This Entire Endeavour is a Failure

This was supposed to be a lot longer. I spent months penning down different versions of my final words on this game, reviewing ideas ranging from a historian’s take all the way to a pure poetry. However, I genuinely couldn’t find the words to accurately encapsulate the wide range of emotions being felt by the community right now (Hence why the title is what it is). Moreover, I just found I couldn’t be asked to write about the drama, or the elitism, or Battleborn versus Overwatch. Fewer words often mean more as I’ve learned time and again, so with that in mind there are a couple of positive points I’d like to hit on.

Firstly, I played A LOT of Deande. In to final moments of the game’s lifespan I managed to reach a personal milestone of 25000 kills with her on my main account (Xbox, PC, and alt accounts probably put that higher, but I don’t care that much). Also, before my last ever game I managed to collect the last magnus skin for her that I was missing, which was kind of a shame that it happened so late, but also a cool note to finish on.

Deande literally changed my life. I put so much time into learning everything about her, into getting better at her, and into wholeheartedly chasing perfection. Countless hours of testing with Blaine, farming with Vagrant, and memeing with Phoenix had a profound effect on who I was as a person. My fanatical devotion was actively detrimental to my health on the one hand, and in the other was a catalyst for growth as a person. I am genuinely thankful for everything she afforded me, and I am content with laying her to rest after playing one final game with Phoenix. Alas, and predictably, perfection was never achieved.

Second, the Endgames! PS4 finally finished something. A couple months ago I joined thinking brains with Crow, Nova, and Tom. We came up with an organised system of matches among a curated lobby of players, with fixed (more or less) teams, who did battle each weekend in a semi competitive environment. Initially the project had a bit of a rocky start, balance being the main issue, but people stuck with it and eventually we created something truly special. While the project was never intended to replace a league in its competitive environment, we were keeping score. My good personal friend and Excel wizard, traveller, logged all the numbers in a painstakingly well done spreadsheet. I know I’ve said it already, but I want to thank everyone who did participate, even if you were only there for one session. You guys drove the success of the project, even when things seemed to be falling apart, and enabled us to keep playing week after week.

Lastly, and more to the point of this whole thread, I have so many people in my life now that I don’t hate. I mentioned a few of you in the preceding paragraphs, but you all know who you are. That truly is the miracle of this game, the one take away that brings a little light to the table, even as our game and characters are swallowed by darkness. While it is an emotional time for all of us, the ending of an era in all our lives in fact, take solace in your friends. They are all that remains of the last star, and I know they will remain for decades to come.

I will always treasure the memes and moments. Nova’s etiquette school. Crow being Jesus. Blaine being a lexicon for the game and CEO of coca cola. Only I have a job. Abandon memes. I’ve never had Ikea eyeballs. Everyone in the bubble is bad. Phoenix’s brain damaged holotwins. Target banned and one tricking. God tier, unkillable, Boss Annihilator. Four Montana’s and a quick melee Ghalt. Steam sniping. Team sniping. Another Vagrant needs our help. Hyper carry Dragon/Attikus. Feedikus. Reyna penta kills. The Toby/Deande variety show. Shadow mains and last pick energy. All of these don’t even scratch the surface on the sheer volume of good times that have been had. I cherish every single one, and I hope there are many more to come.

In homage to such legendary moments and memes, I have uploaded a few of the last clips from the game. This is my last act as a Deande main and devotee to this game. From here on out I’m focusing more on life and the people in it, back to being a nobody on the internet in random lobbies. As far as gaming is concerned, I will probably never mater again. It was fun while it lasted. Much love. Nemo, out.


You can clearly see at 18 seconds in @SirWalrusCrow was generous enough to leave a single shard fragment for you. Reported for toxicity and false accusations against an innocent Swede.


Well done

Same as you I made a lot of good friends playing PVE.
This remains my favorite game.

To be very salty, I stated before the game was released that tying it to AGS for the data was a very bad idea that would sink the game later.

I know Gearbox and 2K have to battle people who edit profile and save files but AGS was not the answer, obviously, as it would kill the game once cost of continuing it was a factor.

Yes I’m very very salty over this.


AHHH. Little late to the party here. Does this count as necroing? Oh well, I’m just gonna go for it and post my response.

And for this reason, she’ll remain a special main of mine, even if I go on to one trick other video game characters. :sweat_smile:

Though this would’ve been Blaine.

That last game was enough for me to be satisfied with my 4-5(?) long years as a Deande main. I can finally say I’m retired.

Whilst they did originate from Battleborn, we all know these are never gonna die within our friend group which I’m honestly glad about. They’re our inside jokes now. :laughing:

Never did get that Holotwin A.I. enhancement.

Same. I’m going to be making these my last few words regarding anything Battleborn related. Fare thee well Battleborn. It’s been one hell of a ride.

Fenix out. :bird: