d like to use other class mods don’t get me wrong, maybe developers can rework Zane ability and skills so other class mods can be viable too.

The Crits generated are similar to the ones from FL4Ks red tree. They do Critical Hit damage but do not get any Critical Hit bonuses.

On a Zane, you give up way too much by removing Seein Dead for this com.

yup. Thiccfla did a video on Zane new classmod “Hustler” i think its called. I seen it drop a few times myself. Anyway, he said unfortunately, it is not that good and will not be able to replace or even on par with Seein’dead

I think we need to sticky the definition of the word “viable” I’ve seen far too many people misuse it on this forum. That is especially true when it comes to people saying that Seein Dead is the only viable com that Zane has.

All his coms are “viable”, I think the word that you’re looking for is overpowered.


nope, not at all…

im strictly talking M10 here, as i only consider M10 is the only mayhem mode worth playing on.
Seein’dead is the only “viable” class mode for Zane on M10… there, i said it, and i mean it…

prove me wrong by coming up with a build on Zane on “M10” only without Seein’dead, do some takedown with it and show me how well Zane plays without Seein’dead…

Then i will take your words for it

To be fair, the main boss drops in DLC 4 are pretty abysmal overall, them being world drops in some cases is the only way I’ve gotten any thus far and none of the dedicated drops like the Septimator Prime or the Blood Starved Beast. Let alone getting good parts/elements/Anointments on them.

Though I did run the whole DLC with a level 60 Lightshow on Zane and the Clone, and it only became an issue with the bosses themselves being massive HP sinks even by Mayhem 10 standards.

Weird, after finishing the DLC…I basically got a Legendary (DLC) on nearly every kill.

I think I probably totaled 15 boss kills and got like 13 DLC legendaries.

I only farmed EL and she dropped me one every kill, as I was looking for the Beast SMG.

lol I was trying a Deathless run using the Good Juju…I got past the Valkaries but got obliterated on the bridge. I definitely could do better, but I was running Deathless using the Clone and Drone. If I put on the barrier instead, it would be a piece of cake.

post your video up and let us see how smooth the run was…
Yea i can also play Zane with whatever class mods and whatever build i like too, it’ll just take 1 whole day to kill a boss. And sadly, that’s not how i rather spend my day…

that is all…

I will, encoding the video now, but that was just something i threw together to try something different. Gonna try that exact build but with a reflux instead later. I think it will do MUCH better and I’ll have zero issues going through the Takedown.

have you tried it on guardian TD ? it has to work there too in order to be deemed “viable” …

Guardian Takedown requires meta gear, not viable gear

Yeah, no. This is TrollBox we’re talking about here - the odds are higher to get the anoint for a class OTHER than the class you’re playing. Same with getting the ammo you need, the class mods, etc. :wink:

Glad to see someone else bring this up.

People always praise BL2’s endgame because raid bosses, but tend to forget the huge, huuuuge problem it had. 1) Slag was literally mandatory 2) Only a few handful of guns were useful in OP8. Grog nozzle (just for slag/healing), DPUH, norfleet, sandhawk, butcher, interfacer, and sometimes you’d see someone rocking a conference call. There may be a few that I’m missing, but not much. I should mention sniper zer0s have a bit more variety, guns like the Lydua and pimpernel.

We need to stop pretending that Borderlands 2 had great variety, because it really didn’t. I’d argue 90% of the unique were worthless, and that most players were just rocking Money Shot Sal w/ the DPUH n Grog combo.

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